bus cables


99 curves on the road to Tianmen Mountain and cave, China - built to take tourist buses up.

actuallyasisterofbattle  asked:

To the Assorted Primarchs, what would you do if you were on a subway/bus/cable car/other means of public transit and you saw a guy harassing a woman?

Horus: Well, first I start by wondering how the fuck I fit in this subway/bus/cable car.

*assorted snickering*

Horus: There, I got the silly out of the way, now answer the question.

Curze: Shank the bastard.

Dorn: Let’s not escalate harassment to murder.

Curze: It doesn’t have to be a fatal shanking-

Dorn: I know how you stab people, Konrad.

Curze: Uh…heheh…

Guilliman: I think I’d like to safely imagine that any of us would intervene on her behalf with a ‘get lost, your behavior is unacceptable’ of some manner or other, depending on the scale of this theoretical harassment.  As primarchs, we have the benefit of, well…being primarchs, and thus we’re quite adept at getting our own way.  Moreover, if there’s one thing that the Emperor did give us as a father, it’s a loathing for seeing innocent people suffer.  When you look across the histories of the lot of us, one common thread is that every primarch that was forced to fight took up the cause of the common person.  Nobody - not myself, not Angron, not Mortarion, not Jaghatai - sided with an oppressor over the oppressed.  Even Konrad, though I deplore his tactics and vehemently disagree with his human outlook, did his work with an eye for alleviating the suffering of Nostromo Quintus.  

Horus: Good answer.

Vulkan: I like this answer.

Angron: You’re actually making useful noises for a change.

Leman: Besides, if you didn’t and [REDACTED] found out, she would probably kill you.

Corax: Oh, she would definitely kill you.