burt hummel deserves all the mugs

Fic: Safe

Title: Safe

Characters: Kurt Hummel, Burt Hummel, Blaine Anderson

Rating: PG-13

Warnings/Spoilers: Spoilers up to Glee 5x08  “Previously Unaired Christmas."  Fic deals with some of the potential fallout from Kurt having been left half-naked and tied up while his apartment was ransacked – police reports, anxiety/nervousness, etc.  Also mentions Burt’s cancer and the loss of Kurt’s mother.  (It’s actually not as grimdark as it seems, but.  Kurt Hummel doesn’t have an easy life.)

Summary:  Kurt shouldn’t feel like Blaine is the security blanket he’s been longing for.  But he does.

Author’s Notes:  So.  "Previously Unaired Christmas."  I realize that the basic concept is that, because it didn’t air, it didn’t happen – "Glee Actually” happened instead.  But it felt to me like there was a place to make the two connect.

And frankly, I needed to give Kurt some kind of comfort after that episode.  So I wrote this.

All he’s wanted for the last week is to feel safe and now he does and he just wants to break.

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