burton crew

the thing is mica knows how the city works. everybody’s got a dark side. no elected official ever got anywhere without some underhanded schemes. hell, her dad did some crazy things trying to get elected as mayor. you do what you have to in order to get by in los santos. law and order is a myth. all cops are dirty. all politicians are corrupt. nobody’s ever innocent. everybody knows that, and everybody knows everything has a price, especially knowledge.

and mica? mica’s the librarian. she knows everything that goes on in los santos. she knows which police departments just underwent budget cuts. she knows exactly what’s being built when and where. she knows how to get the floor plans for every building in the entire city. she knows what to do to cut the power to the entire city. she knows where to go to get to the city water supply.

and if mica somehow gets her hands on a few new pairs of louboutins and jimmy choos at around the same time the city water supply is dyed neon green with food coloring, it’s merely a coincidence. if mica gets her hands on a bright pink zentorno at the same time the fahc blow up a new police station being built, it’s really just a coincidence.


FAHC: All my Friends Are Heathens

Lyrics from Heathens by Twenty One Pilots

Geoff hadn’t recruited these people for their personalities but for their skills. That didn’t mean he didn’t love them though, each one different but the same, crying out for a place in a city that just wouldn’t give out, so he opened his arms to eight people, eight people that became his family.