When magic starts to return to the modern world, barely anyone notices. It doesn’t look anything like what we imagine. People don’t suddenly start developing magic powers, casting spells, or turning into elves and dwarves. In fact, people don’t really change at all, not at first.  It turns out that the magic isn’t even here for us. It’s here for what we’ve built. 

The change is slow, and subtle, and strange, as the magic works its way into our institutions. You mail letters to dead relatives, and the post office starts delivering their replies. Late-night bus routes stop at places never seen on any atlas. Libraries suddenly include subterranean archives where you can look anything you’ve ever forgotten, from the names of your favorite childhood books to the precise flavor of your first-ever chocolate chip cookie. 

The people working at these places take the changes in stride. The letters from the dead just show up every morning, sorted and stamped and ready for delivery, so why not carry them? Bus drivers follow the maps they’re given without trouble, and learn to accept even small gold coins as more than adequate fare. Electricians get used to seeing warding symbols in circuit diagrams, while clerks at the DMV find a stack of forms for registering ghostly steeds as personal vehicles, and sigh in relief at finally having that particular bureaucratic headache solved. The firefighters are shocked the first time they see a giant of living water burst out from a hydrant, but after it rescues several of them from a burning building, they decide not to ask questions. They tell their stories to others, though, and soon word of the changes is spreading. 

There’s no single moment of realization where everyone discovers that magic is real; the knowledge just creeps into day to day life a bit at a time, and society adapts. Cyber-safety programs teach people to never accept a file from the electric fairies without sharing one in return, and to never accept their Terms and Conditions without searching for the subsection on Souls, Forfeiture Thereof. Students leave offerings of coffee and boxed wine to petition the School Spirit for lower tuition or exam deferrals. Nurses learn the hours when Death stalks the hospital hallways, and keep bedside vigils in the children’s ward. They bring board games and cards for when the reaper is feeling playful, and well-worn baseball bats for when he isn’t. 

There are problems, of course, like the vicious monsters of blood and fire spawned from age-old hate groups, or infestations of the writing many-mouthed worms that literally feed on governmental corruption, but really, they were already there before the change. Magic only elaborates on what we’ve made, good or ill, manifesting the latent modern mythology underpinning our society. It doesn’t offer solutions to all of life’s problem, but for a few hurting people, guarded by the concrete arms of a neighborhood come to life to protect its community, or flying away on wings of copper wire and fiber-optic cable, it’s exactly the change they needed. 


My bus route is so nice

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So i did some research…

Owl Service is a Book by Alan Garner

The Bus routes actually exist in Chicago..

When I googled Owl Service the book appeared as well as the bird sign (in connection with the book) that Hobi is also doing..

This one book cover has 3 circles…its the same author another story but… there 3 kids in the book owl service -idk if this connects but i saw this book cover while doing my research and it reminded me of the wings cover- (just read the summary i put it there for yall)

bts has 4 circles for their 4 different stories…

Also the signs they put on the plates (again read the summary) look like all the wings signs put together…

59…61…. whats on 9th May and 1st June?!?!?! Concert in Chicago?? Lol

I swear to god if this is again one of Namjoons RMBook shit….😧😧😧😧

I’m truly baffled by people who react so negatively to news of others trying to make things easier or better. Especially when their reasoning is that THEY did it the hard way, the real way, they worked three jobs and never got any help and suffered (oh god did they suffer)

I mean, god, you’d think someone who walked fifteen miles to school uphill both ways in the snow would be the first to advocate for a bus route


rip me, 2016

cause of death: this poor boy who-deserved-so-much-better’s tragic backstory

A couple of months ago there were two women on my bus who were both dancers but I thought for sure one of them had a massive crush on the other one

I just saw them again, in the same uniforms, on the same bus route, but they were holding hands and kissing

This is what 2016 needed tbh

Soon. pt 1 {m} | minhyuk

Member: Lee Minhyuk / Reader
Group: Monsta X
Word Count: 8,800+
Genre/Warning(s): romance, smut, mature, slice of life, fluff, language.
Parts:  one | two | three | four

A/N: hasn’t been updated in a while! read if you want, though. ^-^

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Seoul’s nighttime sky is dense with its city lights, limiting the sight of stars above. Traffic is still well alive as taxis and vehicles cruise by, the sound of tires whirring on asphalt resounding in your ears. If it weren’t for the intent stare that you’re pointing at the bus stop’s route map, then you may have been inclined to soak in Sinchon’s lingering nightlife.

Only now do you wish that your Korean had been refined just a bit more before deeming it appropriate to wander off on your lonesome. It isn’t as if your speaking, reading, and comprehension is inadequate, rather it’s just a little rusty–in need of constant practice to refresh what your brain insists on forgetting, as with any person honing the knowledge of more than one language.

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Creepypasta #976: The Driver Forgot I Was Still On The Bus

Length: Super long

I used to live in a small Northern English town called Hayfield, not much more than a village, a quaint and picturesque place surrounded by nothing but miles and miles of countryside. However, there was an excellent transport link to the rest of civilization in the form of a bus every half an hour, direct to and from the large town of Stockport, near Manchester; for people like me who didn’t drive, this bus was a godsend, and enabled me to work at that time in a multiplex cinema in Stockport town center.

My shifts varied each week, but usually I would finish no later than about nine-thirty, and catch a bus home at around ten. The bus route was serviced by an obscure company who I believe went out of business; their fleet of buses had a distinctive green and white color-scheme. 

But the night on which this bizarre incident happened, I finished late and caught the very last bus of the night, which left the bus station at 11:30. The journey took about 40 minutes. It is quite a strange part of Britain, as Manchester is one of our biggest cities, a huge urban area, but travel just a few miles and you can find yourself in the middle of nowhere.

The bus to Hayfield was always pretty quiet but at that time of night it was almost deserted; it seemed that myself and a couple of older people would have the big double-decker bus all to ourselves, until just before we rolled out of the bus station, an obnoxious boy and girl aged about 10 or 11 jumped on, insulted the driver as they bought their tickets, sat down and immediately began to irritate their fellow commuters.

They were shouting, calling the passengers names, calling the female driver fat and frigid and frumpy, and I remember they both started belting out a hip-hop song at the top of their lungs: Purple Hills by D12, which I guess probably dates these eerie events to around 2002. I don’t normally mind Eminem too much but I always thought that song was pretty stupid. The two unpleasant brats must have memorized every word, and were trying to emphasis all the blatant drug references it contained.

I turned on my MP3 player and tried to ignore them, but their vexatious voices were drowning out the sweet sound of Morrissey; in fact, I think they tried to sing even louder when they noticed I was wearing headphones. 

So about five minutes into my journey, I decided I had endured enough of their off-key caterwauling, and rose from my seat, shot them an irritated look, which is about as confrontational as I ever get, and trudged wearily upstairs. They were making ridiculous threats to my back, threatening to shoot me, making gun noises, that sort of dumb thing.

So I sat alone on the upper deck, right at the back of the bus, stared out of the window into darkness and tried to unwind. I heard the bus stop and saw the older couple walk away down the street before we resumed our journey, and then I must have dozed off pretty quickly and awoke again, as suddenly we were no longer passing pubs and shops and tower-blocks but endless tall trees, the branches of which were sometimes scraping and scratching against the bus windows; perhaps it was these tapping sounds that woke me up. 

I didn’t quite recognize where we were, but looking at my watch, we were still at least five minutes from our destination. I began to become dimly aware of shouts coming from the kids downstairs which were incoherent over my music, but I thought nothing of it at first, figuring they were still just goofing around and getting on the driver’s nerves. But then two things dawned on me at roughly the same time.

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EXO: Kai fluff/angst


ex0imagines: Football Player Kai | Making Out | Comforting | School Project | Would You Rather | Cheer Up | Lingerie Shopping | Fighting For Your Love | Studying | Teaching Dance | Too Hot Game | Don’t Leave | Comfort | Pepero Kissing Game | Flustered & Shirtless | 

an-exotic-writer: Road Trip, Valentine | Not So Romantic Snowball Fight |  Coming Along | Take A Break | Meeting You | Angel, You’re Back | Tickets For Valentines | Five More Minutes | Good Morning | Rest Well | Lucky Lady | Just Another Bubble Bath | Regret Nothing | You’re My Angel | Riding A Bicycle | Where To? | Our Twisted Love | Beach Angel | Roselle | Angel Pole Dancing | Stay Safe AngelThis Masquerade Ball | I Love Your Kisses | Thank You | You’re Worth It | Worth It | I Want To Know You | Tired Not Anymore Thankfully | His Dark Skin | Mine | I’m Here | Runaway From The Game | Anything For You | As Long As You Like | I Promise, Angel | Under Your Care | You’ll Find Out | Got It | Dance Practice | This Is Enough | More Than Enough | You’re My Change | Ours Not Hers | Beautiful | Insomnia | Ours | Regret Nothing | You’re Mine | Shut Up And Dance | Work | Rain | Relieved | We Found Love |

fabdolous: Let’s Dance | New Beginnings | Nightmares Aren’t Real | 

causekpopWorth It All | One Step | The Slow Grind | Pathcode | Strawberry | Unexpected |

writewhatyoulove: Propensity | Inquisitive | Pas De Deux | Arrangements | Sojourn | Surprises ft. Luhan | Mode ft. Luhan & Lay | Clout | Wonderful | Airport Princess | Promise ft. Lay | Love The Way You Lie | Return To My Side

palpitate-hyperventilate:Surprise |

exoticarmy127: I’ll Take Care of You | Better Late Than Never |

everlasting-scenes: Day Off ft. Tao & Chen | I Hate You | It’s You |           

dreamsthroughthewindow: Forever and Always |

deercarrot: Happy Birthday ft. D.O.

biascenarios: Tired | Drowsy (suggestive) | Approval | Fixation | Sigh | Bubbles | Suspicion | Immune | Champion ft. Tao & Sehun | Release | Tease | Home |

chan-chanyeol: Cowardice | Dual | Hushed | Savior | Swift |

thesammtimes: Oops | Transformation | Breakfast with Jongin | Ray of Sunshine | Last Christmas | Please Come Home for Christmas ft. Chanyeol | Christmas Dinner | Glitch | Consumption | Under the Stars | Chances Are
Window Shopping |

exo-can: Comfort |

exobtsimagination: Kai vs. You On Running Man | Cute Dancer | You Are Perfect To Me | Dinner With the Boss | Cough Drop Kisses | Bookworn | Playful Pups | I Love You | First, Second, Third | Winter |

noonatrash:Just Once I

Fairyjongins:Contrast |Candid | Serendipity | Fortress I


ex0imaginesBirthday | 

fabdolous:  Happiness Lost | 

an-exotic-writer:  He Had Hurt His Angel | Don’t Give Up | You Are Now Only My Dream | 

modestlydreaming: Insecurity |

writewhatyoulove: I’ll Show You | Propensity |

palpitate-hyperventilate: Convalesce |

exoticarmy127Better Dad | Overdose | Trust |

biascenarios: Heartbreaker | Loud |

thesammtimesNightmare | My Best Friend’s Wedding |

exobtsimaginationCheer Up! | Determined Dancing | Home | We’re Alright |

fairyjongins: Misread |Secrets (M) i

“Hope there’s more in your pants than a bus route” is the worst green day lyric in history, period. I lose 5 years off my life expectancy every time I am exposed to it

when do I stop being nervous abt going to work

after I saw my gf, I had to do a photography project for school called “taking a cross section of a community”, so I used one of the main bus line routes through my part of the city, and stopped at all of these stops to take pictures. it started downpouring, but the project is due tomorrow so I took advantage of the rain as a theme of the photoshoot (I’m writing something about how it makes the city vulnerable and plays with the tempo / dynamics of movement and color). so I basically sprinted around in the rain and got on and off the bus a bunch of times and walked into all these stores soaking wet in order to take pictures and at least 5 people visibly thought I was crazy (no one in my pictures though, I got permission from all of them). 

also I stopped to buy honey sticks for my friend in the tea store, and bought an apple pastry as well. it survived the rainy trip home and is heavenly. while I was in the tea store there were too older women sitting in arm chairs discussing I think group therapy topics? or some sort of group discussion topics and when I sat nearby to tie my shoe the first thing I heard was “how do we really deeply take care of ourselves within a patriarchy.” I smiled at them like an idiot but I didn’t really know what to communicate to them re: how I connected to them so then I just left. 

i’m at work and it suddenly just started snowing again, and they’ve stopped all the bus routes here so for right now i’m stuck.

either way, here’s something i was working on, at work, that was kind of fun… so i guess it’s not so bad.  

also, wow, i’m almost at 900 followers!!!! that brightens my mood about being stuck here! you all are awesome. 

Today i wanted to go to anaconda to get a camp oven so i walked to the bus stop then while waiting for the bus i saw my sister and her boyfriend and they were going to the tattoo parlour he was gonna get a tattoo and they asked if i wanted to tag along then they could drive me to anaconda so i did that and it was fun ive never been inside a tattoo parlour before it had a very friendly and welcoming vibe who knew? Then they drove me to anaconda and gave me a leftover cinnamon donut. I bought the camp oven then walked to the bus stop but the bus was 30 minutes away and i was bored waiting so i decided to start walking home but it was 5km away and i was holding a 10kg box but i started anyway and i walked a km and stopped at kfc and got a popcorn chicken go bucket then kept walking but i was near a new bus route and a bus was coming so i got the bus to town then continued walking home. At home i made beetroot ravioli and and more kale