Almost forgot to upload this! It’s Beowulf’s burst animation!

“AWOOOOOO!!!” He’d probably exclaim.

For those who don’t know; a burst is a “get off me!” move you can do in Skullgirls. It can only be used if the opponent tries hitting you into an infinite loop (the game detects this) or your undizzy gauge (green meter under health) fills up completely.

Be careful though, bursting leaves you defenseless until you fall a certain distance (or land). Some players have employed strategies to bait a burst, effectively resetting a burst-happy player. Watch out for those!


Let’s watch this again hahaha


Look what I got to hold on a visit to Rumble Seat Music in Ithaca, New York!

I had never even seen one up close before.  If you aren’t already aware, this is a sunburst 1960 Gibson Les Paul Standard.  If you aren’t already aware, these are one of the most sought-after vintage guitar models.  If you aren’t already aware, these have the coveted “PAF” pickups.  If you aren’t already aware, you can buy a very nice home in many parts of the world for the price of this guitar!  And I got to pick it up!  I have never held a guitar so valuable before…it was a weird feeling.

My first, immediate, impression was that it was a lot lighter than I expected.  I’d say no more than 8 lbs, which (if you are not already aware! ;) is light for a Les Paul.  And the neck was a lot thinner and narrower than I expected.  For years I have heard about the “fat 50s” necks, and just assumed that is what I’d find on this instrument.  But no, it was thin!  Not as narrow as my late 60s and early 70s Gibsons, but a lot more narrow than my 1961 Les Paul SG Junior!