bus driver who wanted to be god

So fantasy and mythology are full of signs that spirits are angry or demons are approaching are whatever, and it’s a great trope that I really like seeing, but all the signs are things like too much rain, not enough animals wandering by, crops failing, etc.  Which is great for rural-ish agricultural societies, but I want to see this trope moved into city settings.

I want denizens of a city to know a demon is active near their town because all neighborhood businesses start closing down, water mains keep bursting, and there are power outages everywhere.

I want fairies who move all the Divvies just before rush hour and fill the alderman’s office with forged paperwork from the IRS.  Who, when they’re appeased with gifts of bus cards and McDonald’s, will turn on the air conditioning in your house when you leave work, let in your Peapod driver and put away your groceries, take in your dry cleaning, and run your Roomba silently while you sleep.

I want shamans journeying into service tunnels to appease angry gods who have made all the buses late, emptied all the ATMs, and waylaid grocery delivery trucks on their way to the city’s stores.

Hozier is OUT OF CONTROL last night he gave OVER TEN THUMB UPS and then at the very end of the concert he THANKED LITERALLY EVERYONE HE THANKED THE BUS DRIVER* AND ALL THE LIGHT TECHNICIANS AND EVERYONE BACKSTAGE he was like give a round of applause for LITERALLY EVERYONE WHO HAD ANY HAND IN THIS SHOW because everyone deserves credit and he wanted to make sure they got it i swear it was too much to comprehend he is so kind and good and humble and he was all smiles and eyebrows and bent knees and puns** LITERALLY the best concert ive ever been to better than i could imagine anything could be ever i swear to god i swear holy shit his voice is so much different in person you wouldnt even believe its so beautiful and clear and his band is so UNBELIEVABLE everything was 10/10 there was so much talent little green cars WERE MINDBLOWING OH MY GOD i wish i had listened to them before so i could have appreciated them better so pretty everyone was so good

* his introduction was something like “and of course, thank you to the man who really keeps the wheels going around on this tour”

** at one point he was like, “people on the balcony, how are you doing tonight?” And they all started screaming and jumping and stuff and he went “You look great. You look lovely. Is that a new top? You look great.”

Also a man kept coming out beforehand to do sound check and he was like average height and he had to like tilt the mic down and stand on his tip toes because it was set so high because he is a large beanpole