It honestly makes me so happy that Disney does justice with Jack and Sally’s relationship. They love each other so much I just can’t-

“Are you okay?”

What I say: “I’m fine.”

What I mean: “When Jack Skellington was looking for Santa Claus at the end of the movie, he seemed pretty determined and collected, but as soon as he heard Sally scream, he visibly went into full-on rage mode. He was pissed but  kept a calm tone and showed no fear to whatever was coming his way. There was clear spite in his look and I’m pretty sure he would’ve let Oogie get shot by those robots he was dancing on if he hadn’t have pressed those buttons in time. He showed no hesitation when it came to pulling that string off of Oogie, and when he said, “How dare you treat my friends so shamefully!”, he actually was fully referring to Sally because he really had no background with Santa at all. Which means that Jack Skellington was willing to kill Oogie Boogie, not because he had Santa, but because he was planning on harming Sally. Jack showed no sympathy or sadness as to when Oogie died, even though Sally was clearly shocked. If he did all this while the two of them were still friends in the movie, then I can only come to the conclusion that Jack would legitimately kill anyone who has the audacity to try and hurt Sally.”


So, since Virgil has Nightmare Before Christmas posters up in his room, he’s a fan of Disney, and his whole general personality/aesthetic, I assumed he would probably like everything Tim Burton?

Therefore, I drew him in a Tim Burton-esk style. I had just watched some movies on my own, and I couldn’t help but draw Virgil in that style. 

First is colored, because I love colors, second is in the black an white more like Burton’s own drawings.

@thatsthat24 I reeeeeeeeeeally hope you see this and I reeeally hope you like it if you do !!

  • Sally: Jack! You took over the Haunted Mansion??? We talked about this!
  • Jack: To be fair, Sally, I was left unsupervised.