The Storm (edited)

Kurt and Blaine are at Kurt’s house when a thunderstorm hits.  The storm doesn’t let up though.  It gets worse.  Soon, Kurt and Blaine find themselves in the basement of the house, hoping their house doesn’t get hit.

1648 words.  Rated: PG

A/N: in light of the storms that have been hitting the southeast US the past couple of days, I thought this was a fitting story to edit and re-post.  

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It began as a typical afternoon at the Hudson-Hummel house.  As usual, Blaine was over at after school to spend time with his boyfriend without fear of judgment and to work on homework with him.  The two teenagers were making their way through some biology homework when the sky suddenly turned dark.  Since this time of year was usually full of thunderstorms, neither Kurt nor Blaine thought anything of it.  While looking for the answer for some question about cell division, the boys were startled by a sudden, loud clap of thunder.

“Was it supposed to storm today?” Blaine asked, looking towards the window.

“No, but I guess it’s going to,” Kurt responded nonchalantly.  “Have you figured out the answer to number 4 yet?”

“I think so,” Blaine answered, flipping through his textbook to where the answer was.  “Look at the second paragraph on page 53 and see if that makes any sense.”

They continued doing their homework, feet linked as the storm grew worse.  Thunderstorms at this particular time of year were always unpleasant, usually even severe.  The boys knew what to do if anything bad should happen, but being home by themselves was just a little unnerving.  They were both hopeful that it was just a small storm that would quickly pass over them and be over.  

Then the power went off.

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Though not purely "Klaine gets caught having sex," this little beauty makes me cry with laughter. Also features awesome Burt! A Bad Place to Get Stuck by fhartz on AO3: archiveofourown*org/works/3934303

LMAO yeah, this one shot is hilarious!!

A Bad Place To Get Stuck by @lady–divine

Kurt and Blaine are fooling around in the back seat of his Navigator when Kurt’s father spots them. On his way to confront the boys about being out after curfew, Kurt rushes to get dress, and finds himself and Blaine stuck in an awkward - and painful - position. (Set some time after The First Time)

Thanksgiving In New York

Kurt and Blaine and their 5-month-old daughter, Elizabeth, host their family’s Thanksgiving dinner for the first time in New York City.

1078 words.  Rated: G

The week of Thanksgiving was a busy one for the Anderson-Hummels.  They were busy balancing life along with being parents of a five month old who had just started teething as well as preparing to host Thanksgiving for their families for the first time.  Since Elizabeth had started teething, Kurt and Blaine were both hesitant to take her on a flight to Ohio and decided that they would just have their families come to New York instead.  

Bright and early on Wednesday morning, the young family met Burt, Carole, Pam, and Cooper at the airport.  They greeted them with warm hugs from Kurt and Blaine and baby giggles from Elizabeth.  They took everyone back to their home on the Upper West Side and caught up with their family as they had not seen them in a while.

“So,” Carole said, “how is everything going on over here?  You boys always tell me it’s fine when you’re on the phone, but we can all see that you two are a little tired.”

Blaine sighed.  “It’s nothing we can’t handle.  Elizabeth just started teething, and it’s been keeping her up all night.  So we’re up all night.”

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