[ High Cascade Session 6 | Summer 2015 ]

Riders: Ben Strause, Ted Boreland, Jesse Gouveia, Lucio Doglioni Majer, Brandon Reis, Miles Fallon, Christian Sparks, Max Warbington, Jesse Burtner, Peter Limberg, Dusty Miller, Kai Ujejski, Matt Larson, Andy Glader, Cooper Whittier, Jack Harris, Sam Klein, Ryan Paul, Shaun Murphy, Scott Stevens, Jeffy Gabrick. 

Song: “I Fell Down” by Tangerine

Filmed by: Tyler Orton, Beef, Sean Lucey, Mia Lambson, Devin Bernard, RJ McNichols
Edited by: Tyler Orton

Exciting Project in North Texas | Becoming Human

Exciting Project in North Texas | Becoming Human

By EMILYTWIST1 Collin County, Texas may soon be home to the largest food forest in the country. As the board considers future plans for the park, Kallas proposed establishing an edible forest garden on an undeveloped 60-acre section. “This land is sitting fallow and not being utilized,” he said. Kallas asked Nicholas Burtner, director of the Plano-based School of Permacul Source: Exciting Project…

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