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Halloween Edition of Shit The Fake AH Crew Says

“No Mica, you cannot dress up in your Halloween costume for this robbery!” “But it’s on Halloween Geoff!” “Ugh… Fine. But only if you can convince Jack to wear one too.”

“Check this out Lindsay! Bombs inside of pumpkins! Gavin was bugging me about being more festive so I decided to have some fun with it!”

“Trick or Treat motherfuckers, it’s the Fake AH Crew and this is a robbery. Now make like ghosts and get the fuck out of my sight.”

“Why did you bring a pumpkin to a robbery Michael?” “I’m in the spirit of Halloween, Ryan!”

“Why did everyone get the costume memo but me?” “You’re creepy enough as it is Ryan.” “Fair enough.”

“I go into the vault for 5 minutes and now the entire bank lobby is covered with pumpkins, what have you two been doing out here Gavin?” “Michael and I thought that we could leave a message and get everyone into the Halloween spirit.” “Yeah, Gav and I are gonna turn ‘em into ghosts.”

In the grand spirit of my favorite holiday, Halloween, I decided to bring this back. Shoutout to @badgersinbowties for the inspiration and @youmakemesoangry for also writing more of this and reminding me of this thing. 

Happy Halloween!

So it’s dicks all in the morning and I haven’t slept yet but that’s beside the point cause mad monarchs.

I can’t decide if it would be cooler to have them ruling together and in a constant battle to be more feared among their subjects or to have them ruling seperate kingdoms and still low key competing to be most feared.

But picture it: Mica and Ryan’s words are law. They take their crowns and the kingdom(s?) rejoice. They start out fair and just, rulers any kingdom would be content with. But then something goes wrong. No one really know where it starts but suddenly both royals are acting weird. It starts small with tax increases and property being seized. Then before long Mica is calling for executions that are being held weekly then daily for people, nobles and peasants alike, who disagree with how she’s running things. Ryan is rounding up all the cows in his domain with only the royal seal as reason. People begin whispering about experiments he’s doing on them. They go from sane and civil to bathing their crowns in the blood they steadily soak their land in.

And when it comes time for them to step down? Of course they don’t. The throne is their’s by right. They took it, held is secure. They deserve it. It’s there they stay till the blood and rumors and horror gets to be too much. When they are finally removed from the throne none of their subjects hesitate to repay them for the blood spilt. But don’t let it be said they did not teach their subjects anything during their reign. Two important lessons stuck:
1. Madness in a ruler should be treated as the disease it is and the only way to fix it is to put the victim down early
2. If you’re gonna kill a pair of mad rulers you should probably double check that they are, in fact, dead

fake ah crew gta au aesthetics/inspo for a dumb fanfic [7/?] >> the nomads

“Got something you wanted done? Need extra bodies for a crew heist? Call in a nomad, and they’ve got you covered. Matt, Lindsay, Kerry, Jeremy and Mica were all nomads for hire. They didn’t belong to any one single crew, and they liked it that way. No real big commitments, but a ton of cash flow. They were helpful to any crew that paid well enough, and Geoff of the Fake AH Crew always paid well enough. Michael was grateful to him, honestly. Because if it weren’t for his boss paying so well, he never would have met his wife Lindsay who kept on coming back for the heists (and partly for the big crush she developed on him).”

Mica- Fake AH Crew Drabble

I posted a little drabble last night of Mica in the fake ah crew and everyone + badgersinbowties seemed to like it so here’s some more. Featuring Mica being terrifying and cute and Ryan being a phenomenal bastard.

“I swear to god if you don’t get me a bigger shipment by next week I will personally shove a shotgun up your ass and pull the trigger. Closed casket funeral because your intestines will be coming out of your nose. Get it done.”

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