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I'm having an adverb-related breakdown at the moment so I thought I'd ask a writing blog: why do all these writing advice posts act like adverbs are the worst thing in the world absolutely ever and you should never ever ever use them ever? Why were they even invented if they shouldn't be used? [cont]

[cont] I write for the love of words, I write because I love to use words, and being told that I shouldn’t use adverbs and should use as few adjectives as possible seems weird. Being told not to use words when writing just seems completely counter-intuitive to the entire process of creating something out of, you know, **words**.

What these people fail to understand is that styles of writing are as unique as the writers themselves.  

I never cease to impressed by how diverse writing styles can be:  their words can be a sunset of bright, colorful language, cool and contemplative as a forest in winter, floral and bursting with life, rich as chocolate cake, sleek as a razor blade.   

People who offer such cut and dry advice about writing (“No adverbs!!!!!”  “Don’t use “said!!!!!”  “Don’t describe eye-color!!!!!”  “NEVER have your characters smirk or chuckle!!!!!”  “Happy endings are boring!!!!”) forget what makes writing such a vibrant means of self-expression to begin with.

In short, don’t become a good author by their standards.  Become a good author by yours, and you will find your audience.

I hope this helps, and happy writing!  <3

Around us, life bursts with miracles–a glass of water, a ray of sunshine, a leaf, a caterpillar, a flower, laughter, raindrops. If you live in awareness, it is easy to see miracles everywhere. Each human being is a multiplicity of miracles. Eyes that see thousands of colors, shapes, and forms; ears that hear a bee flying or a thunderclap; a brain that ponders a speck of dust as easily as the entire cosmos; a heart that beats in rhythm with the heartbeat of all beings. When we are tired and feel discouraged by life’s daily struggles, we may not notice these miracles, but they are always there.
—  Thich Nhat Hanh

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Hi!! Do you have any "five times" fic recs? I see them sprinkled everywhere but I would LOVE to see them all in one place, because they're my favorite!! Thank you so much

What a great request! I absolutely adore these fics! Thank you!

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Five Times (5+1) Fics

Five Times Viktor Got Jealous (and the one time Yuuri noticed) by braveten, Teen, 10k
Before now, Viktor hadn’t realized that he was the jealous type. What an interesting revelation. Must read!

Five Times Phichit Takes Embarrassing Photos of Yuuri by cutthroatpixie, Gen, 4.9k
A series of short stories telling the story behind embarrassing pictures of Yuuri. Definitely recommend!

5 Hidden Talents of Yuuri Katsuki (And one not so hidden) by Fangirlshrewt97, Gen, 16k
There are only a few days to the Victuuri wedding so all the skaters have joined our favorite couple at Hatsetsu in the days leading up to it. During their stay, they all learn some new things about the Japanese skater that they had previously not known. OMG LOVE!

Ten Days of Perfect Tunes, the Colors Red and Blue by ken_ichijouji (dommific), Explicit, 7.9k
The five times Victor tried to deepen his relationship with Yuuri, getting blocked in the process, and the one time it finally went the way it should. Great fic!

Unworthy by heartsdesire456, Teen, 6.5k
5 Times Victor Overheard People Saying Yuuri Wasn’t Good Enough For Him and 1 Time Someone Told Him Yuuri Was Too Good For Him. Cute!

Five Times Viktor and Yuuri Were Jealous of Makkachin (and the one time they weren’t) by braveten, Teen, 6.4k
Viktor and Yuuri are jealous of Makkachin on multiple occasions, but the adorable brown poodle might be the only way to get them to realize their love for one another.

Going Down in History by ivelostallcontrolofmylife, Mature, 6.4k
Viktor Nikiforov has absolutely no self control and a penchant for bad pickup lines. AKA Five Times Viktor Shamelessly Flirted With and Embarrassed Yuuri in Public, and the One Time He Got His Ass Absolutely Owned. OMG HAHA I LOVE THIS!

5 Times Yuuri Tried to Kiss Victor + 1 Time he Did by kireiflora, Gen, 7.2k
Yuuri has always wanted to kiss Victor, and he has, many times since he burst into his life, but there are five attempts that stick out most. And the most important one that actually happened. SO FRICKIN’ CUTE OMG

Oh My Lord, I’ve Been Blessed by Herperlo_D, Teen, 2.5k
Five times Viktor was struck dead by Yuuri’s killer thighs and the one time he did something about it. Thick thighs save lives, especially Victor’s!!

5 Annoying Things About Being Married To Victor by heartsdesire456, Teen, 5.9k
+1 thing that never gets old, no matter how much annoying stuff Yuuri has to put up with. Do you ever just want to cry because a fic is so perfect?? This is one of those fics

Exceeding Expectations by asocialfauxpas (fuzzytomato), Explicit, 8.3k
5 times Yuuri and Viktor failed at sex and one time they didn’t. Thumbs up!

Five Times Yuuri Katsuki Freaked Out About Living with Viktor Nikiforov (and the One Time It Was Viktor’s Turn) by Ame (Ulan), Teen, 7k
Viktor could not help his wide smile. Life with Yuuri in Saint Petersburg was off to a great start. He was happy; he was excited. He had never felt anything more wonderful and overwhelming and amazing in his life. Which probably meant that Yuuri was off somewhere, feeling the same, and freaking out. LOOOOOOVE!

The Bedroom of a Skater by PippinSqueaks, Gen, 2.3k
5 times Victor snuck into Yuuri’s bedroom and the one time he didn’t have to. So fluffy!

Your Love Is More Than Worth Its Weight In Gold by youaresunlight, Mature, 3.5k
Five times Victor and Yuri kiss after the Grand Prix Final, and one time it leads to more. Definitely recommend!

A Message to Your Heart by cutthroatpixie, Gen, 1.8k
5 times Yuuri leaves Viktor a note + 1 time Viktor returns the favour. Love! Bonus angsty Yurio!!!

5 Times Soulmate Marks Made Things Easier by Teabagger, Gen, 9.7k (WIP)
And one time they really, really didn’t. Six different soulmate mark short stories! Must read!

Going Down in History by ivelostallcontrolofmylife, Mature, 6.4k
Five Times Viktor Shamelessly Flirted With and Embarrassed Yuuri in Public, and the One Time He Got His Ass Absolutely Owned. Rec’d by a follower!

Skyline {V}

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Warnings: none

Pairing: Peter Parker x reader

Word count: 3k

A/N: So I originally intended for this to be the last part of Skyline, but because things needed to be explained so much, the story is getting a bit longer than I anticipated.  For that reason, there will be a Skyline pt. 6!!  I almost wish there wasn’t, because I love the evenness and finality of five parts, but what can you do.  Special thanks to Zoe and Jen for helping me brainstorm ideas, and for giving me feedback!!  Also, just a reminder, I do not have a tags list!!  I really hope you guys enjoy pt. 5!!!

{part I} {part II} {part III} {part IV}

You really had no idea how Spider-Man did it.  How could he walk around in his civilian life, bursting at the seams with the secret of his powers, and not tell anybody?  How could he stay up half the night roaming the streets of Queens and keeping them safe?  How did he balance his hero responsibilities with those of a typical teenager?  You were sure that, if the radioactive spider had bitten you, you would not have been able to handle it like Spider-Man did.

You felt the change immediately when you woke up the morning after your night with Spider-Man. After crossing all those lines that the two of you had so carefully left uncrossed for months, you had stayed up almost all night, just talking (and also kissing a little bit?  But really, could anyone blame you?  He was a super hero).  Once Spider-Man had left around four am, you had had less than two hours of sleep once your alarm rang at six.  And by the time you made it to school, you had felt like death warmed over. That day had been a groggy fog of trying to stay awake and coherent until school was over, and you were tucked away in your cozy bed.

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Do Kyungsoo//Denouement

Summary: The world is black and white to everyone. At least, until they reach 18, and realise who their soulmate is or meet them for the first time - and then colour will burst into their life, one shade at a time. You’ve been desperate to graduate high school and move away, but you can’t run from fate. - ft. big brother Yixing 
Scenario: Soulmate!au 
Word Count: 5,977

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Yo do you have like a rly basic rec list of staple Larry fics? I'm rly new to the fandom and I'm trying to work my way through (the longer the better)

Basic Must Reads for Newbies!

Disclaimer: these are the fics i read when i first started reading fic in 2015. since then, i’ve read 445 fics (excluding the 2 i’m reading right now - and yes, i really do keep track of every fic i’ve ever read - and yes, I really did count them) and these are the fics I recommend you read when starting out. please note that there are hundreds of other fics I would recommend you read, but this list is for specifically what I consider classic, super popular fics within the fandom!

Escapade 146k

In the grand scheme of things, finding a date for a wedding should be no problem for Louis Tomlinson. He’s rich. He’s handsome. He’s reasonably well behaved. But when the wedding is for his lifelong best friend (and former boyfriend), and is happening in under a month, finding a date for the ceremony and accompanying festivities becomes more of an adventure than he ever could have planned for.

The Dead of July 117k 

Being an Avenger means continuing to be Captain America and smiling and being honorable for the public and Harry does his best. But it doesn’t give him time to figure out who he is supposed to be once he takes off his uniform and puts the shield to the side. Just being Harry had always involved Louis, and Harry fears he doesn’t know how to exist without him.

or: Harry is Captain America, and Louis’ been dead for 70 years.

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Hi, thank you for posting so many victuuri recs! Are there any rec lists where Victor proposes to Yuuri??

Thank you for these requests! I freakin’ love proposal fics! I read these all the time, so get ready for a lot of fics!

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Proposal Fics

Round and Gold by oh_imintrouble, Gen, 1.4k
Yuuri wins the Grand Prix Final and gives Victor something round a gold. Victor gives him something else round and gold in return. One shot proposal fic. I’m totally not crying, there’s just something in my eye…

we’ll call this place our home by perennials, Gen, 1.3k
The Big Day approaches, and Viktor seeks advice from various members of the Katsuki family. SO CUTE!!!!

properly by Aimerz, Teen, 3.1k
In which Victor is shit at proposing, and Yuuri wants to do it all over again. Thumbs up!

A Beautiful Morning by Jawbones, Mature, 1k
Viktor pulls him even closer, moving to lie on top of him, burying his face into his chest. Yuuri looks down, is greeted by bright blue eyes and a smile. I’M SCREAMING THIS IS SO PERFECT

Settle Down by EttaMills, Teen, 2.7k
Yuuri remembers when Victor once said, during an interview, that if the marriage doesn’t work out, it is no big deal. Unfortunately, he remembers this during Victor’s proposal. It goes about as well as can be expected. Bonus clueless Victor!

5 Times Yuuri Tried to Kiss Victor + 1 Time he Did by kireiflora, Gen, 7.2k
Yuuri has always wanted to kiss Victor, and he has, many times since he burst into his life, but there are five attempts that stick out most. And the most important one that actually happened. SO FRICKIN’ CUTE OMG

Anything You Want by Flightless_Bird, Teen, 2.6k
Victor’s heart stung. He knew that he shouldn’t get annoyed when he was clearly in the wrong; but it still hurt to think that Yuuri believed a few flashing cameras were more important to Victor than him. This is a rollercoaster of emotions but there’s a happy ending, don’t worry!

Say Yes by CutesyMe, Gen, 1.5k
Victor asks for Yuri’s parents for approval! SO CUTE OMGG

Happy Valentine by katsudonfemmefatale, Explicit, 6.8k
Yuuri has forgotten a particular day he’s never had caused to celebrate… but his fiancé certainly hasn’t. I LOVE THIS SO MUCH

Etched in the Ice by SharkGirl, Teen, 1.5k
“Since when did you get so good at this sort of thing?” Yuuri reached for one of his hands, lacing their fingers and bringing them to his lips. “I learned from the best.” CAN YOU HEAR ME SCREAMING OMGOGM

Advent Calendar by sushicorps (Inclinant), Teen, 2.3k
“I’ll skate for you. Not for a medal, not for myself, but for you.” Yuuri gives Victor an advent calendar!

Language of Love by OrionsProdigy95, Gen, 694 words
Victor is going to propose to Yuuri, but he’s just not sure how. So what’s the harm in trying it in Russian? Yuuri couldn’t understand it anyways, right? LOVE!

lay us down (we’re in love) by chromyrose, Teen, 4.8k
It was Viktor’s love that taught Yuuri how to love himself. SO MANY FEELS

Hey Baby! I Think I Wanna Marry You! by Sandyclaws68, Gen, 1.3k
Viktor had hedged his bets in Barcelona by never specifying which gold medal would result in their marriage. The fluffiest!

Proposal by Aggie731, Teen, 3.1k
Yuuri won gold at the Grand Prix Final. Viktor surprises him. Love this!

Life and Love: Agape by makkachincrossing, Explicit, 5.2k
“Viktor…” he murmured as he pulled away gently from the kiss to cast his eyes up slightly, meeting mine again. “If I win gold at the Grand Prix final… will you marry me?” Definitely recommend!!

a thing to be shared by radialarch, Gen, 794 words
Two things happen in Barcelona. VERY sweet!

The Prince and His Servant by BigGhost, Teen, 1.8k
Victor likes to be dramatic. Yuri doesn’t realize exactly how dramatic. This is great!

to me, only you by katsukis, Gen, 3.2k
Despite the rings however, Viktor doesn’t know if they really are engaged or not. Tonight, Viktor is going to propose to him, properly, and he’s got it all planned out. *queue gross sobbing*

On Absence, Fondness, and Never Leaving his Side by BeautyButterBae, Teen, 12k
“Would you do me the great honor and marry me, Katsuki Yuuri?” Wow! This is a must-read!

Interlude by TheRavenLady, 3.5k
After they get back from the restaurant, after Viktor has decided and proclaimed to their closest friends that he intends to marry Yuuri, they go back to the hotel and have a little heart-to-heart about it. Lots of fluff!

Marry Me? by sergeantwinter, Gen, 322 words
Viktor smiled, moving the hair out of Yuuri’s face and leaning in to kiss him again. SUPER quick fic that gets your heart all fluttery!


Glyph ( ☿ )

Ruler of Gemini and Virgo
Exalted in Virgo (or Aquarius)
Detriment in Sagittarius and Pisces
Fall in Pisces (or Leo)

Time Spent in a Sign: About 14 - 30 days

Mythology behind Mercury
The speed and swiftness of Mercury; the messenger God, has always been associated with communication. In Greek Mythology, Hermes was the messenger God, able to quickly move between the world of humans and Gods. Hermes was also quite the trickster, often playing practical jokes on the Gods. Hermes was also called “Mercury” because Mercury is it’s Roman equivalent. In Egyptian mythology, Thoth was the God of Knowledge and the Mind and Egyptians credited Thoth for anything related to science, philosophy and religion. It was the Greeks who declared Thoth as inventor of astrology, astronomy and even mathematics.

Mercury in Astrology
Communication is a daily thing and it’s an important one as well. Mercury, a rather underrated planet in astrology, is actually one of the most important ones. How we go on about our day, how we study, how we communicate, how we think is all based on our Mercury sign. Mercury is quick: quick thinking and a quick wit. Your opinions and your logic all stem from this small planet. The mind is clearly a powerful and precious thing. Mercury, on a deeper level, is about short trips, your siblings and your immediate surroundings. So how does the mind work, how does Mercury work when it’s placed in a specific sign?

Mercury in Aries
The mind is swift and bold with Mercury in Aries. They usually think for themselves and can be direct people, in a way they stay true to themselves and their beliefs. You’ll find that they don’t have a filter.

Mercury in Taurus
The mind is patient with Mercury in Taurus. These people are careful thinkers and they prefer to learn on their own time and at their own pace. You’ll find that they’re quite stubborn people.

Mercury in Gemini
Mercury is domicile in Gemini. The mind is quick and fast paced with Gemini Mercuries. Their mind is restless, they’re highly curious and can be excellent conversationalists. You’ll find that these people know a little bit of everything.

Mercury in Cancer
The mind is sensitive, but haunting with Mercury in Cancer. These people often have excellent memories, but may dig up memories that they prefer to be kept hidden. You’ll find that these people are soft-spoken and can calm you with their words.

Mercury in Leo
The mind is loud and bursting with life with Mercury in Leo. These people love when everyone is all ears to what they have to say and they can be excellent story tellers. You’ll find that they are protective, stubborn even, over their beliefs.

Mercury in Virgo
Mercury is domicile and exalted in Virgo. The mind is sharp and crystal clear with Virgo Mercuries. They are able to dig deep into what they’re learning about and crunching down information to make it easier to understand. You’ll find that these people possess a lot of information about many topics.

Mercury in Libra
The mind is balanced, slightly critical in speech with Mercury in Libra. They are sweet, can be perfectionists, but they aim to be fair and open minded towards everyone they encounter. You’ll find that these people have a beautiful way of speaking and even lovelier way with words.

Mercury in Scorpio
The mind is sensitive and the eyes are observant with a Mercury in Scorpio. They are seekers of the truth, human lie detectors and are usually deep in their thoughts. You’ll find that these people are fixated and private about their beliefs and opinions.

Mercury in Sagittarius
Mercury is considered detriment in Sagittarius. The mind is broad and there’s a philosophical way of thinking with Sagittarius Mercuries. They are generally open minded, but they strongly stick to their own morals and beliefs. You’ll find that these people are rather blunt and full of energy.

Mercury in Capricorn
The mind is structured and the speech if filtered with Mercury in Capricorn. They can come across as serious and authoritative with the way they deliver things, and they think before they speak. You’ll find that these people are practical and proud.

Mercury in Aquarius
The mind is innovative and clever with Mercury in Aquarius. They are quite talkative and can be deep thinkers, but they are disciplined in their thoughts as well; they think before they speak. You’ll find that these people can come up with unique, genius ideas.

Mercury in Pisces
Mercury is considered detriment and in fall in Pisces. The mind is imaginative and perceptive with Pisces Mercuries. They think deeply about what others say and could try reading between the lines. You’ll find that these people get lost in their thoughts.

Rose Glow

Originally posted by kaimikachan

Character(s): Reader X Wonho, Minhyuk

Genre: soulmate!au, cheesy floof, smut

Warning(s): possessive!wonho, praise!kink, edging, kindof!exhibitionism(?)

Length: 5.5 k

Summary: Wonho doesn’t like Minhyuk. Never has, never will.

requested by the sweetest @honeyheonie (aka the softest soft to ever soft the planet)

Your mother tells you stories when you’re young, of spring blossoms and fluttering hearts and ticking clocks on your wrists. Of soulmates and the parts of you they complete.

When you first meet your soulmate, your wrist will show a clock that counts down to your first kiss.

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10 Ways To Say I Love You

Title: 10 Ways To Say I Love You

Summary: Dean says “I love you” every single day. He just doesn’t do it with words.

Author: deanssweetheart23

Characters: Dean Winchester x reader

Word count: 1248

Warnings: light smut(very light, trust me guys). Fluff, fluff, fluff and fluff.

Author’s Notes: So I was supposed to be working on the second part to “The Promise” (and I’m almost done, guys, I swear) but after a conversation I had with @ravengirl94 last night, this baby happened. It’s entirely written from Dean’s POV (I guess I like doing that *winks*) and it’s in present tense. Frankly, I’ve never done anything like this before but I enjoyed working on it. I hope you all like it. <3 

Originally posted by supernaturalfreewill

Dean doesn’t like bombasts and balderdashes. He’s never been particularly good with words and has, at times, trouble expressing his feelings. He has, however, a heart that loves overwhelmingly and cares deeply, a heart that bleeds and burns but only grows and flourishes with love for the ones he considers family.

Dean doesn’t usually say I love you. Not because he doesn’t feel it or because he’s embarrassed by the sentiment but because he’s afraid. He’s terrified that the moment he speaks these words the ones he cares about will be taken away from him.

But he does love. He loves Sam. He loves Cas. He loves Y/N, the girl with the bright smile and the Y/E/C eyes that came bursting into his life and made a wonderful mess out of it. And he tells her that much. In fact, he whispers those three words to her every day with his actions.

Dean says I love you with the way he looks at her, soft and intense, green orbs always searching for her in the almost empty rooms of the bunker or in a room full of people. He says it with the way his eyes twinkle when she smiles at him, with the way he always gravitates towards her and everything else just fades away because she’s the only thing that really matters.

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ART THAT I LIKE TO CALL: if the Blessed Virgin Mary can Whip Out a Titty In Sacred Art, so can a Mother in Church.

Virgen de Belen
 Marcellus Coffermans, 1560s
getting crowned Queen of Heaven and Earth? …welp the kiddie gotta feed so just put that crown right on there, cherubs!

Madonna with the Infant Christ and St John the Baptist
Domenico di Pace Beccafumi, 1540s
Jesus glaring at you because He knows you are fetishizing his mom and you need to stop now.

The Circumcision of Christ
Michiel Coxcie, 1580′s
fave of mine because oh hey, she’s out in the open surrounded by people during a religious ceremony… but a baby’s gotta eat!!

and I haven’t even gotten to the WIERD ONE YET…

The Vision of St Bernard
Alonso Cano, 1650s
that is… an impressive distance, Mother Mary, nice aim!!
anyways it is inspired by St Bernard of Clairvaiux’s “Miracle of Lactation” where prayed to a statue of Mary in Speyer Cathedral, and asked her to “show yourself to be a mother.” and the statue freaking burst into life to hit him with some breastmilk. like, buddy, i dont have time to prove this shit. point is…


Just A Little Bit More: A Feysand Mini Fic

A light weight on his shoulder and a short motion out of the corner of his eye is what silences the table.

The wine glass Mor holds pauses en route to her lips. Cassian’s booming laugh cuts off. And Azriel sets his utensils down from where he’d been picking apart the meat with a faint clinking on his plate. Amren alone remains quiet, smirking over her glass of Rhys doesn’t want to know what, the only one who seemed to anticipate this moment.

Rhys looks to his left and finds Feyre with her head on his shoulder and she’s…


His entire body goes still in that moment, his heart the only thing bursting with life inside of him. Feyre’s only been in the Night Court for maybe a month and sleep has been hard to come by. But she’s sleeping now. Next to him. On him. And she seems oddly peaceful about it in a way he’s never seen her before.

He remembers the nightmares. He remembers all of them. But none of the terrors that flashed through him in a flurry of panic and sweat for three months after he came home from that mountain compared to the one he had to wake her up from himself. How Feyre had thrashed on the bed, talons ripping the sheets, the anxiety on her face when she’d finally gotten a hold of herself and had to fly to the bathroom before it all came screaming up her throat.

The blood. The tears. The pain. Miles and miles of pain choking the life out of her and all Rhys could do was sit and watch it unfold, hoping she wouldn’t stop him from rubbing circles on her back until it was over. He’d tucked her in that night, stayed a while. Didn’t leave her side until he was sure she was okay again.

He wonders if this will be one of those times, except…

Keeping his entire body rigidly still, Rhys moves only his eyes and catches Morrigan staring at Feyre. She glances at Rhys and a soft reassuring smile blooms on her face. “You were saying? About Cassian’s last trip to Adriata?”

And that’s that. That’s all she says. And Rhys goes on telling the story that only moments ago had Cassian in stitches about his own antics and Azriel quietly shaking his head.

And the entire time, Rhys sees Morrigan, the cousin who knows every secret he has carried for weeks now, staring at him. Staring at Feyre. Staring and smiling. Because they both know that Feyre can barely fall asleep in her own bed, much less in front of their inner circle. Because they know this means something. Because they know this is the beginning.

Because they know that maybe Feyre had been about to smile too before she felt comfortable enough to fall asleep on her mate without knowing it.

And Rhys feels this little seed of hope inside him crack, a tiny sprout peaking out to see some sunlight.

The rest of dinner is pleasant. Feyre doesn’t move once. When Rhys scoops her up to lay her on the sofa so he can go over updated plans for the mortal realms with Azriel on the balcony, she remains ever tranquil. Cassian begins piecing out dessert on the table and Mor digs in before she has even finished plating it in front of her. Amren shakes her head but doesn’t say anything.

Dessert is nearly finished when Cassian cuts off telling his version of visiting Adriata, the table going eerily quiet again. Rhys freezes because he just knows. He felt Feyre even before Morrigan put her hand on him and whispered, “Rhys.”

Feyre twitches on the sofa uncomfortably. Rhys can see her eyes rolling back and forth rapidly beneath her closed lids. Her hands curl into fists and constrict around her chest. Sweat begins to pull across her brow.

He’s up in a heartbeat.

“Feyre,” he says kneeling next to her and his voice is more a sob than a plea. “Feyre, wake up.”

Rhys shakes her. Shakes her until she groans and wakes up, sitting bolt upright, the hands just on the verge of letting those razor sharp talons inch out of her digging into his shoulders as she grabs him. He doesn’t even feel the pain.

“A dream,” he tells her. “It was just a dream.”

She’s breathing deeply. Her eyes flit to the table where Rhys’s friends - her friends now - are watching and quickly flit back to find Rhys’s eyes. They’ve never seen her in such a state of panic. And it terrifies Rhys how she’ll feel about that.

Suddenly, Feyre sucks her lips in and he knows she’s holding it all in. He starts breathing with her, deeply and loud enough for Feyre to hear. She mimics him.

“In,” Rhys says. “Out. In. Out.”

She shakes her head, more at herself than him, and he hears the words past her broken mental barriers.

I’m not going to throw up. I’m not going to throw up. I’m fine. I’m okay. This is okay. It was just a dream. It wasn’t real. This is real.

When she murmurs ‘this,’ her talons release on Rhys’s shoulder, but her fingers left in their place give a little tug on his tunic and Rhys instinctively leans forward. He doesn’t move nor stop his labored breathing for her until she slows down, until her lips release, and her grip slackens.

But she’s tired. He can see how utterly exhausted she is despite sleeping all through dinner. A thousand years of sleep might not be enough to erase the kind of fatigue he and Feyre both suffer from.

Feyre looks at him, the blue-grey of her eyes more grey tonight than blue.

She had been so peaceful, he thinks.

Can you take me back? She asks him through the bond. She doesn’t even have to ask him to lower his shields for her to come through. Pl-

Rhys has her in his arms before the word is even finished in their heads. He will never make her beg him for anything. And then without another word or so much as a look at anyone else, they’re soaring off the balcony into a smooth flight through the night wind.

Rhys tells Feyre to look up at the stars, but it makes no difference. She’s asleep again long before they reach the townhouse.


title: five stages of grief

summary: Six years is a lot of time to grieve the loss of the girl who has your heart.

one) denial

When Bellamy wakes up the day After, he doesn’t cry, even though he feels the sadness resting at the hollow of his throat and stinging at his eyes. In his chest, his heart is breaking, and there’s a deep, near-bottomless emptiness, but there’s also hope. The kind that cuts, makes it hard to breathe. She could be out there, he thinks. She could be alive; he hopes, and it is torture. Because she isn’t. He has to accept that. Besides, he thinks bitterly, he has all the time in the world.

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I hated LA when I first got here. Hated it. Now, I think I’ve welcomed it finally when I found this bizarre charm to it. It’s this huge city, but it’s got these kind of cracks that are just bursting with so much life and story. I don’t know. It’s very romantic and artistic in many ways. The palm trees, the sunsets. But at the same time where the sunset’s made out of smog by cars.

(gif not mine but writing is)

Mummy’s Here

You’d been friends with the amazing Newt Scamander for a while now. You had always had a passion for magical creatures, even back in your days at Hogwarts. Spotting your interest for the subject, Newt asked you to accompany him. You felt privileged to be able to work with the skilled magizoologist, studying and caring for the many creatures he kept in his suitcase. Watching and copying his work was far better than learning the skills from a dusty school book.
Though you were both initially like coworkers, it had grown into a caring friendship. You each had a great admiration for the other and you both worked really well together.

Working in the suitcase, you pick up a bag of feed for some of the creatures. You’d had some new arrivals and were excited to see them. Feeding the creatures was one of your favourite jobs to do, even though there was a lot to get through. It always seemed to make your bond between you and them even stronger. 
You gently started to pet the top of Frank’s head as you threw feed around his enclosure. Frank the gorgeous Thunderbird always astonished you with his graceful movements and glistening feathers. You knew that you weren’t supposed to have favourites but you couldn’t help it. Though he enjoyed your touch, Frank did seem slightly agitated. You looked around his pen. “I wonder where Newt is? He usually visits you around this time, doesn’t he boy?” you say to him. 

You wander through the various enclosures, occasionally calling out “Newt” as you walked. You stopped inside the newest pen. In the middle of it was a nest made of plant stems with a similar look to thick green bamboo. Inside we’re four baby Occamys, a creature that resembled a cross between a bird and a snake. They were only a couple of days old and what you were the most excited to see today. 

As they spotted your movement, the babies burst in to life. They began moving to the front of the nest squawking loudly. Each of them fighting for your attention, they must be hungry. You begin to hear hurried footsteps in the distance, pacing towards you. 
“All right I’m coming. Mummy’s here.” it was Newt. You raised an inquisitive eyebrow because of the way he said ‘Mummy’. Newt was a tall man with wavey reddish brown coloured hair. He was dressed smartly in a shirt, waistcoat and dark trousers. "So this is where you have been hiding.“ you say to him. He jumped slightly in surprise as he snapped out of focusing on the Occamys. 

”(Y/N)“ he said smiling as he walked up to you. 
“I’ve fed and watered everyone except for these little guys. I wanted to ask you what they should eat as they are so young.” you enquire. The Occamys continue to screech, they must know when food is being spoken about. "Shh. Mummy is talking.“ Newt said in an authoritative voice, making you giggle. Seeing your reaction he starts to chuckle. "Well in the wild, their parents would regurgitate food for them. So I have made a paste which gives them everything they need to stay healthy.” he says, tapping his pocket. 

You gaze at the young Occamys, captivated by the beauty of their opalescent feathers. Newt watches you as you look entranced by the small creatures infront of you. 
“W-would you like to hold one?” Newt asks whilst staring at you.
“Yes please!” you reply, excitedly jumping up and down with a huge smile on your face. Your reaction made Newt laugh. Picking up the one that looks most eager, he gently hands it to you. You cradle it in your hand. "Hi there. Well aren’t you a sweetie.“ you say, tickling the Occamy’s chin. Newt watches you, his eyes sparkling and a big smile across his face. Enjoying seeing how you share the same joy he feels when learning about and working with creatures.
As you pet the baby’s head it starts to shut its eyes and fall asleep. With great care you place it back in the nest. 

Newt’s eyes dart to the floor. ”(Y/N), I was wondering if perhaps you-“ His words were cut off as a low rumble of thunder made you both jump. 
"That reminds me. Frank seemed a bit agitated this morning. I think he missed you because you didn’t visit him.” you say. “He wouldn’t hold a grudge, would he?" 
"That depends. Well… actually I don’t know. I haven’t upset him before.” he admitted.  
Suddenly a flash of lightening illuminates the sky, closely followed by a loud crack of thunder. Your hands grab onto one of Newt’s arms in panic. He looked at you as he tried to put on a brave face despite of his fear. You both sensed that this wasn’t Frank just messing around, it was far more serious. 

Your eyes fell upon the Occamy nest. “We should get them out of danger. Just incase things get out if control.” you suggest. Newt opened his mouth to protest and defend Frank but he knew deep down that you were right. You both grabbed each end of the nest and lifted it.
“Keep your eyes on Mummy.” said Newt, making you smile. You carried it through the various enclosures towards the working shed.

The nest was quite heavy and very awkward to carry. As you walked the sound of thunder was getting louder and the flashes of lightening more frequent. You both placed the nest inside the shed, it surprised you that there was enough room because of the amount of objects in there. You were both panting slightly. “Poor Frank.” You said looking out of the window, watching the silhouette of the thunderbird in the distance. Opening the door you step outside, Newt follows you in confusion. 
“(Y/N) maybe this is not the best idea. I’ve never seen him like this.” Newt protested. You hated seeing a creature in distress, so perhaps there could be a way to comfort him. “Frank” you yelled. 

Suddenly Frank began to swoop towards you, eyes burning and electric emanating from his body. Quickly grabbing your sleeve, Newt dragged you into the shed as Frank almost reached you, his claws outstretched. Newt pressed up against you near a corner of the room, determined that his body could shield you from all harm. He started to blush as he realised how close he now was to you. 

“Thank you” you say,  your voice slightly shaken because of the shock. Glancing over at the Occamys you playfully add “Mummy.” Newt’s face flushed a deeper shade of red at the word, his pupils dilated slightly. You had meant for it to be a joke but something had clicked inside of him, changing his overall presence. “Th-that was close” he said trying to shrug it off and change the subject. However, his reaction to this simple word had sparked your curiosity. It was a word that he used to describe himself frequently but it seemed to give a different reaction when you said it. 

“It sure was. Mummy.” you say, slightly giggling. Yet again Newt almost flinched. You looked at his face with great interest. There was a fire in his eyes that burned with intensity. He swallowed hard, as if he was unable to control this sudden and unexpected urge any longer. You stared into each other’s eyes. Newt raised his eyebrows, silently egging you on as if to say ‘say it one more time. I dare you.’ A smile crept across your face as a playful smirk spread across his. "I’m sorry… Mummy.“ you whispered, biting your bottom lip in anticipation. 

He threw his hands onto the wall, pinning you against it. The quick action had made you jump. His eyes burning into yours the entire time and that playful smirk glued onto his face. It was like his whole demeanor had completely changed. He had a power and dominance that you never expected him to have. 

He stared into your eyes, hesitating for a second before suddenly pressing his lips against yours in a passionate kiss. His fingers entangled in your hair and your hands touched on the back of his neck. Unable to resist, he deepened the kiss. As his lips lefts yours you looked at him. His face was one of slight shock and complete satisfaction. It looked like he didn’t quite believe what he had just done but it was something that he had been thinking about for a while. One of your hands gently stroked his cheek whilst he took the other in his, pressing a light kiss onto it. When he had let go of your hand you grabbed onto his collar, pulling his lips onto yours once more. 



gets a lil’ steamy at the end ;)

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

She sat in the middle of the Salvatore living room, a warm log fire crackling behind her and sending up flickering orange embers. She was in the middle of the lounge, legs folded over the plush carpet, head bent down in concentration, a thin layer of sweat gathering across her brow. She wore old and ripped black skinnes with a plain white tee, her hair tied up in a messy knot atop her head, strands sticking out here and there. A series of curse words tumbled off her pouted lips, her eyes fluttering open as she growled and grabbed the unlit candle in front of her before promptly sending it flying across the room and smashing into the wall. She breathed in the warm and woody scent of the open room, coming to her feet and narrowing her eyes as they landed on a concerned looking vampire.

“What do you want?” she snapped at Damon before blowing a piece of hair from her eyes.

His dark hair was messy, smoldering eyes avoiding hers, glass of bourbon in hand, as usual.

He pursed his lips, fingers fidgeting, obviously nervous as he responded, “I know you’ve been having some trouble getting your magic to work…”

“And?” she stood her ground, toes sinking into the fluffy carpet.

“I know I can’t really do anything to help you,” he started.

Her brilliantly bright eyes narrowed, and she bit at the inside of her cheek with worry, “you didn’t.”

“He can help you.”

Her heart dropped in her chest, anger flaring as she took three strides forward with her eyes locked on his shameful expression. Suddenly, the glass in Damon’s hand exploded, sending shards everywhere, and liquid pouring across his front. It sliced red into his skin, which healed itself at once, but didn’t wipe that shocked look off his face.

“You still want to tell me you have everything under control?” he growled under his breath.

She turned her back to him, eyes closing as she took in a deep breath, instant guilt settling in, hands running agitatedly through her hair.

“Look, Damon, I’m sor-” she turned back, eyes coming open and landing on someone who was most certainly not a Salvatore.

“Hey, princess.”

Kai was bent against the wooden door frame, arms folded across his chest, blue eyes drinking her up with a flick of his tongue against his rounded lips. He wore a dark tee with a bluish grey flannel, and it matched those eyes, she thought. His hair was perfectly smoothed up, eyebrows raised as a familiar smug expression settled across his infuriatingly perfect features.

“Kai,” she growled.

“Don’t sound so happy to see me,” he said sarcastically with a roll of his eyes.

“I’m not,” she insisted.

His eyes narrowed, and he smiled to himself, “mhm, sure.”

“I have this under control,” she said, eyes pulling away from his.

“Say it one more time, and you might actually believe yourself,” he chuckled with a couple steps forward.

She clenched her jaw, and it pulsated lightly as she did her best to keep grounded.

“Aw, did I make you mad?” he said, picking up on this as well as the flare of her cute little nostrils.

“Leave,” she breathed, refusing to look at him.

“No,” he responded, coming closer to her, only a few steps away now.

“LEAVE,” she demanded, the fire in the grate flaring up to twice it’s size as she said it, her anger flooding into her magic without ease.

Suddenly his hands were on hers, fingers locking gently around her wrists, the familiar buzz of magic from his skin sending electrical currents into hers. As he held her, he worked her through the rush, and the fire slowly sunk down, resuming it’s natural glow and flicker after only a second. She took in a raspy breath, eyes opening again to meet Kai’s, her body going into overdrive from the close contact.

“I’m sorry,” she said again, gulping down the lump in her throat.

His lips twitched lightly before splitting into his familiar and goofy grin, “your emotions,” he smiled, dimples lighting his cheeks.

“What about them?” she asked, aware that his hands were still resting against her flesh.

“They’re all over the place,” he said. “That’s why your magic has been all over the place. Your emotions make you have this lack of focus that either results in you doing too little or doing too much.”

“Oh,” she said with disbelief.

He shook his head and dropped her wrists with a chuckle, “you can’t stand when I’m right.”

Kai waved his hands, and the broken candle reformed and zoomed back into place on the carpet, still flameless. The girl sunk onto her knees to sit on the carpet, and Kai towered over her and walked circles around her like predator after prey.

“Light it,” he commanded.

She shot a glare up at the heretic, who only winked in response. Sighing with exasperation, she focused back on the candle, mind buzzing as she urged a flame to appear, feeling more hopeless by the second when it remained stagnant. She bit her tongue, trying again and taking a sharp breath in when absolutely nothing happened.

“That’s what I thought,” Kai said, stooping down to her level.

“Going to mock me?” she hissed.

“No,” he blinked in surprise, sounding genuinely honest.

She didn’t say anything, she only pursed her lips and gave a small nod.

“Relax,” he encouraged softly, “don’t work yourself so hard.”

Kai trailed a finger in the air, and as he did so her hair came undone and went spilling in loose waves across her shoulders. Then he traced a little swirling motion with his slender fingers, which caused her shoulders to settle and body to ease into relaxation. The pressure on her chest seemed to lift, the heat inside of her dissipating. He nodded, approving of his work and smiling at her adorable and confused expression.

“Good,” he said, moving around to come behind her.

Kai got on his knees behind her, the tiniest of gaps between their bodies as he sunk into her back, hands wrapping around her body from behind and sliding up her arms, cool silver rings grazing her skin as his fingertips drew gently to her palms.

“Close your eyes,” he breathed soothingly, “and try again.”

So she did. Her eyes closed, fingers separating as she took in a deep breath. But as she did so, Kai’s overpowering scent entered her lungs, and her mind instantly went into a haze as she drowned in the smell of pine trees and dark spices. His soft flannel wrapped around her as he did, and she couldn’t help but find herself wanting to bury her face into the cozy fabric that pressed into her. Worst of all was that feeling of his chest pressing hard into her back, his heart thumping softly as his breath came trickling across her skin.

“Y/N?” he asked, giving her wrists a gentle squeeze. “What’s wrong?”

She tried with all her might to ignore Kai and get the flame to spark, but it wouldn’t budge.

“I’m having trouble…focusing,” she mumbled under her breath, eyes closing as she gave another attempt.

She could almost hear the smirk in his voice when he responded, “why’s that?”

She tried to formulate a clever response, but was met with nothing, so chose to ignore him. She shook her head, eyes narrowing as she embraced Kai’s closeness rather than getting distracted by it, and just like that-

“Impressive,” he smiled.

A flame burst to life, flickering gold and red and dancing side to side.

She let out a happy little giggle, “it worked!”

“See? Your emotions,” Kai persisted.

“Or I just figured it out,” she said to the candle, fully aware that Kai was still wrapped around her.

“Magic is driven by emotion, little witch,” he purred softly into her ear, “and if you don’t believe it when I say it, maybe you will when you feel it.”

Kai’s voice had dropped low, and her eyes latched to his momentarily, her head turning to the side as his eyes darkened. The heretic pushed his hands further down, so that his fingers now came lacing through her own, his magnificent blue eyes darting between her own eyes and lips. He bent in closer, force fully pressed into her backside as he breathed across her skin.

“It can be driven by joy, anger, sadness, and even…” he trailed off.

She swallowed the lump in her throat, heart hammering as he dipped his lips inwards.

“Desire,” he finished.

He let her make the decision, which she didn’t think for two seconds about before delving into his lips. Her mouth came crashing against his, a new wildfire starting, but this one inside of her body. Kai squeezed her hands as he rocked his hips lightly into her backside, earning a soft noise of approval from her. He liked the sound a lot, he wanted to hear it again, he thought. Their lips worked in sync, fast and hungry, but this position not being enough for her, she flipped the heretic onto his back and climbed over his chest, straddling him as she shook her hair back and brought her hands sliding across his chest. His hands went flying up, cold rings to her flesh as he went about seizing her head and forcing her back down to his lips, her own hands finding their way into his brown locks. Each brush of their flesh sent a wave of ecstasy like magic into each other’s bloodstream, the need to taste and feel it all rising in their chests. She rolled her hips softly against him, causing Kai’s mouth to fall open, at which point her tongue found it’s way into his mouth. Kai growled with hunger, mouths refusing to part as they both kissed until they had no breath left, each waiting to see if they could hold out longer than the other. His hands went sliding around her thighs and squeezing them roughly, about to hook into them when the two were suddenly aware of a burning sensation. A huge ring of fire had erupted from the candle alone, the magic bursting out from her because of her hunger and lust being all over the place, and it now swarmed their bodies, engulfing the carpet and crawling closer. The girl cursed, having no idea what to do as she stared at the fire with panic, but then she felt Kai’s slender fingers trail across her cheek, and she looked back down at him. He signalled to take a deep breath with him, so she did, closing her eyes and focusing on him, opening them soon after to a fire-less room. Kai blinked up at her with admiration, a proud smirk forming on his lips, blue eyes crinkling with knowing.