Thanksgiving In New York

Kurt and Blaine and their 5-month-old daughter, Elizabeth, host their family’s Thanksgiving dinner for the first time in New York City.

1078 words.  Rated: G

The week of Thanksgiving was a busy one for the Anderson-Hummels.  They were busy balancing life along with being parents of a five month old who had just started teething as well as preparing to host Thanksgiving for their families for the first time.  Since Elizabeth had started teething, Kurt and Blaine were both hesitant to take her on a flight to Ohio and decided that they would just have their families come to New York instead.  

Bright and early on Wednesday morning, the young family met Burt, Carole, Pam, and Cooper at the airport.  They greeted them with warm hugs from Kurt and Blaine and baby giggles from Elizabeth.  They took everyone back to their home on the Upper West Side and caught up with their family as they had not seen them in a while.

“So,” Carole said, “how is everything going on over here?  You boys always tell me it’s fine when you’re on the phone, but we can all see that you two are a little tired.”

Blaine sighed.  “It’s nothing we can’t handle.  Elizabeth just started teething, and it’s been keeping her up all night.  So we’re up all night.”

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Blaine’s First Friday Night Dinner (Edited Version)

After Kurt and Blaine get together, Burt has Kurt invite Blaine over for dinner on Friday night.  

Sequel to Officially Boyfriends (edited).

1627 words.  Rated: G

This is the edited version of a previous story that can be read here.

Blaine was a nervous wreck.  He sat in his car in the Hummel’s driveway for five minutes before finally gathering the courage to get out of his car.  It wasn’t the first time at Kurt’s house, but it was the first time he was there as Kurt’s boyfriend.  This was suddenly different that going to hang out with Kurt.  This was officially meeting his boyfriend’s father, and Blaine wanted nothing more than to make a good impression on Burt Hummel.  The past few times he had faced Burt, the circumstances weren’t the best.  The first time he met Burt, he was passed out in Kurt’s bed hungover after Rachel’s party.  It didn’t help matters that after that meeting, Blaine had spent the week questioning his own sexuality.  Then the second time he met Burt, it had been last week in Burt’s tire shop.  Blaine had been genuinely concerned about Kurt’s sexual knowledge after the failed sexy attempt and an anxious outburst, and he knew that Kurt had a good relationship with his father.  Blaine showed up at the shop to suggest to Burt to give Kurt the sex talk.  He didn’t have any ulterior motive, but Blaine couldn’t be sure that Burt didn’t think that.

Blaine gathered up his courage to get out of the car and walk to the front door.  He rung the doorbell and waited practically shaking.  He could hear Kurt talking from the other side of the door, “Let me answer it, Dad!  You’ll scare him.  Dad, you don’t own a shotgun, don’t even bother threatening that.”  Blaine chuckled and began to relax.  With that piece of information stored in Blaine’s brain, Burt seemed less intimidating.  

Just then, the door swung open and Kurt was standing in the doorway with a huge smile on his face.  “You did hear me, right?” Kurt whispered as he hugged his boyfriend.  “I tried to say it loud enough so that you could hear me.  He doesn’t actually own a shotgun, so don’t worry.”  

“Quit hugging in the doorway and let him in the house, Kurt!” Burt said.  “You insisted on opening the door, let him in.”

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