BeachedBetsy Bauer

While being an artist is my dream job, I occasionally feel trapped at my desk and long for a more mobile lifestyle.  There are times when living in an old VW bus by the beach sounds like absolute paradise.  In this piece, I wanted to show just how cozy a life on the road could be.

Prints from the Tiny Homes Exhibition available here.
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Hopefully, everyone feels relaxed and recharged and is ready to wave farewell to their weekend. May the coming week bring with it as many chances as possible to learn, grow and challenge our own thinking – what more can we ask for.

What chances are you looking for?


China’s new elevated bus straddles traffic and it’s amazing

The Transit Elevated Bus made its first test run on Tuesday, and it is quite a sight to behold. The TEB-1 is 22 meters (about 72 feet) long, about 25.5 feet wide, about 16 feet tall, capacity for about 300 passengers and underside clearance of about 7 feet. The incredible technology has already garnered the interest of 3 other countries.

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