oH bOY i hAVen’T dONe pixeL arT in suCh a lONg tIMe mMMM 
welp tbh i don’t like how these came out prob b/c i literally had no idea how to animate most of the special effects so most of em turned out kinda weird…

hahh this was supposed to b some undertale au crossover art for the comic all 4 of us have been working on (still need to design stuff b4 we start drawing the comic ;p) but ahhh i kinda failed orz ahaha like it’s not even in a group pose

Anyway, owner credits:
Epic Chara: @yugogeer12
Burst Chara: @amachi-blaze @keru-the-green
Glass around chara is referencing this part of Burstale’s Comic: https://amachi-blaze.tumblr.com/post/148689812654/ch2-10-19-20-23-24-34-pretty-short
Goner Frisk is a lil shet i created