burt feels

Title: Flirtatious

Fandom: The Mortal Instruments

Word Count: 1,895

Rating: Teen +

Gender: Reader wears dress

Warnings: Swearing, unwanted sexual advance, implied smut at the end


Request: Can you do a Jace/reader where the reader likes Jace but doesn’t think he likes her back (he does) and they flirt all the time and are inseparable. Jace asks reader to train but they are going on a date with a mundane they met and Jace gets jealous. They confess they like each other and fluffy stuff happens. Cheers

A/N: Takes place after Max… I am still reading the last book, but this does not follow the books.

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Ficlet: Popular Mechanics For Kids (G)

An anon prompted: Burt spending some quality time with his granddaughter. So here you are, anon. It took me a while, but I only got back from vacation last night. :) 1600 words. 


“I can look after her just fine,” Burt says, gently swinging his eight month old granddaughter back and forth in his arms. She gives him a drooly smile, a fist in her mouth and the other clasped firmly around the fabric of his flannel shirt. “I swear you forget I raised you, kiddo. And this one is a picnic in comparison.”

“Haha. Thanks a lot, Dad.” Kurt pretends to look put out when Blaine laughs and tickles their daughter’s tummy.

“You are an angel. Yes you are!” Blaine tells her and she squeaks a laugh.  

Burt pulls her away jokingly and winks at Blaine when he sticks his lip out in a pout. “I got her, you guys. You go and celebrate your anniversary visiting your old date spots and misspent youth or whatever you got cooked up. Me and Finn are gonna have the time of our lives here without you. We’re gonna watch some football, maybe a little Die Hard. All that fun stuff.”

“Are you sure, Dad? We can postpone until Carole has the night off. It’s only one day late; it’s not a big deal.”

Burt snorts. By the look of Blaine’s big, hurt eyes it sure is a big deal to him. “But our anniversary is today,” he says under his breath. Kurt rolls his eyes and looks back at Burt.

“Me and my grandbaby are gonna be fine. I got this.”

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because of all of the talk about klaine and disney princes, i just had to do this uwu it’s probably not very good, but meh

summary: kurt has always said that he’s going to marry a prince

When Kurt is five, Elizabeth introduces him to the Disney musicals such as Cinderella, Sleeping Beauty and Beauty and the Beast. He sits in front of the TV, eyes glued to the screen and video case clutched in his hands tightly, almost fiercely. When the characters start singing, he always hums along, smiling.

Sometimes Elizabeth watches with him, and Kurt rambles about how pretty Belle is, or how Beast shouldn’t be mean to her, or points out that Prince Charming spotted Cinderella from across the room.

For the last one, Kurt always looks back at the screen with a sort of awed expression on his face, eyes wide like saucers and a small smile on his face.

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birthday boys (/^o^/)

We Should Be Woo'd

6x09 reaction fic
Klaine; 3600 words, A03.

Sam turns to Blaine for advice on how to help Spencer woo Alistair, but Blaine and Kurt are a little busy…

For the first two days of their honeymoon, they don’t even check their email. Their phones are turned off, tucked away in Blaine’s messenger bag. They left the landline number of the cottage with their parents for emergencies, and they spend their time blessedly wrapped up in each other, fulfilling Burt Hummel’s prediction that married life involves lots of sex.

On the third day Blaine turns on his phone to field a call from the music teacher at Dalton that is covering for him with the Warblers. Dalton was good enough to give him a week off without notice, so he doesn’t mind spending an hour talking his replacement through the boys’ practice needs and brainstorming ways to accommodate the fact that their best gymnast sprained his ankle jumping off an end table.

And if he takes the call dressed in only his boxers, the phone on speaker while he gets a fire going in the cozy sitting room of their beachside cottage, no one has to know.

Just as he finishes the call, he gets a text.

From Sam:
I need some flirting tips.

Kurt is still in the shower, so Blaine figures he has a few minutes to catch up with Sam. With all the wedding craziness and the aftermath, it’s been a while since they’ve talked.

From Blaine:

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Fic: In The Middle Of The Night

For the Klaine Advent Challenge Day 13: Midnight

He wakes up in the dark and the first thing he notices is that he’s not in his room, this is not his bed, the space all around him just feels … wrong, too big, there are noises too close and unfamiliar, and he lies very, very still, and feels very, very scared.

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anonymous asked:

Ok, so Kleptoptocat prompt... Hmmm. Something like Kurt having been home in Ohio for a couple of days and Blaine feeting and looking after Griddy.. And she misses Kurt so she steals lots of his underwear for her nest or something, and Blaine finds it funny and like "pay back time haha!" but then when Kurt comes home he brings Burt or something along, who is just really confused about the underwearpile + thongs.. (lol, sorry, I lost control somewhere in the process og writig this promt)

I don’t know if this is what you had in mind, nonnie, but i hope you’ll like it ;)


Blaine looks away from his laptop and down to the floor.

Where Griddy is lying on the floor pitifully, her paws scratching Blaine’s socks.

“I know, princess,” he says, reaching down to pet her–and he does not preen when she leans into his touch–, “I miss him too.”

Kurt has been away for three days, and they are both miserable, but together.

Misery, company, etc., etc.


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Yellow Diamonds in the Light - Chapter 1/7

Klaine, 4425 words this chapter, A03
Dystopian future AU.

Title is from Rhianna’s We Found Love (In A Hopeless Place)

Summary:  When political extremists come to power, racism, homophobia, and hatred become accepted as part of day to day life.  This is the climate that Blaine and Kurt are forced to grow up in.  A dystopian future AU.

Note:  This is an imagined world, hopefully never to be reality in the United States.  Unfortunately, with what some politicians are spouting these days, it doesn’t seem as impossible as it should.

Tw for minor character death (not Kurt or Blaine), violence, racism, homophobia, hate, extremist right-wing politics, xenophobia.  The story has a darker tone than most I have written, but it does get lighter along the way.  I’ll be posting 2x week.

Chapter 1

The world Blaine grows up in is much different than the one his parents expected it to be.  The political atmosphere has become stifling.  Rigid, extremist views permeate every aspect of life.  Some say it began with President Trump, who completed his second term years ago and then managed to get his right hand man into power after him.  Others trace the beginning even further back, to the anti-immigrant movement which surged before Trump came into office, and the terrorist attacks which spread fear and hate among the populace.  

None can doubt that the intensity of right-wing dominance reached a climax with what many now call the culling.  It was a disease that took root in the immigrant internment camps, and quickly spread throughout the country, a virulent strain of deadly flu that had never been seen before.  As soon as one vaccine would be developed it mutated, swiftly taking lives of the young and old and everyone in between.  Immigrants were blamed for being the source of the illness, or even using it as a bioweapon to harm Citizens.  

The Trumpeters claim it is a sign of your character whether you live or die after catching the disease, while others credit God’s grace with sparing those who are suitably pious.  If it preys on the poor more than on the rich, like so many other diseases, well, that is justified in the eyes of many who have been brainwashed for years in a political climate of hate and fear.

Blaine is six years old and doesn’t know the details of what is going on around him, just that his parents are often worried, and he rarely leaves their house anymore.  Many families have been homeschooling their children to decrease the likelihood of catching the disease from others, but Blaine’s parents continue to keep him home even after the worst of the epidemic dies down.  He hears his parents arguing at night about whether his mother should try to get her job back – she had been a guidance counselor in an elementary school – or whether there was no point to it given the new heritage requirements, which, according to his father, seem to be changing every day.  

Blaine misses going to school, and wishes things would go back to normal.  He would even join the junior citizenship club his parents seemed so upset about.  The kids in that club have cool uniforms – he saw them parading around town when his mother took him to the dentist.  But when Blaine tries to talk about it with his parents, his mother’s dark eyes fill with tears, and his father just shakes his head, claiming Blaine doesn’t understand.  He wishes someone would explain.  He’s not a baby boy anymore.

The day after his seventh birthday, his parents sit him down and tell him more about his family than he ever knew before.  His mother explains that she wasn’t born in this country, and although she is a citizen now, the changing laws are treating her as if she has fewer rights than people whose parents and grandparents were born here.  His father tells him about relatives who live in other parts of the country, and sketches out a chart showing where some of them were born.  Over the next few weeks, they keep coming back to the topic, and Blaine begins to understand that the people who are upset at his mom don’t like people like him much, either.  

Time goes by, and nothing much changes.  Blaine stays home, and his mom does, too.  One night Blaine’s brother Cooper comes home filled with uncharacteristic anxiety.  Blaine is told to go to his room, but he tries to listen through the door, Cooper’s voice high and nervous as he talks to his parents.   Cooper had been supposed to leave for college this year, but their parents had convinced him to wait, concerned about his safety.  Now he’s saying something about a shooting, a mob scene, that they’re in danger.  That they have to leave.

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Welcome to my 1k Celebration!

I would like to take this opportunity to thank all of you wonderful individuals for following my blog. It means so much to me when I see you reblog or like my posts. Though there is no way I could ever repay you for what you’ve done for me, I would like to give back to you with this 1k celebration.

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