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ayooooo I’m going to be doing yet another In Case You Missed It post for tumblr fic that may have gotten buried.   If you haven’t sent me something to be included but want to, now’s the time to do it.  

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i’m bleeding out, but at least my dress is cute, right?
my eyeliners smudged from crying
but my smile is still pretty, my teeth are still white.
my hands are shaking but my nails are cute, so it’s okay.

i’m falling apart but i’m still beautiful, that’s enough, right?
they won’t notice, right? i can’t breathe, but it’s okay,
i’ve always been told i look pretty being choked,
this is the same, right?

i’m collapsing, aren’t i? but it’s okay, right?
at least they’ll bury me in something pretty,

at least they’ll fix my hair.

Actions in Witchcraft

Just like each herb and crystal has certain properties and strength, so do actions taken during rituals and spells. When writing spells it is important to include the proper actions to make sure your spell is as effective as possible.

Burning - Burning an object is a common practice in spells and rituals. Fire is considered a cleansing and activating force.

  • If you want to destroy something’s influence, burn it and dispose of the ashes away from your home.
  • If you want to set something into motion, burn objects related to the situation to ash.
  • If you want to activate certain energies, burn objects related to those involved.
  • If you are performing a curse or hex, burn the object in the flame of a candle.

Burying/Abandoning - A Witch might bury and object for many reasons. They might want to put something to rest, perform a slow spell, or banish something. There are different ways in which one can bury an object to accomplish a desired outcome:

  • If you want to keep something close, bury the object in your back yard.
  • If you want to attract something, bury the object under the front door step
  • If you want to disperse something to a distance, throw the object into a crossroads
  • If you want to fix an influence, inter the object in a five-spot pattern
  • If you want something to work by means of spirits, bury the object in a graveyard (but don’t disrupt those buried there!)
  • If you want to hide something’s point of origin, conceal the object in a tree
  • If you want something/someone to work by stealth, hide the object in clothing or on objects
  • If you want an influence to begin or strengthen, throw the object East
  • If you want an influence to end or weaken, throw the object West

Rubbing - Rubbing an object can be the easiest and most immediate way to experience witchcraft. Transferring and garnering energy from objects can be done through physical contact with an object.

  • If you want to put energy into an object, rub it with your left hand
  • If you want to gather energy from an object, rub it with your right hand
  • If you want to bring positivity, rub clockwise
  • If you want to bring negativity, rub counter clockwise
  • If you want to use crystals to heal, rub the appropriate stone on the effected part of the body.

Soaking - Water is one of the main elements used in witchcraft. It comes in many forms with many different properties and uses.

  • If you want something to move away and sink, throw it in running water
  • If you want something’s influence to rise and fall cyclically, float it in a tidal estuary
  • If you want to protect or cleanse something, soak an object in rain water
  • If you are focused on your personal goals, soak your object in sea water
  • If you want to bring about transformation, soak your object in snow/melted snow
  • If you’re trying to make a wish come true, soak your object in well water
  • If you want to banish, soak your object in harbor water
When Writing Spells

If you want to keep something close, bury it in your back yard.
If you want to attract something, bury it under the front door step.
If you want to destroy its influence, burn it.
If you want it to move away and sink, throw it in running water.
If you want to disperse it to a distance, throw it into a crossroads.
If you want to fix its influence, inter it in a five-spot pattern.
If you want it to work by means of spirits, bury it in a graveyard.
If you want to hide its point of origin, conceal it in a tree.
If you want it to work in secret, give it in food or drink.
If you want it to work by stealth, hide it in clothing or on objects.
If you want its influence to begin or strengthen, throw it East.
If you want its influence to end or weaken, throw it West.
If you want its influence to rise and fall cyclicly, float it in a tidal estuary.

Hello have some Patater before I must do homework :(

Two years ago, Kent Parson would probably have given Alexei Mashkov a handjob under dinner table at that fancy ass restaurant, if Mashkov hadn’t been holding his left hand over the table like a dork the entire time. When he came on to Alexei at the bar the other night, he was legitimately expecting a night of wild Russian sex (he didn’t know what that entailed exactly, but boy, was he hoping to find out). He was, however, not expecting Alexei “Call me Tater” to light up, punch in his phone number, and invite him out to dinner at a respectable location. He was not expecting the walk in the park afterwards, or Tater’s embarrassed, handsome laugh when they talked about everything from Kit Purrson to Tater’s grandmother. He was not expecting to be kissed under the lamplight like some lovestruck woman (or actually asked to be kissed, for that matter) in a black and white film, or to be kissed goodnight and left to his own devices at the door of his apartment.

(This has almost never happened in Kent’s dating history, so he didn’t what to do with himself for the rest of the night. He ended up watching three episodes of Parks and Rec while finishing the rest of the Rocky Road in the fridge.)

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Ways To Recharge your Tarot Deck
  1. Place a ring of salt around your tarot deck.
  2. Sleep with your deck under your pillow. 
  3. Place deck on window sill to bathe in the moonlight. 
  4. Place your deck in sunlight, just be careful as they may fade.
  5. Bury your deck. Make sure you put them in something that keeps water out and remember where you buried them!
  6. Knock on the top of the deck twice and the bottom of the deck once.
  7. Use incense to smoke cleanse the deck.  
  8. You can use crystals to charge your deck. 
  9. Shuffling and reordering the deck.
  10. Meditate while holding the deck in your hands. 

==Moonlight Academy==

The Dark Truth About The Scooby Doo Universe

Yes this is a serious thought that I want to share.
I think I figured out something pretty cool about the scooby doo universe.

Originally posted by watxhing

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I was re-watching the Yuri!!! On Ice trailer and noticed something...

The trailer showcases a lot of animation that we’ve seen so far– 

But it ALSO shows something we haven’t seen yet… Victor starting his rendition of Yuri On Ice:

And I am really, REALLY hoping that we get to see this.

Maybe Victor’s alone at the Ice Palace and he begins to skate… and Yuri walks in to see him performing his routine, the routine that defines his career and his emotions–

I want to know what Victor is feeling about HIMSELF.  It’s something the show hasn’t tackled yet and I think Victor is hiding from something when he first offered to be Yuri’s coach.

Is he scared of his future?  Is he tired of all the pressure his country and the skating community has placed on him?

I just feel like he’s got something buried deep down and we’ve only begun to see some of his anxieties.


So chapter 7 of And Nearly Letting Go by @uncannycookie killed me and now I have feelings every time I look at my fridge.

I’m a bit worried that I’m coming across as an overzealous random weirdo on the internet… probably because I am acting like an overzealous random weirdo on the internet. But I /really/ like this story, it gels so well with what I think about the characters in such a lovely manner. Sorry for being weird about it…

i wasn’t actually sure what Mob wears in this scene… but I wanted something he could bury his face in and for some reason I keep drawing him in this jacket.

Witch Tip #4

Need to bury something but don’t want to use a jar? Coffee filters, 100% cotton, silk, tissue paper, newspaper, wool, and cashmere are all biodegradable!☼


“I’m about to go off and play a character who was originally white and blonde and has really big boobs, and none of those things apply to me. She’s sort of unforgettable. She has no morals. She’s an agitator assassin, a gun for hire, and she’s written the way male characters are usually written. Conscience is something she buries; obviously she’s damaged. It’s really intriguing. I’d never read a part for a woman like that. They usually have a tender heart or a soft spot for some guy. Not Tulip. You read certain scenes in the script and think: are we allowed to do this? It’s great playing someone unsympathetic and not having to justify her actions.”

carefree black girls ruth negga

Charging Methods

This is no where near all the ways you can charge things so feel free to add to the list or send me other methods. I intend to go back and add to it occasionally.

Edited 12/10/16


  • Draw it on paper (or something safe to burn) and burn it
  • Draw it on a firework and set it off
  • Carve it into a candle, light it, and let the sigil melt away
  • Place it close to a flame to absorb the light and heat


  • Draw it on wind chimes and hang them up
  • Hang it up somewhere it can blow around in the breeze by a fan
  • Draw it on a balloon, blow the balloon up, and pop it
  • Draw it on a kite and fly it


  • Draw it on something soluble and dissolve it in water
  • Draw it on a rock (or something non-soluble) and place it in running water
  • Draw it with something food safe on a tea bag and drink it (It’s more using a sigil to charge the tea, but whatever)
  • Draw it on yourself then take a shower and let it wash away
  • Draw it in chalk on the sidewalk to wash away in the rain


  • Draw it on something biodegradable and bury it
  • Transfer energy from previously charged crystals
  • Draw it in the dirt somewhere it will be worn away


  • Place it in the sun or moonlight
  • Draw it with/in something that will disappear: lemon juice on paper, fog in a mirror, etc.
  • Paint it with glow in the dark paint, the light used to charge the paint and its own glow charges the sigil


  • Place it on/under a device that is plugged in and charging
  • Open the image on your computer and play a video game on top of it
  • Use the sigil as your background or screensaver or just leave it up for a while to be charged by the screen’s light and energy of the computer
  • Open the sigil in a paint or photo editing program, cut it to pieces, and delete them (like you would tear up a piece of paper)
  • Place the sigil on/near speakers and play music (match the music to the intent of the sigil)
  • Post the sigil on social media with the intent that it charge with every like/reblog/thumbs up/etc.

Personal Energy (Mental and Physical)

  • Direct your own personal energies into the sigil (How to)
  • Draw it on yourself or something you have on you as you exercise: dance, run, play sport, etc.
  • Have the sigil on/near you and focus on it as you have sex/masturbate and orgasm
  • Have the sigil on/near you and focus on it while experiencing pain
  • Have the sigil on/near you and focus on it while experiencing extreme emotion
  • Add a drop of blood to the sigil


  • Sing or play an instrument to it
  • Place it in a music box, wind it up and let the music charge it
  • Draw it on paper and tear the paper up
  • Draw the sigil with food or carve it into food and eat it (bonus if it’s baked/cooked/etc.)
  • Draw it on the bottom of your shoes and walk around
  • Draw it on yourself with lotion or makeup and blend it in

I don’t… know what encompassing genre or category you could say The Raven Cycle, Foxhole Court, and The Secret History fall into, but whatever it is, that’s me. That’s my aesthetic. Bury me in their shared collective.
Rich teens/20-somethings have emotional issues and take it out in unhealthy ways that are most highly unorthodox for the private school/institution for higher education of which they attend, all while having their uniforms disheveled and a lit cigarette dangling carelessly from their lips.
Also, someone ends up dead, and gay undertones become gay overtones.