bus transporation

So is this supposed to make me forget about the daily let downs that I experience on Metro? Because it doesn’t. Metro apparently sent these thank you emails out to riders today.


Bus by Klarälven river at Sysslebäck, Värmland, Sweden by Swedish National Heritage Board
Via Flickr:
Bus on the road at Sysslebäck.view from Hammaren towards Klarälven river and Åberget mountain. Buss på vägen vid Sysslebäck. Vy från Hammaren mot Klarälven och Åberget. Parish (socken): Dalby Province (landskap): Värmland Municipality (kommun): Torsby County (län): Värmland Photograph by: Unknown. Almquist & Cöster Date: 1940-1959 Format: Cliché, film with text