bus hopping

Izlediniz mi bu abiyi? Ne kadar temiz kalpli, ne kadar Anadolu, ne kadar alcakgonullu,  iyi, dünyanın sevimliydi. 

Türkiye bu abiydi. 

Hop oturup hop kalktik izlerken. Allah da senden razi olsun be abi.


A Classic that deserves your love and attention

avanzare - to move along
ballare - to dance
barcollare - to teeter
calciare - to kick
camminare a fatica - to trudge
camminare impettito - to strut
camminare strisciando i piedi - to shuffle
condurre - to lead, to drive
correre - to run
danzare - to dance
dare/fare un passo - to step
dirigersi verso - to head 
entrare/uscire furtivamente - to creep in/out
essere diretto verso/a - to be headed towards
fuggire - to flee
gattonare - to crawl
girare - to wander
girovagare - to wander
guidare - to lead, to drive
inciampare - to stumble
marciare - to march
partire alla volta di - to leave bound for
passeggiare - to stroll
planare - to hover
prendere l’aereo, il treno, l’autobus - to take the plane, the train, the bus
saltare - to hop, to jump
saltellare - to hop
scappare - to flee
scattare - to sprint
sfuggire - to escape
strisciare - to crawl
traballare - to teeter
viaggiare - to travel
volare - to fly
zoppicare - to hobble

Inspired by @languageoclock​ ‘s German version of this post. Thank you @lass-uns-studieren for tagging me ☺️

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lala is a terrible movie and you have terrible taste. it is so stereotypical and boring and i am honestly shocked someone who claims to know about film isnt insulted by it

[First Girl:]
Ba-ba-da-ba da-ba-da-ba
Ba-ba-ba ba-da-ba-da-ba
Ba-ba-ba ba

[First Girl:]
I think about that day
I left him at a Greyhound station
West of Santa Fe

We were seventeen, but he was sweet and it was true
Still I did what I had to do
‘Cause I just knew

Summer Sunday nights
We’d sink into our seats
Right as they dimmed out all the lights
A Technicolor world made out of music and machine
It called me to be on that screen
And live inside each scene

[First Girl & First Man:]
Without a nickel to my name
Hopped a bus, here I came
Could be brave or just insane

[First Girl, First Man & Second Man:]
We’ll have to see

[First Girl:]
‘Cause maybe in that sleepy town
He’ll sit one day, the lights are down
He’ll see my face and think of how he…

[First Girl, First Man, Second Man & Dancers:]
…used to know me

Climb these hills
I’m reaching for the heights
And chasing all the lights that shine
And when they let you down
You’ll get up off the ground
'Cause morning rolls around
And it’s another day of sun

[Young Man:]
I hear 'em every day
The rhythms in the canyons
That’ll never fade away
The ballads in the barrooms
Left by those who came before
They say “you gotta want it more”
So I bang on every door

[Second Girl:]
And even when the answer’s “no”
Or when my money’s running low
The dusty mic and neon glow
Are all I need

[Young Man:]
And someday as I sing my song
A small-town kid’ll come along

[Second Girl & Young Man:]
That’ll be the thing to push him on and go go

Climb these hills
I’m reaching for the heights
And chasing all the lights that shine
And when they let you down
You’ll get up off the ground
'Cause morning rolls around
And it’s another day of sun

[Instrumental Break]

[First Girl:]
And when they let you down
The morning rolls around

It’s another day of sun
It’s another day of sun
It’s another day of sun
It’s another day of sun
Just another day of sun
It’s another day of sun
Another day has just begun
It’s another day of sun

[Five car horn honks]

It’s another day of sun!

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i just had the stupidest realisation why la la land resonates with so many youtubers (dan, dodie): they all took a risk and somehow managed to build themselves a career because they took a leap of faith and believed it could work out "The Technicolor world made out of music and machine It called me to be on that screen And live inside its sheen Without a nickel to my name Hopped a bus, here I came Could be brave or just insane"

i think that most creators in the world (namely performers) take a strong liking to la la land just for the fact that it feels so immediate to them. i didn’t really enjoy la la land completely when i first saw it because i’m not a performer of any sort. but i can really appreciate how people connect so much because the characters face their fair share of troubles but pull through in the end. it makes me smile to think about how dan and phil saw it and probably could see themselves in the characters

Sometimes i think australian stereotypes are dumb but then i remember the time i was at a bus stop and kangaroos hopped across the road just as baby drop bears fell onto a moving car and as my bus got here steve irwin was revived and was the driver with a bus full of crocs and spiders


La La Land Cast - Another Day of Sun

I think about that day
Penso a quel giorno
I left him at a Greyhound station
In cui l’ho lasciato presso una stazione di Greyhound
West of Santa Fé
A ovest di Santa Fé

We were seventeen, but he was sweet and it was true
Avevamo diciassettenne anni, ma era dolce ed era autentico
Still I did what I had to do
Eppure ho fatto ciò che dovevo fare
‘Cause I just knew
Perché lo sapevo e basta

Summer: Sunday nights
Estate: la domenica sera
We’d sink into our seats
Sprofondavamo nelle nostre poltrone
Right as they dimmed out all the lights
Appena abbassavano tutte le luci
A Technicolor world made out of music and machine
Un mondo in Technicolor fatto di musica e macchine
It called me to be on that screen
Mi chiamava per stare su quello schermo
And live inside each scene
E vivere dentro ogni scena

Without a nickel to my name
Senza un soldo
Hopped a bus, here I came
Sono saltato su un autobus e sono venuto qui
Could be brave or just insane
Sono coraggioso o forse pazzo
We’ll have to see
Si vedrà

'Cause maybe in that sleepy town
Perché forse in quella città sonnolenta
He’ll sit one day, the lights are down
Si siederà un giorno, le luci spente
He’ll see my face and think of how he used to know me
Vedrà il mio viso e penserà al fatto che una volta mi conosceva

Climb these hills
Scalo queste colline
I’m reaching for the heights
Punto verso le vette
And chasing all the lights that shine
E rincorro tutte le luci che brillano
And when they let you down
Ma quando ti deludono
You’ll get up off the ground
Ti alzerai da terra
'Cause morning rolls around
Perché il mattino è lì dietro l’angolo
And it’s another day of sun
Ed è un altro giorno di sole

I hear 'em ev'ry day
Li sento tutti i giorni
The rhythms in the canyons
I ritmi nei canyon
That’ll never fade away
Non sbiadiranno mai
The ballads in the barrooms
Le ballate nei bar
Left by those who came before
Lasciati da chi è venuto prima
They say “you gotta want it more”
Dicono “devi desiderarlo veramente”
So I bang on ev'ry door
E quindi busso ad ogni porta

And even when the answer’s “no”
E pure quando la risposta è “no”
Or when my money’s running low
O quando i soldi stanno per finire
The dusty mic and neon glow
Il microfono polveroso e il bagliore dei neon
Are all I need
Sono tutto ciò di cui ho bisogno

And someday as I sing my song
E un giorno mentre canto la mia canzone
A small-town kid’ll come along
Un ragazzo di paese arriverà 
That’ll be the thing to push him on and go go
e quella sarà la cosa che lo spingerà an andare avanti

Lifting once doesn’t mean I’m too dumb to know how to conceal without getting caught, it means I’m smart enough to know my limitations and avoid getting fucked because I got cocky thinking that grand theft larceny was nbd because some talented lifter on Tumblr made it seem that way.

I’m Black. I have no car. I live in a small town. I have very noticible features. I’m over the age of 18. Five. Fucking. Strikes. If a video clip of me lifting were to show up on the local 10'oclock news, everyone in a 200 mile radius would know who I was and I’d be sitting in jail right now getting fucked with a broom handle.

I’m going to take the advice of lifters who have been lifting for years, the ones who haven’t been caught. Its really weird how people are simutaniously criticizing me because I don’t have pictures of risky $2,000 hauls with descriptions of how an SA ran out after me screaming and snapping pictures with a $3,000 Canon while re-blogging posts about how lifting isn’t a competition.

So yeah, as much as I’d love to say fuck a wig, fuck a car, fuck common sense and hop the bus to steal $1,538.57 worth of foundation and primer from an Ulta 50 miles away I know that my ass would be grass.

So yeah. I still plan on lifting. But getting caught is not an option, and I know that I’m too inexperienced to pull off any significant haul without getting caught and looking like a fool.

I didn’t join this community to impress anyone or tear anyone down, I joined because I’m a cheap anti-Capitalist bitch and ya’ll seemed like cool people, and that maybe if enough of us bounced ideas off of each other we could seriously fuck over rich white white men.

I don’t know. Just too many conflicting messages I guess.

Unexpected - part 2

A few weeks have passed, and nothing had happened. I was expecting this, us, all of us thing to happen rather quickly but I figured maybe they got cold feet about it. 
Jared and I had managed to sneak away for a few quickies, but nothing like what we are used to. 
The bus is always active so it’s been hard to find the moments, but we have managed. Kind of. 

“Good morning.” Jared whispers into my hair. 

I groan, not wanting to get up from the warm blanket and his warm body pressed against mine. 

“I know, I know, but we will get to sleep in a hotel for the next three nights and we have two days off.” He rubs his hand against my side. 

I turn to face him and he greets me with a warm smile, “I can’t wait to sleep in a real bed.” I groan into his chest. 

He kisses the top of my head and gets off the bunk, he laughs as I try to curl up tighter into the warmth he left behind, but I don’t want to be left out of the plans so I wrap the blanket around me and walk toward the front of the bus.
Shannon hops down from his bunk in front of me, he looks at me with a smile. He places his thumb under my chin and tilts my head to look at him for a quick second before he turns and walks away.
His hands were warm against my skin, his eyes seemed a little more green in the morning, my body gave off  a chill once my tired mind woke up to the situation.
I clear my throat trying to push my thoughts out of my head and I take a seat next to Jared, he wraps his arm around me and the blanket pulling me close.

“So, you all three have an interview this afternoon and another one tomorrow afternoon, but that’s it, your mornings and nights are free. Enjoy them because once we get across seas it won’t be like that.” Their manager steps off the bus with a wave goodbye. 

I look up at Jared and he looks down at me, we both look at Shannon and Tomo sitting across from us and they shrug their shoulders. 

I laugh at the speechless men, “Ok, breakfast sounds good.” I look at each of them to see their response. 

“Sounds good to me.” Shannon gets up from the couch and slips his shirt over his head.  

I try not to make it obvious that my stare has moved from the entire surrounding area to being solely fixed on Shannon. His muscles defined on every corner of his body. He is bigger than Jared, his back is wider and the muscles in his back are much more defined.
Jared clears his throat and my eyes snap back up to his, he raises and eyebrow at me and I sink into the blanket to cover my flushed cheeks. I hear Shannon give a slight laugh as he changes his shirt in the aisle of bunks. I keep my eyes on Jared’s, his hand around my shoulder gives me a squeeze and I give him a shy smile from behind the blankets.
Tomo opens up the door to the tour bus and he is taken back when his wife jumps at him, her arms wrapped around his neck. The rest of us get up to greet her, all of us surprised as well. She had only given the manager notice of her trip, she knew there could be a chance of us giving away the surprise. She had already planned out their next two days and their first stop had to be met in an hour. We all go around and give her a quick hug and they jump off the bus, hand in hand. 

“Lets go eat!” Shannon breaks the silence. 

Jared and I get into our bags and change into something more fitting to be seen in public, Jared’s frame is more slender and has cooler tones compared to Shannon, his hair reaching past his collarbones and the contrast from his hair and eyes makes me melt as he slides his shirt on and then makes eye contact with me staring at him. 

“At least I know I get the same treatment.” He whispers to me, poking fun at me for staring at Shannon. 

I roll my eyes and go to walk back to the front of the bus but Jared pulls me in front of him again. 

“You can’t stop thinking about it, can you?” He presses himself against me holding me in place, “You want to be fucked by both of us, don’t you baby girl?“ 

His words turn to chills in my bones. I bite my lip in and keep still trying not to let my body language scream out. 

"I bet you’re already wet, huh?” He places his knee between my legs and moves it side to side telling me to widen my stance. 

I take a step out and close my eyes. I feel his cool hand against the lower part of my stomach as he slips his hand into my jeans. I feel two of his fingers rub against the lace of my underwear and I let out a needy sight. 

“Soaked. Just like I thought you little slut.” An obvious shudder runs through my body from his words. He continues to rub his fingers up and down my slit, watching my every move and expression. 

“P-please.” I breathe out wanting him to continue and take it further.

“Please what?” He gently kisses my jawline and down my neck.I bite my lip and roll my head back with a moan that came out louder than expected. I look up and down the aisle where Shannon has a tight stare on us. Jared doesn’t stop his movements between my legs or against my neck. I grab onto Jared’s shoulder and he looks at me, I nod my head towards Shannon and Jared just gives me a quick smile.

He works his fingers against my clit and I let out another moan, “She’s dripping.” Jared looks at Shannon.

Jared removes his hand from my jeans and brings his middle finger to my lips, I slide my tongue out and take his finger in my mouth, I hollow my cheeks around it as he slides it back out. Jared bites in his bottom lip and shakes his head at me with approval, he leans back against the bunk behind him and Shannon takes his place in front of me.

“Hi.” I whisper to Shannon with a coy smile.

His hands are on the waist of my jeans ripping them down around my ankles with my underwear, I step out of them and my heart is pounding from his surprising rough motions. He gets to his knees and kisses my thighs, I move my legs apart hoping thats where he is going. 

“I’ve been wanting to taste you.” Shannons voice is deeper than usual.

He lifts my leg and puts it over his shoulder, I lean back against the bunks and rock my hips forward giving him a better view. He holds my leg on his shoulder in place by wrapping his arm around it, his other hand is on the thigh of my standing leg.

“Needy are we?” He looks up and me with his dark eyes and I can feel my body tremble.

I give him a slight nod and he smiles before letting his tongue gently trace my slit, I can’t help but rest my head back from the tease. He does it again and I push my hips forward again, he lets his tongue slide between my folds and he circles around my clit. I grip onto the bedding behind me and groan as he adds more pressure with his tongue. 

“You look so good baby girl.” Jared comments as he palms his member over his pants.

Looking at him sends another shockwave through my body, realizing what is going to happen make me moan on it’s own. Shannon flicks his tongue against me and I reach one hand into his hair, my leg curls around his back pulling his closer and he lets me. 

“Don’t stop, Shannon. Please.” My voice shakes out as I can feel myself coming unglued. 

His tongue works faster trying to bring me to an orgasm quicker, I scream out as his tongue hits my clit over and over again. Jared moved next to me and without him asking I reach down and begin rubbing the large bulge in his pants, he lets out his own sigh and I let out another sting of moans and curse words.

“Let him taste you, cum baby.” Jared whispers in my ear just enough for me to hear.

I loose my grip, my knee buckles and Shannon catches my with his hand on my ass, his tongue still working as my body reacts to my orgasm, my back arching and my nails digging into Jared’s thigh and the bedding. 

“Fuck.” I whisper to myself.

Shannon gets up from his knees and his mouth glistens from me, my head falls back as I try to catch my breath.

"How does she taste?” Jared moves his hips against my hand letting me feel his length.

“Like the best thing I’ve ever eaten.” Shannon leans back against the bunk across from me.

I feel my cheeks go red, Jared grabs my hand and walks me over to the couch and Shannon follows behind. It was like they had some secret conversation while I rested my head. 
Shannon slides his pants down first and I find my self gliding my tongue across my lips, he lets out a slight laugh as he takes a seat on the couch. Jared guides me to stand with my backside facing Shannon, I look over my shoulder at him and he is leaned back into the couch stroking himself. I look back at Jared who has now stripped himself, I bite my lip in as I look at him.
His hands reach to the hem of my shirt and he lifts it over my head, he tosses it behind him and his hands trail down the front of my chest and then back up to my neck. He wraps his hand around my throat and applies some pressure.

“You ready?” Jared whispers into my ear.

My eyes flutter closed as I nod my head.

“Answer me, slut.” His grip tightens for a second and I let out a moan.

“Yes, yes daddy.” I open my eyes to meet his, a smile comes across his lips and I return one.

Shannon runs his hands up and down my legs as he pulls me back towards him, I step back between his legs, before I sit all the way down I hold myself up with my hands resting on his knees. He glides his member against my slit and I can hear a moan escape him, I press back further and he positions himself for me to slide down on. 

“Shit!” I moan out as Shannon grabs my hips and slams me down on him.

I start to roll my hips against him letting him feel every inch inside me, he groans and his fingers dig into my thighs, I press into him harder and he lets out a louder groan.

“Let me hear you while I still can, baby.” Jared pushes my hair out of my face.

I moan louder as I start to bounce on Shannon, his hands reaching around to my chest gripping onto me as I ride him harder.

“F-fuck!” I drop my head and scream out as Shannon meets my movement by thrusting up.

“Open up.” Shannon groans behind me.

I lift my head back up and Jared has himself ready at my lips, I look up at him as I swirl my tongue around his tip. His hand is tangled in my hair already but he lets me make my moves. I suck on the tip of him before I slide him into my mouth, I breath even heavier as I try to moan out from Shannon’s movements getting faster. 
Jared places both hands in my hair and holds my head steady, I lean a little more forward giving both guys a different angle. Jared slides himself into my mouth, he does it again slowly but finds his own rhythm as he speeds up. I move my tongue against him as he moves his hips against my mouth, I let out a moan as he hits the back of my throat and Jared moans back.

“Fuck! You’re such a good slut!” Jared moans again.

Shannon pulls me down onto him and Jared walks forward to not loose contact, I moan around Jared again and he grunts in return. Shannon brings his hand to my clit, he has two of his finger working is and my body lets out a few spasm against him and Shannon bites into the part of my back he could reach. 

“Fuck!” I moan out as my hips work against Shannon again, I had pushed Jared back a step needed to get my breath back.

Shannon gives the side of my ass a hard smack and I jump up and back down on him, “We run you right now, take Jared’s dick deep in your throat slut.” Shannon whispers in my ear.

I begin to ride on shannon again and moans escape me just from his words, I rest one hand on Shannon’s knee and the other reaches for Jared, I look up at him and I can see the fire burning behind his eyes. He holds onto the sides of my face with much more force, he doesn’t start out slow as I gag on him sliding himself completely in my mouth. 

“That’s it. Just like that.” Shannon groans behind me, his fingers still working my clit and my hips still grinding into him.

I let out moan after moan around Jared and I can feel his fingers tense on my hair. He begins to rock his hips against my mouth, faster with each thrust and I have to hold onto both of Shannon’s knees to keep steady. My eyes begin to water as Jared reaches the back of my throat each time and my moans intensify as the knot in my stomach grows. 

“I love fucking your slutty mouth baby girl.” Jared growls at me as I look up at him with a mouthful of him.

“Fuck!” Shannon groans out as I try to hold back my orgasm, “Don’t fucking cum yet” he digs his fingers into my skin.

“You better listen to him, baby.” Jared thrusts harder into my mouth, drool dripping down my chin and all over Jared. 

I start to ride Shannon harder, knowing I can’t hold back much longer. His hands move to my waist as he bounces me harder against him, I try to scream out but Jared receives every sound wave against him and he moans louder than before. 
Shannon slams me down against him again and I don’t even try to keep myself tied together. My body tries to move but Jared has my head locked in place, I feel myself tighten around Shannon and he lets himself go as well. His head falls against my back and his fingers dig into my waist so hard I know there will be a bruise. I moan again and Jared pushes himself to the back of my throat one more time as I feel him fill my mouth. I swallow with him still in my mouth, he slowly slides out and I gasp for a much needed breath. 
Shannon slowly picks me up off him and sets me down on the couch. 

“You alright baby?” Jared lifts my face to look at him.

I nod with a smile and he kisses my forehead. I look over at Shannon and he pulls me in under his arm, he also places a kiss against my forehead. 
I let out a sigh as my heart rate finally slows down. 

“Lets get you cleaned up first.” Jared takes me from Shannon and walks me into the bathroom, he locks the door behind him. “Don’t forget who you belong to baby. Don’t make me regret this.” Jared whispers in a demanding voice. 

I turn to face him and place a kiss on his cheek and then rest my head against his chest, “I’m only yours. Always yours. Promise babe.” I whisper against his skin. 

He lifts my head and kisses my lips lightly, he has me sit down on the closed toilet seat as he turns on the shower and lets it warm up. I curl up against myself to keep warm for the few moments. 

Before he helps me into the shower he grabs onto my face gently, “I love you.”

“I love you, too.” I lean in and kiss his soft lips.

Holsom soulmate AU where your soulmate’s first words to you are written on your skin. Several people requested this one, so hope y’all like it!

For a while, Ransom is pretty convinced Taylor Swift is his soulmate.

His soulmark happens to be the first line from the first song off her first mainstream album, written in a loopy script. He doesn’t know this until he hears Fearless playing on the radio, at which point he almost crashes his car in shock. He’s heard of Taylor Swift, sure, but he’s never heard her – he’s twenty-one, and he thinks he’s found his soulmate.

Of course, as several people worldwide reveal their Taylor Swift lyric soulmarks over the coming years, Ransom realizes there’s a good chance it’s not her.

But she’s the first person he hears sing those words, and even if she’s not his soulmate (he intends to meet her at some point just to check) Fearless becomes his favorite song. The twang of the guitar, the distinctly country feel – he’s never been one for country, but he lets it slide this one time. After all, it’s basically his song.


Medical school is hard.

Really hard. And Ransom’s a delicate coral reef at the best of times, so he’s learned to manage his study time carefully. He gauges his mood and decides if he needs pure silence, moderate noise or overwhelming heavy metal to study in. His habits come down on the side of pure silence more often than not, but he has on occasion gone down to the music rooms just to sit outside the door and zone into his studying with a dreadful screeching and the crash of drums in his ears.

Today, though, Ransom decides that he’s itching for something else. Brown is an elite school and there are plenty of coffee shops littered around trying to capitalize on the highly stressed student population, but he’s not in the mood for seeing several other frazzled people with papers strewn across tables. Instead he opts for something slightly further out from college, about ten minutes away by bus, and hops off at Bits and Pieces at 2pm sharp. He’s never been to the cutesy café-bakery before, but he’s heard only good things about it from April, March’s girlfriend, so he decides to give it a try. He approaches the pale blue storefront and pushes open the door to the tinkle of bells.

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Brad Simpson Imagine


*Y/B/F/N = Your best friend’s name

You were a jumble of crazy emotions right now. Anger, disappointment, frustration, stress, and betrayed just to name a few. But you were also very uncomfortable and scared. The bus turned sharply around a corner and you placed your head against the window. The sun was setting quickly, and you knew that soon enough it would be gone completely. You hated travelling at night, especially by yourself. You were dressed in a white singlet and your favourite black shorts and white converses, and you were on your way to the Neon Party that started the University year. You had been looking forward to this party for quite some time now, but all you wanted to do was get off this bus, turn around and go home. Glow in the dark paint was cool, but not worth this much stress.

The original plan was for you and two other friends to go into the party together because it was safer for you to travel in a group than go by yourselves. However, with less than half an hour before you had planned to leave, you received a message from the friend who was driving and she had decided she was getting a lift instead. Your other friend said that you would all just have to make your own way in. Although it was last notice, you were looking forward to the party and had organised to take the bus. So here you were. Your best friend Y/B/F/N dropped you at the bus station and waited with you until your bus came. She couldn’t make it to the party, but you were really wishing she was here with you now. Her and your boyfriend Brad. 

He was currently away touring with his band and you were missing him terribly. The time zones were making it extra difficult to talk to each other. You were hoping that the party tonight would take your mind off how much you were wishing he was here with you. Unfortunately, this whole thing just made you miss him even more. You could really use some cheering up right now, and Brad and the boys always knew how to put a smile on your face. It’s probably because their kind of crazy matched your kind of crazy. 

But it wasn’t the main reason you were upset. 

You and Y/B/F/N waited together until your bus came and you hopped on. Y/B/F/N went back to her car and you started the long commute by yourself. You were nervous but you thought that your other friends would all be going through something similar. 

You were wrong.

Less than five minutes into your trip your phone begins to buzz. It’s Y/B/F/N. 

“Y/B/F/N? What’s up? I only just left”

“Y/N you’ll never believe what I just saw. Or more to the point who I just saw” Y/B/F/N says quickly into the phone.

“Who was it? Are you okay?” You started to get worried.

“I’m furious and I know you will be too”

“Okay well now you have to tell me”

“They were here. Together. They lied to you. Let you fend for yourself”

You frown at what Y/B/F/N was saying, “Who? Who lied to me? Y/B/F/N I don’t understand what you’re trying to tell me”

“The girls. They were here at the bus station. Together. They were hiding behind a car so I didn’t see them. God they must be stupid. I swear if I see them again I’m gonna-” You cut her off.

“I just don’t understand why they would go behind my back like that. They know travelling like this stresses me out. Are you sure it was them?”

“100% positive”

“What should I do?”

“Want to come back home?”

“No, I want to at least see it for myself”

“Want me to call Brad?”

You sit up straighter in your seat, “NO, no, no don’t do that. No he’ll just get freaked out and I don’t want that. He should enjoy the tour”

Y/B/F/N laughed, “And you should be enjoying the party but those witches have ruined it for you”

“And I don’t want to ruin anything for Brad, Y/B/F/N promise me. Promise me that you wont call him”


“Promise me”

You hear a long sigh through the phone, “Fine,” she huffed “But as soon as I see them, I’m gonna kick them in the ass”

You laughed out loud which made a few people look in your direction. You slid down in your seat as you replied, “Okay you do that, just let me see how this goes”

“Okay just call me as soon as it’s done”

“I will”

And here you were, over thinking. Again. Doubting and questioning everything. Why were your friends doing this to you? The more you thought about it the more you felt physically ill. Your hands started to shake, and you thought you might be sick. You had to think of something else to calm yourself down. So you thought of Brad. Meeting him. Meeting the guys. But of course, you ended up missing them more than before. 

You felt you phone vibrate again and answered without looking at the caller i.d.

“Y/B/F/N I haven’t seen them yet, and no I don’t know what I’m going to say”

“How about ‘go screw your Grandma’s cat’? Or is that too harsh?”

You nearly dropped your phone in shock, “TRISTAN, what the heck isn’t it,” You check your watch, “three in the morning where you are?!” 

“Yeah but our friendship has no time limit”

“Not that I’m not glad to hear from you, but why are you calling me at three in the morning?”

“Because Y/B/F/N called me and told me what happened. And because I obviously care about you. Not just because we’re friends, but because you’re important to Brad and Brad is important to me”

You started to tear up at his words, “I don’t know what to say”

“Just stay safe. Oh and also Y/B/F/N told me to tell you to not be mad, but she promised not to call Brad so she called me instead. She’s a clever one”

Your bus pulled up to the University and you hopped off. It was now completely dark and there weren’t a lot of people around. Most of them were probably at the party already. You started to walk to where it was being held. 

“Yeah she’s certainly something. Wait Tris, does Brad know? Because I don’t want him to get stressed out over this”



“I’m gonna hand you over to him now”

“Tris wait-” But it was already too late. Brad’s voice came over the phone.

“Where are you? Tell me you’re safe. I swear to God when I see those girls next they are going to hear from me” The worry was clear in his voice. You could imagine him pacing up and down the room, tugging at his hair.

“Brad I’m just walking over to the venue now, and you’re going to have to get in line behind Y/B/F/N” You look up ahead and slow down. Near the Uni bar you see a line of guys, and the majority of them were clearly drunk. Your nerves kick up to the next level and you start shaking again. The brief relief at hearing from Brad was beginning to wear off. 

“Y/N? Are you still there? Did you hear what I said?” You snap your attention back to Brad on the phone. 

“Oh um sorry, what were you saying?” You bite your lips nervously as you slowly get closer to the line of guys. 

“I was just saying how good it is to hear your voice. I miss you so much, especially knowing what you’re going through right now. Is everything okay?”

A smile begins to spread on your lips, “I miss you too, you can’t possibly imagine. And umm…”

“Y/N…” Brad said warningly through the phone, “What is it…?”

You sigh knowing what his reaction will be, “There’s just this line of guys and they look really drunk,” You’re close enough now that they notice you and start whistling and calling you names. Your stomach heaves.


You try to keep your voice calm but it still shakes when you reply, “I’m fine”

“NO YOU’RE BLOODY NOT. THAT’S IT” Suddenly he’s gone from the phone.

“Brad? BRAD?!” You freak out

“Nope it’s Tris again”

You sigh, “Tris where did Brad go? What is he doing?!”



Brad’s voice comes back on the phone, “Turn around, hop back on a bus. Tris will call Y/B/F/N and she’ll pick you up from the station”

“And what do you think you’re doing Bradley?”

“Coming home”

anonymous asked:

So im writing a script where a group of british lower class punks in 1990 want to go to a concert in another city, but the ride they had planned brokedown. How can theygo about it ? (Bus, illegal train hopping, idk what else ) also wpuld it even make sense for them to have a car, or where those rare at the time? Was getting a license the norm or even as necessary as today ? Thxs in advance !

That’s difficult to answer but I will try my best. Car sales were down and the cars had become more expensive. Petrol was much more expensive than it is now when you take average income into consideration. In the US, there is a decrease in getting a drivers licence among young people (and presumably this is also true for the UK). Also, the theory has been formed that the usage of cars may have reached a plateau and even declined (in several countries, including England). Depending on their age, they may have been more likely to have a car than they would if your story was contemporary. The fact that you say that they are lower class, though, would mean that they don’t have means of income and thus could not afford a car. My guess is that they would hitchhike. (Train hopping has never been that huge in (Northern) Europe. There is quite a hefty fine if you attempt to hop trains in the UK. It’s also more difficult since a lot of trains run on electricity. You can make use of freight trains but since it hasn’t been a tradition it’s less likely your characters would pick this option.)

I am going to talk a little bit about my own experience and maybe that helps. I was indeed a punk. Now, I was born later in the 80s and didn’t have a car until early 2000s but I was also the only one in my class who decided to get a car. Most of my classmates in high school didn’t even get a licence because it was all too expensive. (I am from a working class family and I worked hard as a teenager; got up at 3 am to go to work and then rush of to school around 8.). Personally I made the decision to put all my money into that car - a white 95 Seat Toledo which lasted me throughout my teenage years before I had to scrap it. I used my car to get to work and school but also to get me and my friends to festivals, or just to drive around. When I couldn’t afford gas money, I would hitchhike. If I had enough for a bus fare I would take the bus. I am guessing your characters would do this as well. They might even try to ride the bus (or train) without paying (I did this in London as late as 2015 but I don’t recommend it. You’ll have to pay serious money if you get caught. And more often than not I have payed for my fares but when you don’t have any money you do get creative. When you’re young enough, it also seems kinda cool and fun to not pay. It isn’t cool not to pay but we did feel like rebels.) But that’s enough reminiscing about teenage me!

To summarise; your characters might have a car if they do have some sort of income and if they aren’t too young as a young teenager probably would not make the wages to buy and own a car at that time. In fact; if they are employed and in their 20s, they would be more likely than 20 year old today to have a car.

Good luck with your writing!

Signed, Captain.

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