It’s that time of year again! It seems like every year around April I revamp my pony pattern. This year I’ve shrunk the pattern down from a humongous 15″ tall to a more manageable 12″ tall. I’ve also tried to refine some of the shapes and eliminate a majority of the hand sewing I used to have to do. I just need to make a few adjustments to the ears and I’ll be able to test it out with a finished plush. I plan on offering this pattern for sale!

WIP of my current personal project; Magical girl dolls based on mythical creatures. This one is based on kelpies! Not sure how I feel about her arms right now, but there is plenty of time to change them before I have to commit and sew them on.

Just waiting for the fabric for her dress to come now.

In other news, my Rainbow Dash plush auction is ending soon! Check it out here: http://www.ebay.com/itm/-/281771222388?


Here is part two of my Crystal Pony commissions! Rarity is about 15.5" tall to the top of her head, 18" to the top of her horn. She is made of super soft purple, violet, and white Shannon minky. Her earrings are made of sterling silver bar blanks, sterling silver earring hooks, and blue and purple crystal beads. She has two glittery ribbons and tons of crystals in her hair. 

This plush about killed me. The pattern for her hair and tail has 25 pieces, while there are 60 (I think? I’m too dead to count) individual pieces of minky that had to be cut out and sewn. For comparison, Fluttershy only has 6 pieces for her mane and tail, and even Rainbow Dash only has 24 pieces. T__T My fingers are sore.

The Binding of Isaac is an amazingly macabre indie game. It’s definitely an acquired taste, but I love it x3 This one is for a friend, I’m making another character (cain) for my husband. The game is available on steam for cheap, so go get it if you’re a fan of disturbing, gorey, witty, difficult dungeon crawls. Isaac is 10" and made of fleece with hand appliqued details. My friend requested he be smiling instead of his normal expression.