burst into treats

virtual reality is so cool :OOOOOOO

imagine huddling up in a corner of your room because of the terrible emotions hitting hard. jimin would squat down in front of you, gently cup your cheeks with his hands and lift your head so that you’re looking directly into his eyes. “hey, listen. focus on me. it’s okay, it’s alright and you’re okay,” he’d say softly and press his lips on your forehead, giving you a long-lasting, comforting, gentle kiss. 

Got7 Reaction Of You Blushing Easily


This cute lil shit will tease you about it. He would sometimes shower you with complements until you turn bright red. “Ah, look at you~! You turned red so fast this time.”


Finds you super cute. If you watch a movie and a steamy part comes on he immediately looks at you to watch how you change color. While you look like a tomato he sits there and laughs. “Ah~! There you go again!”


Can’t take the fact of how cute you look. Finds it adorable when you start to turn red, and he expresses his feelings with the weirdest quotes.

Him :“I want to take you away and keep you.”

You: “….”


You: *starts to blush*

Him: *gif*

but he would most likely look like this if he saw you.


Being with him your nickname would be baby because of how cute you look when you blush (Then BamBam bursts in lookng offended). Treats you like a kid which would make you blush even more. He will love it so much he wouldn’t be able to contain it. “Ooh~! Look at my baby blushing~!”


Does embarassing things just to see you blush. Doesn’t matter if he’s in public or not, because it will become his mission to make you red. and if you’re not felling it he’ll make you blush a diffrent way.

*Wink Wink*


He found a girl that could act cuter than himself, so any cute action can explode his world. Everytime you blush at him he would be flooded in feels. “You’re making my life harder than it was before.”

*Tries to contain his urge to attack you*

  • Tina: Ugh... We lost Mr. No-Maj--JACOB again...</p>
  • Newt: *sighs deeply* Hold on...</p>
  • N: *places his case down and stand on it, hands cupped to his mouth*</p>
  • N: *shouts* Queenie can find others like Jacob!!!</p>
  • Jacob: *comes dashing in with his case bursting open with his treats falling out of the case* <b>THERES ONLY ONE LIKE ME</b></p>
  • N: found him...</p>

some of you have the strangest fucking priorities like dropping zayn that fast when he finally bursts after being treated like shit for so long but staying mute when he was accused of pimping islam, called a terrorist in the media along with some other islamophobic shit on multiple occasions and taking all the blame for the weed video and his own bandmates and best friends standing silently by like this shit wasn’t even happening