When people say Obama has done all he could to fix Bushs mistakes.

Drones: Obama Droned way more innocent kids than bush

National Debt: Bush 4 Trillion. Obama 10 Trillion.

Guantanamo: Still Open

Undeclared/Unconstitional Fruitless wars: Bush Afghanistan, Iraq, Pakistan and Somalia. Obama Afghanistan, Iraq, Pakistan, Somalia, Yemen, Libya and Syria. (4 to 7 Obama wins.)

Health Care Cost:. Nearly Quadrupled under Obama, but dont worry if you cant afford it there is an extra income tax you can pay instead.

Race relations: Country is almost back to the 60’s. Literal rioting in the streets.

I will give Obama this. All that cheap oil he is getting from ISIS has gas at 1.75 again. Just a few million people displaced and muslim relations with the rest of the world completely destroyed for thr exchange.