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Someone pls tell me I'm wrong...

OK so on the bus today I was thinking about how Mutsuki is like a mirror of Kaneki (almost?) so I was just mulling over in my head ways they’re similar and different. Then, I started thinking about how Kaneki’s Mom’s death was never specified upon. And….well… my brain immediately thought of how Mutsuki killed his family so…
…what if…
…Kaneki killed his mother…?

the high school theatre au: les mis

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  • anyway. les mis is an aptly-named disaster, which ends up being great fun for the underclassmen. they get all the fun of being in a show without actually worrying about it being good
  • the seniors throw lots of tantrums. it’s embarrassing and a great source of entertainment for the rest of the cast
  • carter and shaw bond pretty quickly despite not having any scenes together, and that makes two people incredibly jealous:
  • root, who’s had a Big Gay Crush on shaw since the day she set foot in the auditorium, and stage manager zoe morgan
  • zoe pulls root aside during a rehearsal break
  • “i think we can help each other out here. you’re into shaw, i’d like to take joss to a nice dinner…..but you /gotta/ meet me halfway here”
  • root nods vigorously
  • “you have to /talk/ to her. this pining from a distance thing is pitiful, hon”
  • root blushes
  • her first attempt at Contacting Sameen Shaw is a damn disaster
  • she carefully places herself beside shaw in the wings during rehearsal
  • shaw doesn’t notice her. root has a bad habit of being unnervingly quiet
  • root’s first “hey” has shaw whipping around, losing balance, and crashing into one of the curtains
  • which goes down with her and lands on the row of lights downstage center
  • and promptly bursts into flame
  • rehearsal is a bust for the day, as are two of shaw’s fingers
  • root’s too mortified to talk to her ever again, after that
  • shaw isn’t
  • the next day she marches up to root and greets her with a “hey asshole”
  • waves two heavily bandaged fingers in front of her face. “thanks, for this”
  • before root can stop herself the words “i swear it was an accident, i’d never damage your hands on purpose, they’re great” are out of her mouth
  • they stare at each other, equally incredulous
  • root says “that was bad” at the same moment shaw says “are you /hitting/ on me?”
  • “no! maybe? no. i mean yeah, but not on purpose. sorry”
  • shaw just stares. then snorts in what root thinks (hopes? prays) might be amusement
  • “you sure know how to make a kid swoon”
  • root spends the rest of the day tripping over herself trying to make it up to shaw. holding doors, moving set pieces in shaw’s place, handling her props
  • john, finch and carter think it’s the funniest thing
  • at the end of rehearsal root asks if she can give shaw a ride home
  • “nah, i’ll ride with carter, thanks”
  • root is crestfallen
  • then shaw adds: “but you can pick me up in the morning so i don’t have to listen to freshmen dick jokes for half an hour on the bus”
  • “yeah!” root beams. “yeah, no problem!”
  • bonus: they exchange numbers so shaw can text root her home address
  • their carpool arrangement lasts for the rest of high school
  • the show ends up being a blast anyway. carter steals the show and wins a regional high school theatre award
  • zoe finally asks her out at the cast party. carter’s too busy dealing with finals to deal with distractions, but she gives zoe her number and an “i’ll be around this summer”
  • john and finch hold hands a lot and feed each other potato chips
  • it turns into a cast-wide game of chubby bunny
  • freshman techie dani silva comes out of nowhere for a surprise victory

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Has no one said anything about Flowey's bu- roots? No? K. (づ。◕‿‿◕。)づ I want Flowey's roots(?) ヾ| ̄ー ̄|ノ 8 <-- Flowey's roots -Different Anon