“Let me become the wall that blocks you from fear so that there won’t be a barrier to block you from true love.

In place of pain, let me create the sensation of moisture so only my tongue can be your warmth.

Instead of push, allow me to pull you so close to my chest that your soul becomes mine and mine yours.

Let us reach this climax of being truthful, being intimate, being one.

Let’s be naked one more time”


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I see sun
There’s a man
And I thinks that’s a door

The man looks as if he’s gazing at something
Not intense, But gracefully
Memorizing to paraphrase

But who actually stares at things like this

Had to ask myself

Because this picture just symbolizes, to me, everything he wants that he can’t have;
Maybe he wants to reach out and just grab what he’s obviously infatuated

Ok, but what if the man understands that it’s too far to reach
What if he just loves the view.
Maybe that’s the only thing he can
Appreiciate inside the odd room that he’s in
Maybe he’s imagining actually being apart of what he’s looking at
Just can’t figure out how

Maybe there’s a war outside of the window and he’s imaging his eye as the lens capturing beauty even when there’s no sure sign of any.

He could be creative

Maybe he just noticed the picture that was being stared at on the wall.
And he sees his sun to the left
He’s capturing the beauty
Before she realizes the door