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spoochiteatime  asked:

Myetie! May I ask for a closeup of your Bus to Busan poster? I love how you drew it♡ Train to Busan is one of my favorite movies!

I literally just drew over the original poster – you can still see parts of the real cast behind them LMAO

Anyway I liked it too – I was like Yoosung when I was watching it LOL.


A ‘The Penguins of Madagascar’ Movie - Coming to theaters SOON!

Naah, just kidding ^^

A little poster I made for @box-of-sins. It is a movie for The Penguins of Madagascar, where what basically happens is Dr. Blowhole came with a brilliant plan to rule the world and all, and he starts by dividing the penguins, lemurs and Marlene since they are weak without each other. The story follows their adventure to return to New York and defeat Dr. Blowhole once and for all.


Tumblr’dan Yüzler: Berkay Dağlar

Tumblr’dan Yüzler’de bu kusursuz çizimleriyle dünya sahnesinde ilgi çekmeyi başarmış illüstratör Berkay Dağlar ile konuştuk. @berkaydaglar adlı blogundan, ilhamlarından ve Tumblr’ında paylaştığı ‘The Wolverine’ posterinin denizleri aşıp, filmin yönetmeninin duvarına yolculuk etmesinden bahsettik.

Merhaba Berkay, yazımıza seni biraz tanıyarak başlayalım diyoruz. Nerelisin? Neler yapıyorsun?

Kadıköy doğumluyum. Oralarda büyüdüm. 20 yaşımdan sonra reklam ajanslarında sanat yönetmeni olarak çalışmaya başladım bu sebepten ötürü de Avrupa yakasında yaşıyorum. Yani gündüzleri reklam tasarımı geceleri illüstrasyon.

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“16th of June Friday Night 11PM, together let’s make his dreams come true”

I’m so proud of every Kim Jaehwan Fan in this world :’)

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I was so confused by how they positioned Trish’s relationship with Jessica in the pilot like?? 

We’re first introduced to Jessica as a badass PI and cynical misanthrope who states that she has no faith in humanity/relationships and thus generally avoids getting “involved” with people?? 

But then we are shown the huge bus ads and posters with Trish’s face plastered all over them as the literal representation of ~the only exception~?? And we see that Jessica just can’t stop thinking about her??? She sees Trish everywhere, not only in her thoughts but everywhere she turns???

Then Jessica climbs onto Trish’s balcony to ask for help when she finds out that Kilgrave is back, which, correct me if I’m wrong, but aren’t balconies often coded in distinctly romantic ways (also Jessica is almost romantically framed with pretty city lights in the background and both of them have their hair gently blowing in the wind like are you kidding me)????

And their conversation is basically just two former lovers being emotional and talking about their past and their feelings what with “you shut me out” and “you were keeping tabs on me?” and “I was never the hero you wanted me to be”????? 

Like, what the fuck were you trying to do show?????? AM I READING TOO MUCH INTO THINGS