burt's corner

The first time that Kurt and Blaine said “I love you” in front of Burt uwu

“Okay, explain it to me again.”

Kurt rolls his eyes, tipping his head back onto the couch, as Blaine bites his lip to stifle his laughter. Pinching his nose, Kurt touches his cheek to Blaine’s arm—wrapped snugly around Kurt’s shoulders—and exhales, “Barty Crouch Jr. is the bad guy, Dad. He was pretending to be Mad Eye Moody using Polyjuice potion.”

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Bill Evans original proof-sheet by Burt Goldblatt 

Great pic of Bill in the bottom right corner! 

Burt Goldblatt (1924-2006) was a photographer and prolific jazz LP cover designer in the 1950s and 1960s, best known for his Jolly Roger and Bethlehem covers. Bud Powell named a tune for Goldblatt, and Chris Connor scatted lyrics in his honor. He designed the front covers of Bill Evans albums like “Peace Piece And Other Pieces”, “The Secret Sessions” and “The Complete Riverside Recordings

Early Surprises

Summary: He knew that being pregnant was supposed to be the best time of his life, he had just hoped that he didn’t have to do it alone.

Blaine is pregnant and Kurts in the army. Kurt is due back soon and The Hudmels are there when Blaine goes into labour and he’s scared screaming for Kurt.. Maybe Kurt gets to the hospital just in time?

Warnings: MPreg 

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