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So in the two alphas/abo aniobidala verse, is Obi-Wan pregnant? And if he is, how does that effect both the war effort, and also Padme and Anakin? Does Palpatine try something? Who caused the suppressant sabotage and why? I love this verse so much, thank you for writing it!

“While we can isolate the sabotage to the CSI, we can’t isolate the signal to a particular culprit among them. However this attack on our order and especially something as sensitive as an omegas heat, suppression and scent blockers has garnered the order a lot of sympathy.” Mace sighed, rubbing his hand over his scalp steadily. “

“So some good has come from this then.” Bail offered quietly in return, one of five Senator’s there to hear the joint Order and the Judaical investigations result.

“In a manner, though I could honestly have done without our order being attacked in such a way. There are…consequences.”

“Consequences?” Zar Fang leaned forward, a frown on his face.

“Several omegas has fallen pregnant and will need to be removed of the active field, we are severely limited because these are some of our best operatives being removed.” Adi leaned forward too, face weary. “Some are of course demanding to remain with their troopers but they will soon be showing evidence of their pregnancy. We can’t…in good conscience allow them to remain in active war zones.”

“Not to speak of their mates, alphas, betas or none-human.” Mace picked up the thread, pinching the bridge of his nose. “Most of them will be compelled to stay close to their mates in this delicate state, especially the latter as cross species pregnancy is difficult and fragile even without a war.” He breathed out.”

“I can see this is difficult. Both for the Order and the war effort.” Senator Riyo Churchi frowned at them in sympathy.

Depa and Mace traded looks before turning back to them. “We are at a loss for what to do. This pointed attack on our Order has left us vulnerable, we were hoping for a Senate support in this matter.”

“In what way?” Bail pressed his hands together, frowning in worry. He was a well known Jedi sympathizer and it would make sense he’d worry about the Order and their omegas.

The two Jedi traded looks again before Adi spoke up. “A truce, a temporary one, with the CSI. Anything honestly, we can’t continue forward with this many being removed from field. Pregnant omegas and their mates make up quite a section of the order and we will not send lonesome padawans to take over for the knights and masters. We will not send underage commanders.”

“Now listen here, we can’t just negotiate a tru-”

Whatever else was going to be said was shut up by Bail suddenly speaking up. “Is Master Kenobi pregnant?” He questioned, looking between them as the word negotiation struck a cord, one of their most profiled generals being pregnant would be a disaster for the war effort.

“…That would be sensitive and private information.” Mace settled on.

“Is the Negotiator himself pregnant?” Senator Burtoni leaned on her cane while staring at Mace Windu with narrowed eyes. “If so, that means that also the Hero with no fear would be removed from the field.”

Adi and Mace traded looks before the Korun breathed out and used his wrist comm. “Obi-Wan?”

“Mace, is there a problem?” Came the smooth accent of the Negotiator through the comm.

“Some, a question had arisen in subject to the pregnant omegas.” He let the words linger.

There was a short sigh on the other side of the comm. “Is there a holo projector? Or do I need to come to the meeting.”

“There is a holo projector.”

“Rig it and I’ll call.”

Mace grunted but got up to get it ready, Obi-Wan’s blue shape appearing after a few moments. He gave the room a small bow. “Senators.” He offered blandly, dressed in his tunic and robes but no armor.

“Master Kenobi. The subject of the omegas of the order being pregnant has brought your own state into question. Considering who your mates are…” The words hung in the air.

Obi-Wan sighed then he nodded. “Yes. I am one of the pregnant omegas. I’m still cleared for active field duty to my mates eternal discomfort but I’ve made them a deal that until its visible, I can remain at the battlefield as long as I don’t take to the frontlines.”

There were a flurry of muttered curses.

“This is not good.” Zar rubbed his face.

“Or it is.” Obi-Wan countered to everyone’s shock. He raised brows at them, face serene but a hard glint in his eyes. “I will always be loyal to the order and the Republic but this war has gone on to long and to far. Perhaps its time to find a peaceful solution, a diplomatic one. It may not be the best of reasons for it, an order full of pregnant people with protective mates. But we are running out of time and options, and we are all tired. Perhaps its time to negotiate.”

“Obi-Wan…” Mace growled.

“I am only speaking the truth Mace. We have enough Jedi who are not pregnant or in protective moods to negotiate and be guards. We do not have enough to go back to war, not now.” The other argued.

“…It will be brought under consideration.” Senator Churchi finally said. “We will of course bring the Order’s concern to the Senate and the result of the investigation.”

Obi-Wan bowed and ended the call.


In the privacy of Padme’s apartment, he sighed deeply and rubbed his forehead, making a low noise as strong arms wrapped around him and a smaller shape pressed against his back. “Are you alright Obi-Wan?” Padme questioned softly.

“Not really.” He turned in his mates arms and tucked his face into her neck, sliding his arms around her in return. “This is all kinds of messed up if I’m honest. Force, I never expected to be mated, much less pregnant and now I’m both.” He sighed.

“You got us though.” Padme ran her fingers through his hair, her nails scratching his scalp lightly. “You know we’ll help you.”

“I know. I worry. I’m sorry.” Obi-Wan pulled back enough to smile at her, his smile widening when she returned it.

“Well, look at it this way, down time could be used for those research projects of yours you never have time to.” She took his hand and giggled when Obi-Wan pressed a kiss to the back of it. “Or you can just continue to charm people. Now come along, I promised Anakin we’d meet him for lunch.”

“Of course, of course, just let me find my boots.”


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Day 20- Happy

The most important lesson Ahsoka learns from Padme is that battle armour is more than the weapons you carry.

rating: g

pairings: none

word count: 2026

(read on ao3

Now that we’re 20 fics in, I just wanted to thank everyone who’s liked and reblogged and commented on them! I wasn’t even sure that I would get this far, but it’s honestly been fun pushing myself to write so much every day. Comments and reblogs make this easier, so thank you. :)

“Senator Amidala,” Ahsoka said, breathless as she entered the office. “Sorry I’m late.”

Padme looked up with a warm smile. “It’s alright, Ahsoka. I’m not quite ready to go yet anyway.”

Ahsoka considered herself lucky that the Senator she’d been assigned to shadow for a day was Padme. She was quick to forgive and understanding of the fact that Ahsoka knew very little about politics. It would make the day go by much faster than if she’d been assigned to someone like Senator Burtoni or Orn Free Taa.

“Please hold still, milady,” her aide said, bending over Padme. She was applying a light red pigment to Padme’s lips and Ahsoka stepped forward, curious. She knew what makeup was, of course, but she’d never seen anyone put it on. It looked more complicated than she’d originally thought- there were several brushes laid out on Padme’s desk, and beside those were more colourful tubes and bottles.

Padme saw her looking. “Normally I do this at home,” she told her, “but today’s debate was moved ahead by an hour, so there wasn’t time.”

“I had no idea that there was so much of it,” Ahsoka commented, scanning the supplies on the desk. She recognized nail polish and lip pigment, but that was all. Did Padme do this every day?

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The Force gives is awesome! I know you do more Obi-Wan /Someone but perhaps we could have some more Mace/Ponds ? Was it easy for them or did Mace fought it until he couldn't?

Looking up from his text, Mace gave a heavy blink down at the commander sitting with the Korun’s feet in his lap, still lightly rubbing but also sporting a hazy sort of smile on his face. “…What?” He grunted out.

Humming a bit, Ponds shrugged, still sporting that hazy little smile. “Oh nothing, I was just thinking how gorgeous you look. That’s all.”

Huffing, Mace wiggled his toes. “I look fat you mean. I am fat. Honestly look at me.” He grunted in annoyance.

“I am looking at you.” Ponds laughed quietly before pushing up on his knees while settling his hands on Mace knees. “And I see a gorgeous man who I adore. Who’s utterly lovely and grumpy and just a touch huffy.” He rubbed the others knees lightly with his fingers.

Mace swallowed at that before shuffling forward and pulling the other close with a hand on his shoulder. “Kiss?” He questioned with a bit of uncertainty in his voice before relaxing when Ponds instantly relented and gave his omega a tender kiss, Mace warm hands cupping Ponds face with care and stroking his cheeks slowly.

Slowly the trooper sat back, smiling up at him while rubbing his feet lightly. “…Do you remember when we got together? How…angry you were?” He laughed. “How unused you were to anyone else being in control, taking care of you?” The trooper smiled tenderly before taking one dark hand and kissing it lightly. “You were so…fragile.” He whispered.

“Jedi are not fra-” Ponds sent him a look, eyebrow raised. “…It wasn’t fragility. None of us understood what it meant. Jedi have never… we’ve always stood apart from the whole alphas and omegas things.” Mace sighed. “And it almost killed us because it set us so apart from everyone else.” How Palpatine had used their none assignment against them had come to light but Mace would never forget the look on the senator’s faces when the council, all of them omegas, had sat down to talk with the senate representatives.


Struggling not to fidget, Mace crossed his arms over his chest as the alphas and betas of the Senate stared at them.

“…All of you?” Burtoni questioned, the Kamino looking between each and every Jedi master with raised incredulous brows.

Senator Amidala was taking deep breaths he noted, through her mouth with eyes wide and even Chancellor Palpatine looked like he’d been shoved of a meteor.

“Yes.” He grunted out. “We don’t know why. But every single Jedi member of the age of majority of their species have become omegas. We are no longer without a secondary gender.” He breathed out heavily.

There was a quiet snarl, one of the guards of the Senators and Mace felt Obi-Wan tense beside him as a distressed kind of scent filled the air.

Instantly Amidala and Organa were on their feet, growling back at the guard who shut up before they looked back to Obi-Wan.

The redhead smiled sheepishly. “Apologies, we…” He looked at the rest of his council members hesitantly and then returned his gaze to his friends, shrugging. “We don’t really know what we’re doing. I… guess we go on suppressors to continue the war efforts?” He questioned, even the Negotiator floundering in the face of everything new.


That had lead to a long discussion of omegas in war time, if Jedi were really able to continue forward, if it was wise and then on and forth.

Even more shocking then the troopers reactions to them were the public.

Sweet smelling, distressed Jedi omegas were different from the quiet and almost cold Jedi warriors the galaxy had gotten used to. Dead Jedi omegas laid out on battlefields were certainly NOT acceptable.

It had been such a huge turn around and while droids may not be able to smell an omega, the CIS certainly did and were more reluctant to fight against them.

And then the clones had started to bond with Jedi…

As far as Mace was aware, there were a few triple pairs and it wouldn’t surprise him if Captain Rex from 501st joined as a triple with Kenobi and his commander.

Though Mace was grateful that Yoda and Master Nu and other Jedi were too old to be doing this, the idea of those two waddling around pregnant…

Force above.


Bob, Toshiaki, and Nassor from “Frankenweenie” as Merboys.

Last year, I was going to draw Toshiaki and the gang as merboys - it was part of my plan to draw them in Burtony-Merfolks series. However, it was on hold for a year, due to art challenge and other ideas.

Note: This is NOT a request for someone else. I don’t take requests anymore. These pics are MY ideas based on my imagination. Just to let you know.

To be honest, I never care about Toshiaki and Nassor that much. I mean, I don’t get why both of them get fans so quickly since the release of the film, while Bob doesn’t. I don’t hate Toshiaki, but stealing someone else’ ideas and being competitive for winning was uncalled for. As for Nassor - I admit, his design was interested with Karloff-vibe. But for his personality - eh, not my fave (even in the Junior novelization, I could see why VIctor F never like Nassor). 

Bob, on the other hand, is a different story. I really like Bob because of his decent personality (and design), despite he was being a “follower” to Toshiaki. Sadly, he is the only character I like from rest of the three gang. 

Anyway, on with these pics…

1. Bob with Pufferfish tail - I thought it would be a good idea for Bob to have puffer fish tail because of his shape/design. ;) Originally it was going to be yellow or gray, but based on the puppet (from FW behind-the-scene pics), I chose blue because of his white/stripe. Here he’s looking for his own sea monkeys with his tiny telescope (you can tell that he was holding a packet). 

2. Toshiaki with Steller’s Sculpin fish tail - we all know that Toshiaki is Japanese. So I looked up to see other fish species in Japan’s Sea. Sure, I could’ve draw him with koi tail, but I wanted to see if there are any Japanese fish tail that fits for Toshi. Most People would think Japanese characters as koi merfolks. But for me, I used Steller’s Sculpin features as reference because it’s part of fish species in Japan’s Sea. So, it would work for Toshiaki because of his personality. ;-) 

(Also, the black seaweed was referenced from the original concept art of “The Little Mermaid” by Kay Nielsen - before Walt Disney shelved them)

3. Nassor with Crocodilefish tail - We all know that Nassor is part Egyptian, so I looked up to see fish species in Red Sea (which it is located by Egypt). Originally, he was going to have a Manta-Ray tails and fins since there are blue-spotted ray in Red Sea. However, I choose Crocodile fish because it works for Nassor - after all, he is like a predator in the movie.

(In this original Nassor-pic, there was a coral reef on top of the left coral boulder. However, I decided to cut it out from PS instead because it was a waste of time). 

PS: Will keep doing the Burton characters as merfolks series, especially in this Mermay. However, I can’t do ALL Burton characters in this merfolk series. So I have to choose any of them instead. It’s sad, but it’s my decision - you’ll live (as in get over with it). 


Week 3 to 4 (final week) for Inktober:

Day 24: Beetlejuice from my fave cartoon show. Cartoon-BJ has been my fave for a long time. ;)

Day 25: Scraps, with little Corpse kids, looking for something from “Corpse Bride.”

Day 27: Victor Frankenstein, walking with Sparky, from “Frankenweenie.” Similar from the fanart that I saw on this site. 

Day 29: Miss Spider from Selick’s “James and the Giant Peach,” which Tim Burton produced (after TNBC, and before 9). I always love this character; her design was very Burtony-influence, while her personality was very motherly to James with her French accent. Btw, she was voiced by Susan Sarandon. ;)

Day 31: Jack, Sally, and Zero, with their Pumpkins. Well, it’s Halloween, I just want to draw them. ;)

Happy Halloween. Hope you had a good time. ^^