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Hello. :) I really look forward to your creations and am currently saving to get a chance to buy your prints in the future. ^^ I wanted to ask your feelings when you started tinkering with the idea of the DGM comic? Was it nerve-wrecking? Plus, you've clearly put so much time and hard work in it for it to look so beautiful. I really admire it. HAPPY HOLIDAYS!!

HELLO THESE!!! ASKS MAKE ME SO HAPPY THANK YOU SO MUCH!!! o(≧∇≦o) This year at uni is pretty much ‘adapt your projects/interests to our demands according to each subject’, so theoretically we’re free to choose whatever, counting on our respective professors’ private tutoring!! I consider myself more of a creator than an illustrator, I try drawing and writing because I needed to find a way to materialize these ideas!! The past two years I’ve been aiming to combine the visual components of an idea with the narrative ones!! That’s why I started putting effort into comics ‘▿’)/ But comics are like the giant t-rex of art……. They not only were scary as fuck- it makes you realize HEAVILY all the knowledge you’re missing, the limits of your art, how much it sucks in general orz- but also very frustrating. I think I also had huge expectations from the beginning without even realizing… You need lots of patience, sacrifice and self-discipline for comics… _(」∠ 、ン、)_ But!!!! After reading D.Gray-man, BOY WASN’T I VIBRATING THE STORY IS SO AMAZING THE WORLD THE CHARACTERS talking with a few friends one day we were like oh wait but single parent Kanda, AND BAM, I!!! was so thrilled!!!!!!!!! From a slow beginning with the idea it soon started running around in my head, it was the only thing I could think of!!!!! Here is the thing: I started drawing the comic because I wanted to have fun and experiment, so already from the start it was bond to be different than the other times. And!!! As I drew pages I didn’t mind AT ALL that the drawing was ugly, that this panel was wrong, this other could have been better, I should have tried a few more sketches before drawing it like this, OH WHAT IF I APPLY SCREENTONES oh man WHAT IF I USE PHOTOSHOP FILTERS WHAT IF THIS ATMOSPHERE WHAT IF THIS LIGHTNING WHAT IF TAMASHI BLUSHES MAD HOW WOULD A 24 Y/O ALLEN LOOK LIKE and like this you got me squeaking in excitement while drawing and that was such a gift. 

I forced myself to understand the comic from an online perspective with the idea of setting a navigation for a future webpage (I focused this comic in the prism of multimedia fields, with the idea of comprehending better visual narratives so I could get to the point in which I could develop /an interactive/ comic (do you know ava’s demon?)). I created the simulation of a webpage to incorporate this navigation and interactivity I was talking about, I recorded it to show you!! https://youtu.be/xlDdbMw0yJU 

I realized so many things while drawing!!! I enjoy CHARACTERIZATION SO MUCH- this is nothing knew if you’ve following my art for a while orz but!!! There is something so special in learning to build characters with a specific purpose to give x impression to the reader, configure their body language AND the paneling according to the needs of them instead of the script, but also!!! I was very grumpy for a long time because my spatiality and abstraction are non-existent, so drawing backgrounds/depth/space are very difficult to grasp for me. BUT THEN I REALIZED I… don’t need it???? I don’t need to master backgrounds to situate the reader in scene!! Something like this is enough!!!!:

These are very lazy and poor backgrounds orz but they’re enough to set a background narrative -> they’re in the castle -> they’re walking through the castle -> they arrive at the dining hall. I fooled around with backgrounds for uni assignments this semester too and!!!!! I noticed I don’t want to draw super amazing backgrounds I want to paint atmospheres!!! I think- within the same page- the information of this panel: 

is more and better than the previous:

it sets a mood, the direction of lightning helps translating the motion of Allen’s pose, the details of the flowers and the architecture kind of pauses the lecture, sets a calm, intimate atmosphere helped by the palette…?  (//▽//)ゞWhich is like an intake of oxygen after the previous updates in which Kanda just sends them all to hell…!! 

So!! THIS COMIC FROM THE BEGINNING FELT LIKE!!! A HUGE EXCITING ADVENTURE!! o(≧∇≦o)  i can’t wait to see how my art will evolve the different things I will learn what else I will realize/explore how will I try to convey language through color, expression, bodies!! ACTION SCENES!!! I!! want to try drawing pretty!!! And delicate!!!!!! I want Allen to look kind, beautiful, play with his different types of smile, to give off this vibe of tenderness and innocence, BUT ALSO THE FIERCE DETERMINATION HE HAS IN BATTLE, in his own ideals, whereas I’d like to try Kanda looking feral, sharp, play with high/low angles for his panels (so in contrast with allen’s in which the perspective is simple and calm Kanda’s are somewhat visceral). BUT ALSO LEARN TO DRAW LENA, AND LAVI!! Their relationship will be developed between lines so the way they stand next to each other, look at each other, hand language, ALL OF THAT WILL BE SO INTERESTING TO WORK ON!!!!! I’M!!! SO EXCITED!!! orz where is christmas i need it now…

My healing came through obedience. I had to do what I had said, in that desperate moment, that I would do and do it unquestioning. When God instructed me to apologize to certain people, I did it. When He told me to bury myself in the Bible, to give up certain things of secular society, I did it. With every step I made, I grew more and more able to hear His “still, small voice” and to know what next was required of me.
—  Fearless
Day 12: The Booger Dog

“The Booger Dog” an Ozark folk tale from Vance Randolph’s “The Talking Turtle and Other Ozark Folk Tales”

“One time there was a fellow that believed in all kinds of signs and omens, so he couldn’t get no rest at all. Whenever he seen something out of the ordinary, he figured the Devil must be at the bottom of it, or maybe witches. You take a fellow that believes them things, and he is always worried about something or other. He spends half his time cooking up charms, and quoting verses of the Bible, and burying stuff at the crossroads, and making marks on the front door, and all such as that.

“Well, this fellow got to worrying about a big black dog that come around the house every day. Nobody in the neighborhood had a dog like that, and he thought there was something spooky about it. Finally he fixed up a big dose of strychnine, and put it in a piece of meat. The black dog gobbled up the bait, and then it had fits. When he seen the black dog lying there the fellow was sorry he done it, because maybe it was just a natural dog after all. But when he went out to milk the next morning, there was a big black dog a-frisking round just as lively as ever.

“What had really happened was that he put too much strychnine in the meat. Everybody knows that if you feed a wolf too much poison it makes him sick right away, so he will throw it up and get well. The neighbors tried to tell the fellow about this, but he didn’t take no stock in it. From that time on he figured the varmint was a booger dog, that couldn’t be killed with poison nohow.

“Next time the black dog come close to the house, the fellow give it both barrels of his shotgun. And while the dog laid there a-kicking, he run out with the chopping-axe and cut its head right off. ‘Maybe that will settle your hash,’ says he. And then the fellow went to bed, with the door barred and the latchstring pulled in. But away along in the night he heard something outside. The moon was shining bright, and there was the booger dog a-running around lively as ever, carrying its head in his mouth! When the neighbors heard that one the all just laughed like fools, and the fellow got so mad he wouldn’t talk about it no more.

“That same week he seen the booger dog with its head back on the same as ever, so the fellow got him a silver spoon and hammered out a big slug. He loaded up his gun, with the silver bullet instead of shot. When he pulled the trigger this time, the black dog fell over just like it done before. Then the fellow carried brush and poles, and built a great big fire out by the gate. When the fire got to going good he drug the dead dog out there, and throwed it in the fire. He just kept a-piling on wood till the carcass was burnt plumb to ashes. Then he went to bed, so scared he couldn’t get much sleep. But after two days went past without no sign of the booger dog, the fellow got to feeling pretty good again.

“About a week later some of the neighbor boys come over, and they wanted to know how he is getting along with the booger dog. The fellow told ‘em what happened, and they went and stirred around in the ashes a long time. When you burn up a common carcass there’s always a few black bones left, and some teeth. So when the boys couldn’t find nothing only wood ashes, they began to feel kind of spooky. They all knowed in reason that a natural dog couldn’t carry its head in its mouth, like the fellow said. But if the varmint was a genuine booger dog, it is something else again.

“There is lots going on in this world that people don’t know about, like them miracles in the Bible, so the boys figured the booger dog story might be true, after all. It ain’t no use to argue about things like that, anyhow.”