burst banks

First Meeting prompts

1) “Everyone – hands in the air!” The bank robber burst into the building, only to discover that a hold-up was already happening.

2) “What happened last night? Where am I?” Why are you, gorgeous but utterly unfamiliar, bringing me breakfast in bed?
“You don’t remember?”
“That’s not reassuring me.”

3) “Hi. Officer Black.” They held up a fake ID badge. “I’m looking into the disappearances that have been happening in this area recently. May I ask you a few questions?”
The actual investigator stared at them.

4) “Oh my god – it’s you. You’re the one I’ve been hearing!”
“What?” Completely bewildered.

5) Coincidentally, we have the same surname and accidentally both booked the same honeymoon suite. I’m not willing to lose the best room in the hotel or admit that I booked a honeymoon suite single precisely because it was the best room. Look at that Jacuzzi! All of the other rooms are taken anyway. Turns out, you’re travelling alone too. Everyone now thinks we’re newly beds and, frankly, I’m not giving the gift basket back so I guess we’re married for a week.

6) “You have a kitten in your bag.”
The NO PETS ON THE BEACH sign loomed behind them.
“Say that a bit louder, will you?”
“Your cat likes the beach?”
“She gets separation anxiety.”
It was hopeless, it was love. Black hair and blue eyes and peeking out entirely too pleased with itself among a towel.
“Either sit down or stop staring, you’re going to blow our cover.”

7) “You know the library is closed, right?” the stranger broke the silence.
They looked the stranger; dressed in pyjamas and clutching a kitkat from the vending machine. They raised their brows. The stranger didn’t even blush at the sheer hypocrisy of the comment.

8) “You’re in my spot.” They had been coming to the roof every evening for three years, and nobody else had ever been there and – oh god, the stranger was crying.

9) “I’m your soulmate, from the future.”

“Then future me as horrible taste, keep walking.”
“…wow. Future you was right, you really did used to be a prick.”

10) When you save somebody’s life, it always seems that a fragment of their future belongs to you. They wouldn’t have had it if it wasn’t for the few heartbeats of your acquaintance. You disagree with this notion quite violently.


161118 KBS Music Bank UP10TION COMEBACK STAGE #하얗게_불태웠어(#White_Night) 

alright i’m sure this has already been discussed but how much disruption do you think pokemon go causes the fake ah crew + los santos?

the lads come bursting into a quiet bank and startle the hell out of the tellers only for michael to be like, “where the fuck is that zapdos– why are you guys screaming, we’re not here for you, we don’t even have guns, relax”

ray has a conflict of interest re: pokemon and laziness and spends many hours trying to convince people to carry him piggyback around the block

just before a heist everybody sees ryan pacing with his head down and at first they think he’s anxious or annoyed; jeremy cautiously goes, “uh, you okay?” and ryan looks up and they see his phone and he’s just like “don’t distract me i am trying to hatch an egg!!!

Clean energy won’t save us – only a new economic system can

Earlier this year media outlets around the world announced that February had broken global temperature records by a shocking amount. March broke all the records too. In June, our screens were covered with surreal images of flooding in Paris, the Seine bursting its banks and flowing into the streets. In London, floods sent water pouring into the tube system right in the heart of Covent Garden. Roads in south-east London became rivers two metres deep.

With such extreme events becoming more commonplace, few deny climate change any longer. Finally, a consensus is crystallising around one all-important fact: fossil fuels are killing us. We need to switch to clean energy, and fast.

This growing awareness about the dangers of fossil fuels represents a crucial shift in our consciousness. But I can’t help but fear we’ve missed the point. As important as clean energy might be, the science is clear: it won’t save us from climate change.

Let’s imagine, just for argument’s sake, that we are able to get off fossil fuels and switch to 100% clean energy. There is no question this would be a vital step in the right direction, but even this best-case scenario wouldn’t be enough to avert climate catastrophe.

Why? Because the burning of fossil fuels only accounts for about 70% of all anthropogenic greenhouse gas emissions. The remaining 30% comes from a number of causes. Deforestation is a big one. So is industrial agriculture, which degrades the soils to the point where they leach CO2. Then there’s industrial livestock farming which produces 90m tonnes of methane per year and most of the world’s anthropogenic nitrous oxide. Both of these gases are vastly more potent than CO2 when it comes to global warming. Livestock farming alone contributes more to global warming than all the cars, trains, planes and ships in the world. Industrial production of cement, steel, and plastic forms another major source of greenhouse gases, and then there are our landfills, which pump out huge amounts of methane – 16% of the world’s total.

english village gothic

there is a large house where the last few lanes tail away, high up on a hill. when the lightning flashes, you see faces at the window, but nobody has lived there since queen victoria was on the throne.

blood spills from teacups across well-kept lawns; there are shadows drinking from a dried-up fountain in the summer sun, and the cucumber sandwiches are moulding already

you find a child’s bike in the road, pink streamers on the handlebars and wheels still spinning. you do not find a child. nobody wants to talk about it

the church has relics, and a crypt, and when the river bursts its banks you dream of the dead drowning once more. the vicar tells you that he hears howling at night, but there are no wolves left in england

the brownies and girl guides are far too pale this summer. they have strange markings on their necks, and they keep missing church parade, but their knitting is exemplary still

the romans and celts and saxons and vikings and normans march for miles in the second between midnight and the next morning; they leave no footprints but you hear their boots on the grass

the girls’ toilets in the primary school are haunted. things whisper and hiss in the pipes and you see the name of the history teacher, along with his birth and death dates, on the war memorial on the village green. he talks about the trenches as if he were there

everyone knows everyone, even the dead. especially the dead.

Let’s talk about this: The Fake AH Crew is all about presentation. They’ll do the craziest shit just for the hell of it. When they actually do a heist it almost always fails, but as long as something or someone gets blown up they’ll be happy. They’ve killed enough people and made just enough money to rise through the ranks and become a ‘respected’ but feared gang. But thats not why they’re here, they’re all about the thrill, the fireworks, the rush of adrenaline that comes with shooting a gun or driving a car too fast down the highway, with the roar or sirens chasing after you. They’ll burst into a bank only to realize that none of them have real weapons, just flare guns. They’ll laugh and take it in stride. Nothing can speed up a bank’s proficiency like lighting one of the tellers on fire. To them money’s just another plus, something that gives them a valid reason to do the things they do.

But fakehaus on the other hand, they’re the real deal. Get in, get out, quickly and quietly. Every heist is well thought of and every security camera and every plan b is memorized. They go over the plan again and again making sure everyone has a job and that they each preform to the best of their ability. Coms are checked regularly before a heist, clips are checked again and again and again. They move up the ranks slowly, they have no need or want to overthrow fake ah. They are clean and precise, no unnecessary killing. Get the money and leave. But that doesn’t mean they don’t make each heist a bit of a show. Sleek bikes and cars, mirrored bike helmets, sturdy combat boots and shiny brass knuckles. Dressed in all black, guns firing precise, clean shots. They look like a rouge Special Ops group.

There’s a sea storm spinning violently in me. I’m awash with waves that leak the emotions of infinity,
and I’m drowning, I’m stuck. This water is all just threatening to burst all my banks. My death certificate will just have to say, ’she sank
Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces
—  Water Signs

UNITED KINGDOM, York : A woman cleans the inside window of her wine bar, as the floodwaters rise from the rivers Foss and Ouse, after they burst their banks in York, northern England, on December 28, 2015. British Prime Minister David Cameron visited the flood-hit historic city of York on Monday as cities, towns and villages across northern England battled to get back on their feet following devastating storms. Around 500 properties were flooded in York, one of Britain’s top tourist attractions, on Sunday as two rivers burst their banks. Some residential streets became so inundated that cars were covered up to their roofs. AFP PHOTO / JUSTIN TALLIS                 


Rowing down la rue | Via

Paris and its environs has regularly experienced flooding previous to 1910. But that year, after months of rainfall, the city experienced one of the most severe episodes of flooding in its history.

On Jan. 21, the Seine began to rise more rapidly than usual. Parisians evacuated at-risk locations. Then, on the outskirts, the river burst its banks. In the centre of the city, workmen hurriedly built embankments to stop the Seine flooding the city’s quays — the water only rose up through tunnels, drains and sewers.

A week later, the Seine reached its peak at six metres above its normal level, flooding 12 of Paris’s 20 arrondissements (districts). Roughly 20,000 buildings were devastated and 200,000 people made homeless. Emergency services, police and charities, alongside the citizens of Paris, pulled together and organised ferry services and built wooden walkways to keep the city operating.

The floods were a spectacle for those not directly involved. Some entrepreneurs brought cameras and produced souvenir postcards. Artists set up easels and painted the scenes. Other enterprising individuals hosted boat tours of the devastation.

Let there be represented the summit of a rugged mountain with valleys surrounding its base, and on its sides let the surface of the soil be seen to slide, together with the small roots of the bushes, denuding great portions of the surrounding rocks … and let the mountains as they are laid bare reveal the deep fissures made in them by ancient earthquakes … And into the depth of some valley may have fallen the fragments of a mountain, forming a shore to the swollen waters of its river, which, having already burst its banks, will rush on in monstrous waves; and the greatest will strike upon and destroy the walls of the cities and farmhouses in the valley.

Some of Leonardo da Vinci’s representations of catastrophic deluges.

UNITED KINGDOM, York : A woman takes a photograph as she is transported to safety by members of the emergency services, after homes were affected by floodwaters in streets close to The River Foss after it burst it’s banks in York, northern England, on December 28, 2015. British Prime Minister David Cameron visited the flood-hit historic city of York on Monday as cities, towns and villages across northern England battled to get back on their feet following devastating storms. Around 500 properties were flooded in York, one of Britain’s top tourist attractions, on Sunday as two rivers burst their banks. Some residential streets became so inundated that cars were covered up to their roofs. AFP PHOTO / JUSTIN TALLIS


And another species joins our ranks!

These tiny baby moorhens were found after being washed out of there nest after a river burst its banks. They weigh just 11g!

Luckily, they were found warm and dry, and were very lively! Our vet team placed all three into one of our incubators to keep warm, and fed them on mealworms - which go down very well!

They will stay with us until they are old enough for release, and then back to the wild!

What Dies in a Rat King

At midnight hour,
   The Rats died together,
       With their naked tails knotted tight.
           Unable to escape their own brethren,
       They were murdered by the cold night
   And its vicious weather,
Drowned by showers.

When the sun fell,
   They were already doomed.
       As nature’s cruelty burst its banks
           And manufactured this pitiful wheel.
       To whom did the rats owe their thanks?
   To those among them who assumed
That all was well?

During noon-time,
   Everything seemed content,
       As the rats all scurried about,
           Living their lives in the calm of chaos.
       Between the downpour and the drought,
   Between rise and descent,
They lived just fine.

Of course, at dawn,
   The little things could not
       Understand this great universe,
           For it seemed to be made of lonely paths.
       They didn’t see, for bad or worse:
   These lonely paths would knot
Through every storm.

So in high sun,
   When nature gave them strife,
       The rats still held naive belief
           That each must fight for their own right to walk
       Without support, help or relief,
   For their mere right to life
And right to fun.

Then during dusk,
   Their proud isolation
       Could not help them fight fate’s design,
           Which variably ruins and destroys
       Everything beneath the moon’s shine.
   A just desolation
For lacking trust.

The rats are dead,
   Yet they didn’t despair.
       Together, united as one,
           This was how they were always meant to be.
       So as their senses each went numb,
   They mourned in each a prayer
The world they fled.

— M. L. Vitelli (mlvitelli)