bus stop benches

Professionally, Yours

Written for the Phandom Big Bang 2016!


Excerpt: It’s the second Friday in April when Dan sees the advertisement printed on a half-soaked newspaper and discarded on a bus stop bench. “Business professional seeking regular housekeeper. Must be over 16 and willing to work with employer on site. Wages £13.00 hourly. Duties include basic housekeeping and cleaning. Approx. 12 hours a week. Contact amazingphil@gmail.com.”

Or: Dan is an overworked, underpaid, very homosexual uni student in need of an easy job. Phil is a successful, rather lonely businessman in need of a housekeeper. This is their story.

Beta(s): Laney, @mecaka, and NothingSoDivine

Word count: 31.2k (ffffffffffffffffffffff)

Warnings: smut, swearing, awkwardness, food mentions :’D


A Perfect Stranger

Cars drove by in a hurry, it was late in the evening and everyone was trying to get home. You sat on the bus stop bench, small messenger bag resting on your shoulder. The night was coming down and the air was cool and crisp. You were busy reading a small paperback, when a rumbling sound jerked you out of concentration. A sleek looking motorcycle pulled up in front of the bus stop, a man in a black leather jacket and jeans started to remove his full black helmet.

“A beautiful women like you should never wait for a ride,” he spoke in a rough voice, his face was handsomely sculpted. And those green eyes.

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Metal foundry L // Metallgießerei L

One more thing that seems strange: finding such a waste bin inside a building. This one’s right next to the staircase. When the lot of us were younger, those were found in parks and next to bus stops and benches, before being replaced by non-wiry ones in recent years.

Stuck VII

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Soul shoves Maka behind him and does a quick sweep of the crowd. “What does he look like?”

“He’s tall and always had a stupid hat on. He looks like the devil and is one-”

“Be more specific,” he says between gritted teeth. His hands feels around his back for his gun and growls when he remembers that he hasn’t held a gun in weeks.

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otp aus?

- mutuals flirting via selfie reblogs au

- i work at a pet store and i’ve watched you walk by the window everyday and wave to our puppies you should maybe come in sometime au

- you come to the conservatory where i work and everyday you buy a new plant can i ask where you keep them all au

- it’s raining and there’s no cover over the bench bus stop and you’re already soaked but do you want to share my umbrella au

- you’re the librarian so i asked where the anime was and i picked one up you love so now we’re in a heated debate about it au

- sudden power outtage in the gym and it’s pitch black now but i heard you fly off the treadmill should i go help you up au

Mackey silently waited at the bus stop, kicking her legs in an impatient manner as she sat there and looking through her phone to pass the time. Already her flaw of being impatient was hitting her and it didn’t help that she was excited for what she was waiting for. It made the wait feel even longer.

“Waiting sucks….Suuuuuuuucks” Now she was just acting like a child as she fell over on the bus stop bench, being over dramatic and hamming it up for herself as if the wait itself was killing her as she now groaned loudly.

Only stopping whenever she thought she heard something, and if nothing the groaning would continue.

one time i went to florida and at a stoplight i looked out the window and just saw this lone box of Raisin Bran® sitting on the bus stop bench alone in the rain and for some reason it was The Most relatable scene ever i literally felt it on a spiritual level

+~ The storm within~+ (Closed)

{ ✝ }~       As if the long trip back home couldn’t get any worse, the dark, gloomy clouds seemed to come out of nowhere and from them came a cold, steady rain. Looked like Vanitas would have to wait for the bus in the rain. 

Fucking fantastic…” He sighed and plopped down on the bus stop’s bench, shivering and cursing under his breathe. He wished he could at least get a ride or have someone with him.

By some strange stroke of fate, his prayers had been answered. Vanitas shifted his gaze to the right, staring down the sidewalk. Lo, and behold, there was the silhouette of someone moving closer and closer. Perhaps this encounter would take an interesting turn…  


We used to flirt a lot, but never pursued anything more. He had a history of severe addiction to huffing keyboard cleaner, which started as his way to cope with the PTSD he was left with after serving in Afghanistan. But while I knew him, it seemed like he was happy, healthy, and winning the battle. This was the last message I ever received from him.

I had just gone through the most devastating breakup of my life, and he reached out to check on me. But like with most of our conversations, he tried to turn the topic towards sex. I was so hurt that he couldn’t even have one single conversation without trying to sext, I couldn’t even muster a response to his “offer.”

11 days after this conversation, he died on a bus stop bench. The addiction had won; he had relapsed for the last time.

In the 6 months after that breakup, I buried him, 4 other friends, and both of my grandparents. Almost three years later, and it’s still unbelievably painful, and sometimes break down. I still have guilt that I didn’t reply. I was in so much pain from the breakup, I was fighting my own battle to choose life. I don’t think I’ll ever stop wondering if there was something I could have done.

Not Just A River In Egypt (Bellamy POV)

Part I, Part II, Part III

rashaka on AO3 suggested a Bellamy POV, and it was such a good idea I just had to to it.

Bellamy scrubbed a hand over his face as the cool night air soothed his flushed skin and pulled out his phone.

Bellamy Blake


Could you come pick me up?  Too drunk to drive and I can’t stay here.

Nathan Miller


Another fight with the not-girlfriend?

Bellamy Blake


She’s definitely not my girlfriend anymore.  But yeah.

Nathan Miller


I take it you’re at her place?

Bellamy Blake


No.  I’m outside Clarke’s.  Corner of 12th and Walnut.

A text bubble hovered on his screen for far too long for the response that eventually appeared.

Nathan Miller


Be there in ten.

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