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i’ve got this suspicion that oingo and boingo don’t really understand stands at all

i mean, bad guys rarely show their stands to other people. and oingo and boingo both have bound stands, which aren’t super common

like. what if they just assumed all stands took the form of everyday objects or body parts bc there’s no evidence to the contrary

neither of them ever see a punchghost in canon. never. imagine how you would react to seeing a punchghost in real life and then multiply that by oingo’s general overdramaticness. imagine

But Imagine...

*Avi angrily telling Kevin he has a crush on Mitchie, but being mad at himself because he “doesn’t need to go through this again”

*Kevin picking on Avi because he has a crush on Mitchie, but Avi’s in denial so Kevin starts hanging around Mitch to make Avi step up

*Scott leaving Mitch and Avi alone all the time, even when it’s inconvenient because he ships it and wants something to happen

*Avi telling Mitch he likes him just when Mitch has this other guy in his life, so Mitch has to turn him down

*Mitch constantly flirting with Avi for years without Avi flirting back and Avi says one suggestive thing to Mitch and he gets so flustered he has to leave the room

*Mitch pouting whenever Avi goes out on dates and complaining to Scott while Scott ignores him to tweet

*Avi sleeping on the trio’s bus (Specifically with Mitch) because he had a nightmare and Kevi won’t cuddle with him

*Mitchie hearing some bad news and Avi not leaving his side for days/weeks until he feels better