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Yup, it’s the end of Chap.1 it was more like the trailer of this AU, Chap 2 will be more improved than this one~ and a bit more DARKER *double wink, I’m sure you gonna love it, so stay near~

And Thanks to you all for the first PUSH of Shares and Re-blogs it’s actually what help it grow keep the stream, means a lot <3 


CH 3.2 -CONFLICTING idEALs: 01-06 –> Soon…

 *** <3

This Update took time hehe~
BuT C’MON GUYs It WAS worth it, right?!
Sanssssssss tho! his new outfit is just so gud!

Keru: “i’m sucks at background” but not with designs BRAH! B] and they are bad tho~

and ‘bout who Gaster was talking? Sans?  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

ANYWAY! Hope you Like! Comment! LoVE! and Re-BloG! a lot <3