busan accents

twice as drunkards

- starts laughing really loudly while seal-clapping
- slaps your shoulder way too many times
- tells you to come over so she can tell you a secret
- actually just slaps your back even harder and laughs even more

- gives you the death glare for five seconds
- but then smiles and does her crazy head shaking thing,
- while shooting the air with her hands
- pinches your cheeks and laughs at you

- tells you about how much she loves jokbal
- but also tells you that jokbal is not her world - gejang is
- stares at you blankly for ten minutes straight
- blinks twice and slams her head on the table (she’s fallen asleep)

- hands you one shot after the other and pouts when you say no
- you obviously reluctantly drink it
- “jarasseo!!!” in her busan accent
- *shy shy shy* when you comment on her flushed cheeks

- smiles sweetly at you while stroking your hair
- tells you to work, eat and sleep well
- tries to gently headbutt you playfully
- falls asleep on your shoulder while wrapped up in a scarf

- starts shuffling intensely and whips her hair to the beat
- comes back to the table to drag you onto the dancefloor with her
- tells strangers about how cool and fun you are
- you join in and start dancing crazily with her

- starts singing old emo korean songs and cries for half and hour about how much she loves her fans 
- has found a random tambourine and makes you take loads of selfies with her
- grabs the dj’s mic makes the entire club eagle dance with her 

- makes you play drinking games with her
- insists she drinks sweet cider instead of soju
- you basically lose every single round and you get absolutely wasted
- laughs at you as you stumble to the toilet

- everyone buys her drinks but she just can’t get drunk
- laughs at all the drunk people
- trips all the members when they get drunk
- classily sips her cosmopolitan 

i just love that Jimin and Tae went to high school together
we already know Jimin was nervous going into school and he didnt even want to talk to any of Tae’s friends at first because he was self-conscious of his busan accent
but then imagine Tae always telling everybody to treat Jimin well and reminding (nagging) them even when they’re months into school
imagine Tae always making sure his friends include Jimin in everything
we also know that they pigged out together all the time during school and exchanged snacks too because they were able to back then
but imagine when Jimin and Tae go back to their dorm, and they study together and freak about the same tests or complain about their teachers
like can you imagine them running in the hallways because shit they’re late but their legs are sore as hell because of dance practice the night before
we know Jimin was the last to join and knowing Jimin thought about quitting before debut, imagine Jimin and Tae skipping class together because Jimin can’t handle the stress and Tae goes along to support him
imagine them calling for each other and shouting their nicknames across hallways and stairwells
“Jiminie!” “Taetae!”
imagine them sharing lockers or realizing they accidentally put their supplies and textbooks in each other’s backpacks
Tae and Jimin constantly humming through class or tapping their desks, infuriating their classmates, because they’re still getting a hang of their new songs
Tae and Jimin voting for each other as class clown (or class hottie)
we know Jimin actually studies a lot meanwhile Tae zones out so imagine Jimin helping Tae get his work done and Tae helps Jimin relax

just imagine Tae and Jimin basically being the best high school friends ever and graduating together as students but also as successful idols- and definitely knowing that its partly because they had each other all along the way

anonymous asked:

where can I learn How to speak in the busan dialect cause a lot of my friends speak that dialect and im moving there but all i can find is how to speak Seoul korean :/

Oh how exciting! Best of luck with your move! ^^

I not sure that there are specific courses you can take or anything (since Seoul dialect is the standardised Korean), although I’ve done a little research on your behalf.. If you haven’t already, check out my posts here, and here… Then here are some other useful links!



There’s also a drama called Reply 1997 that would be useful, and I’m sure others can comment on this post if they know of any other good Busan dramas!

And lastly, I’m sure if you ask your friends, they’d be happy to share their dialect with you! :3

44 Reasons Why We Love B.A.P:

drinking with got7

jb: seems like a quiet drinker. he doesn’t say much when he’s drunk. don’t mess with him though, he’s sure to lash out and cause trouble.

mark: lots a laughs. he’s been laughing for an hour straight now. what about? no one could really tell you.

jackson: though he doesn’t seem like a heavy drinker, he seems like he’d be himself (x100). he’s even more touchy than before. he’s clumsy and can’t stand up straight. doesn’t know when he’s had enough. 

jr: his words are sloppy. his busan accent is very strong. he’s laughing too, with occasional hiccups here and there. 

youngjae: sounds whinier than usual. his voice fills the bar. says ‘hey’ a lot trying to get the attention of his peers, but doesn’t even know what he’s about to say. 

bambam: seems like he has a low tolerance. would probably black out within a few shots. seems really relaxed even though his completely disoriented. 

yugyeom: seems like he’d playfully pushes people a lot. he’s laughing too. he can’t keep his eyes open, but he doesn’t want to sit down. he’s dancing