burt macklin

sometimes a family is one blonde overzealous government-and-waffle-lover, a small indian man with terrible investments, a mustached father figure with a passion for meat, a goth animal lover, a goofy guitarist with an fbi-sona, a fashionable black woman, an ethnically ambiguous nurse, an overly healthy city manager, a sarcastic geek whos Tired of Ur Shit, a very angry gay guy, the one that everyone forgets, and jerry


Went to see Chris Pratt get his star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. ⭐️🎬 

He and Anna Faris were funny, charming, sweet, cute, supportive, grateful, and awesome! I love their relationship! 💑 

Chris waved, winked, blew kisses as well as said hi and bye to us. So much love for this guy! 👋😉😘👍😻 
Wonderful recognition that is well deserved!
Congrats Chris ! 👏🙏🙌👍💕