Color coded just to keep me sane
My world is finally starting to take shape
I press the button and it bursts into life
This time, nothing will escape my sight

I see the stars and the planets soon follow
Expect to have the universe by tomorrow
Just sit back and relax, don’t worry
The world can wait, no need to hurry

Getting harder to stay in control
But perfection is my only goal
Have to fight it cause I won’t go back

I’d rather see the whole world go back to black

But then I’m blinded by this light from nowhere
This blue planet with life and an atmosphere
I look closer and I can’t believe
What I’m seeing down there, is me

But if it’s me looking down on me
The world above must also be
This could go on for infinity




Color coded just to keep me sane.
My world is finally starting to take shape.

I press the button and it bursts into life.
This time, nothing will escape my sight.

I see the stars and the planets soon follow.
Expect to have the universe by tomorrow.

Just sit back and relax, don’t worry
The world can wait, no need to hurry.

Getting harder to stay in control.
But perfection is my only goal.

Have to fight it cause I won’t go back.
I’d rather see the whole world go back to black.

But then I’m blinded by this light from nowhere.
This blue planet with life and an atmosphere.

I look closer and I can’t believe.
What I’m seeing down there, is me.

But if it’s me looking down on me.
The world above must also be.

This could go on for infinity.

Color coded just to keep me sane.
My world is finally starting to take shape.

I press the button and it bursts into life.
This time, nothing will escape my sight.

I see the stars and the planets soon follow.
Expect to have the universe by tomorrow.

Just sit back and relax, don’t worry
The world can wait, no need to hurry.

  • Temperament:Intuition
  • Mood:Sagittarius is a naturally energetic sign and they experience joy and exhilaration over gloom. They usually surprise themselves with their intense emotions, but would never intend to show them. With all their energy and restlessness, Sagittarius are prone to anxiety, stress and self deception during dark periods
  • Works From:Left Brain
  • Compulsions:They are compulsive idealisers; who always feel their heart is not where their heads are; location wise. Some far off distance place is always more appealing, and the compulsion to find 'home' can send life spinning
  • Signs of Distress:Lethargy, escapism (substance use etc;), uncharacteristically more serious and tense, less tolerance, feelings of worry when thinking into the future
  • Signs of Rage:Violent impulsivity, verbal aggression, hurtful outbursts, they tend to become tongue tied when they are angry, can burst into laughter inappropriately, make life changing decisions
  • Signs of Nerves:Increased vocal volume, higher impulsivity, hostility, hyperactivity - they are liable to go out running or try to repress it physically, substance use, rapid thoughts, recklessness, giggling, distractible, back pain
  • Signs of Happiness:Focused/productive distractibility, casual, warm and friendly, tolerant, ability to retain information, decreased skepticism and consideration of new ideas, contentment with location and ability to live in the present, giggles, humor
  • Fear:They will love somebody more than the other person loves them. They will need somebody more than they are needed. They will never find what they are looking for
  • Cherry.

A star fell from the sky directly into my chest. It controls my mind with its ridiculous demands. I strangle every memory and thought until I am nothing, reliving every moment to look for anything that will satisfy the star’s thirst. I feel equal parts passion and violation with every return, and I find myself among a sea of nostalgia and bad feelings. I scattered my mind until it spewed nonsense, begging the star to stop lest every cell in my body burst into life. There is nothing here of use. I am as whole as I am going to be.

How many nights has it been since that shooting star burrowed deep into the crevices of my cardiovascular tissue? It burns me from the inside, setting off sparks that pry open my eyes and force me to breathe. Every color is too bright, and every sensation too strong. I stare into the sky and notice the nuances of color that encompass our universe. I see gentle words and passionate eyes. I would go back in time and stop myself from ever stopping by, if I could.

I am too impatient for judgement to pass, but I might already know it deep down. This star is just a painful reminder of why I painted the sky gray and bound my chest in the flesh of my past loves. If you read this and I have not yet discarded my body and soul, please rip this star out. Tear it from my chest and swallow it whole.

I am so fucking exhausted that I want to cry and I also want to sleep for two days straight. I’m pretty sure I crushed my interview today and I had a resident call me and then proceed to cry on the phone. I don’t know how to handle those types of situations. I mean, I told her multiple times what she needed to do and now she’s moved out and still on the lease and, whelp, nothing I can do to help you now! 

valiagranger asked:

"Dance first, think later" and bellarke. BECAUSE I'M COMPLETELY TRASH AND I LOVE MY BABIES DANCING TOGETHER. pleaseeee

Valia, you’re gonna get this with canon-verse, because it makes my writing a lot more trashy :))

Bellamy and Clarke: Show me a garden that’s bursting into life

Beautiful tones flowed from the antique radio that Raven and Wick had spent a week fixing -greeting Bellamy and Clarke as they left The Fallen Ark to finally join their friends, who had settled around to fire to happy ignore the business of the council meeting - Fortunately, their two leaders took care of everything like that.

But that didn’t mean that the pressure that came along with being (somewhat) in charge hadn’t taken a toll on both of them - their frowns growing deeper and the circles underneath their eyes darker with each day, “are you okay, Clarke?  You look-“

“Dead?” She mumbled and leant back to the sound of the quiet music, feeling Bellamy’s soft gaze on her; it wasn’t hard for her to imagine the look of it when a rather large variety of his facial expressions over time had been carved into her mind. They were familiar, and she could not possibly define how completely relaxing it was to know that there at least was some things in her life that didn’t cause her veins to fill with worry; things that didn’t scare her or put weight on her shoulders.

Pulling a small smile, she looked back at him, noticing from his position next to her that some of the muscles of his arms were still tense - he hated being on the council, which she knew despite his attempt to hide it; hated identifying himself as a part of the people, who had taken so lives back when The Ark was still floating around space, the people who had killed his mother and ripped Octavia from his arms.

But he did it for their friends - therefore, he refused to talk whenever she dared to confront him about it. Words could not express how deeply she admired him for that, so instead she took his hand in hope that the message would come through, and also that maybe it would help him relax a little more. At the touch; her fingers, small and thin, slipping through his - the intensity of his eyes on her, deepened, reminding her of the night of her return from Mount Weather with their brief talk around the fire: it had to be done… However, instead of that, both of their gazes spoke words, which were frankly even more reassuring: You are not alone.

“Pass mom and dad the moonshine!” The sound of Jasper’s voice (he was clearly tipsy - yet since Maya’s death, people had gotten used to him in that state) tore their gazes from each other, and Bellamy took the quite big bottle that Raven handed him without hesitance, a smile on her lips. The nicknames were a long story that neither of them knew all the details to, however they had gotten used to them eventually.

                                                   We’ll do it all.


                                                   On our own.

                                   We don’t need anything or anyone…

Suddenly, the voice singing the words of the song became clear enough to understand; if it was that - or how Bellamy’s eyes lingered on her as she passed the alcohol on to Miller the fourth time - that sent shivers down her spine was uncertain. Her hand was kept in his through the next round as well until she felt his hot breath graze the skin close to her ear, “dance with me?” it took her some long seconds to comprehend the seriousness of his request, but when she did, despite being slightly baffled, she turned to him slowly - her ocean blue eyes beaming - and nodded.

They got up, ignoring the whispering from their friends as they stepped away, (as far as they could while being able to hear the music) off to the side.

She was aware that he couldn’t breathe, but it was okay, since she couldn’t either, her jaw slacking a bit when he wrapped his arms around her waist, pulling her closer ‘til the fabric of her shirt rubbed against his chest. Trying to avoid his magnetic eyes, Clarke chose to focus on the words coming from the radio again.

                                             I don’t quite know

                                                  how to say

                                                  how I feel

                              Those three words are said too much

                                             but not enough…

Honestly, she wasn’t sure when they had begun to move, swaying carefully with every tone. The smile growing upon his lips was one thing she couldn’t ignore, and soon she found herself unable to focus on anything but him. Upon her return from Polis, their relationship had suffered from lack of trust, which you could only blame her for, except Bellamy didn’t blame her - never had. It was a wound that hadn’t quite healed yet, however this somehow told her that they were on the right track.

                                                     If I lay here

                                                  if I just lay here

                          would you lie with me and just forget the world?

The nightmares were endless for both of them - but they only realized it one night when Clarke had snuck into his tent, the ocean within her eyes overflowing with superfluous tears. He’d said nothing, simply scooting over to make room for her, and his breathing had become calmer at her presence - the handholding had started like that, too. Every morning, they would wake up, their limbs entangled in many different ways - still, it was just their fingers that got to stay that way. They never talked about sleeping in the same tent every night, and Clarke never mentioned having felt him run his fingers through her hair on more than one occasion.

                                                Forget what we’re told                                                                                             before we get too old

                                   show me a garden that’s bursting into life

That was just how it was. There was no need to question it - at least not right then…

If a Megamind sequel were coming

Imagine Dreamworks announcing a Megamind sequel.
What would happen?
I think this fandom would’ve burst out with new life on a whole other level. People would be going crazy, writing new fanfics, drawing new fanart and spamming everthing with discussions about megamind and its upcoming sequel.
Imagine all the bonds getting tied back together, the whole community going back to life. Back to the more alive and better times.
Everyone counting down the days towards the premiere.
The excitement.
The laughter.
The friendship.
The blossoming larger fandom.

This time, we would make sure more people watched the movie from the start, making sure that we appricate Dreamworks effort on this. Making sure how much we truly love this movie. These characters. This fandom. This family.

I still have a feeling that this will happen one day. I keep waiting and hoping, that one day Dreamworks will eventually hear us and see us.
Its been almost around 5 years since the Megamind release, and the most of us are still going strong for those lovely goofballs we adore and miss so much.
I dont know why I still have this feeling that a sequel will come, but its just a gut feeling, and perhaps something even more.

Disney are making a “Finding nemo 2″, 12 years later. So whats stopping us from believing that there will be a Megamind sequel?
Theres still hope and its still possible! Keep fighting, my friends! Maybe oneday we’ll get what we deserve!

We need to keep making fanart, keep writing fanfictions and keep up with the discussions and keep loving Megamind! Whatever you do, never leave this fandom! Lets build it up instead of leaving it! Bring it more life, more people, more family into it!

Lets build up an army! show Dreamworks that we’re more than just “a few people”. We need to show them just how many we are and just how much we want this!!

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The waiting is over. It is time to come to life again. The harsh winter has past; branches once barren will be clothed in splendor. Beauty bursts forth. Come to life. Open up. Don’t be afraid; this is your season. You are fragile and soft, but your roots remain strong. Look at your colors blooming- it’s so beautiful. You have healed, so don’t hold back. No more closing yourself in. Expand into fullness of all you were created to become. Embrace the new, for it is coming. You are beautiful. The fragrance of your soul is sweet to breathe in. Rid of the dead leaves of fall and the cold nakedness of winter, now something new is becoming of you. You are free and you have endured. Now…come to life. This is your time to bloom again.
—  The soul needs spring //


Eggsy the reluctant heir to a mutibillion dollar company when his deceased dad’s old solicitor slash glorified butler slash acting-CFO Harry Hart burst into his life in a whirlwind of arse kicking, wiping the floor with Dean’s boys. His mum admitting that his dad and her eloped so the whole money empire thing never came up until Chester King, acting-CEO is boxed in by Lee’s will about leaving the corporation to his son by his 23rd birthday. Probably did that assuming that Eggsy would have gone to school and gotten his MBA.

Good thing the lad is a natural genius at the whole robotic manufacturing thing then. With a side of weapons. Oi Merlin was pretty gleeful -but in a restrained way- when Harry brought back their new CEO. So Eggsy -like Tony- is just a godawful ceo so he lets Chester do his thing while he mess around with R&D down there with Merlin. His new BFF is Roxy, the heiress of another company who he met at one of those horrid galas and they just stuck. Harry keeps an eye on him and lectures him on his manners and just so snarky and sarcastic and eggsy loves it and hes got an embarrassing crush on harry ok.

Things play out good for a couple years. Until Afghanistan happened. And the Cave happened. And the suit happened. And then Chester got exposed and iron man 1 happened with a mix of Kingsman and Harry still gets shot. And because im weak, harry hart falls into a coma and between the time chester got blown to hell by Marc 2 and the time he wakes up, Eggsy’s HUD sounds an awful lot like Harry.

And Eggsy’s house’s AI.


That’s awkward.

Ps: i also want Charlie to be Eggsy’s reluctant Rhodey because reasons.


Tread Lightly is a beautiful and poetic experience in which you use of a special lantern to bring light to a world enshrouded in darkness.

You control a lone wanderer, walking across a beautiful, silhouetted landscape.  Your lamp not only looks cool, but can also be used to activate totems and cause plants and trees to burst into life.  It also comes in handy for fighting off the lashing rain, which assaults you from multiple directions and can cause your lamp to be extinguished.

The art work and audio are both fantastic, helping to build a great sense of atmosphere.  Taking around 15 minutes to complete,Tread Lightly is a sedate but captivating experience as your mysterious, solitary figure traverses the landscape, lighting up the darkness.

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