burton bindings

“The industry is starting to do a better job of recognizing us [women] and selling women’s specific products instead of just shrinking them and making them pink.”

-Kimmy Fasani on the progression of women’s gear (TWSnow,Oct/14)


Fresh Things Friday: Omar Dean 

1)I touch/Music-

It’s your ears and minds comfort to clarity, release, and sanity.

2) Quotes-

I’m a BIG advocate of quotes. A relative quote gives you a strong feeling when it has a connection with whatever is going on in that present time. It’s like shinning a light on a dark place in some instances or it’s just simple enough to make you keep pushing harder with whatever you are dealing with in life.

3)Aaron Biittner & Park City-

Last winter I had the opportunity to hop on a flight and shred for 16 days! The first week was in Tahoe, and the second week of the trip I rode Park city and Snowbird, Utah. Towards the last few days of the trip I was there I was able to link up with my buddy Aaron Biittner. Amongst Riding with him, and his roomy Mark Deadlung, we took hot laps with the likes of Zak hale, Scotty Arnold, Jack Mitrani, Shaun White, Harrison Gordon, and a few others heavy hitters. Needless to say this was a solid crew. You have to take in consideration all these guys are awesome pro-level snowboarders and chill dudes. Everyone charged down the mountain finding different hits between trees, logs, transitions, and side hits; it was the most amazing, no pressure vibe riding with these guys. It was one of the most influential weeks in my entire time snowboarding because everyone threw down got hyped off of each other!

4Burton Malavita Bindings-

I rode Burton bindings back in the day for a number of years, then explored my options to see what else was out there. After almost a decade of not riding Burton bindings I have been back on them for the last 2 seasons and loving it! The Foot beds on these bad boys are amazing. Whether you are taking park laps or sending it on Back country booters, these guys are LEGIT! Not to mention they have one of the most comfy toe straps in the game!

5)Gopro HD HERO 2

I’ve been a big fan of this camera over the years and every year they get better and better. Whether its shredding with the homies, or going on a trip to overseas, the compact size is good for ANYWHERE. I find myself taking it with me more than my point and shoot or DSLR. Don’t be fooled by the size, It records just as good as a point and shoots if not BETTER! It doesn’t matter what you do, or how you do it. With a Go Pro it will capture all the great moments you come across in life.

I took a hiatus or more so lost touch from snowboarding for a number of years. About 4 years ago I had some opportunities come up to go snowboarding with my Girlfriend’s brother. I found some old gear and made It out to the hill (Hyland) on a rental set up. Long story short I was hooked again. So, when I was shopping for all new gear a month or so later, I came across Joe’s Boardshop. This young blonde hair kid that was super laid back approached me and asked me if I needed help. Amongst the million Q & A session I gave this kid he was able to bring me up to speed on the new industry standards let alone answer everything (probably annoying) I wanted to know. So without further a do, this kid is Jerome Kuntz. From Unique shots, to favorable street cred, Jerome’s chill approach on life, and passion for the sport is enough to get anyone HYPED!

For those of you reading, thanks for taking the time out of your day to read this, and an even bigger thanks to Jerome for featuring me on this FRESH FRIDAY!