burrrnt asked:

12, 22, 26, 38

12:You get to create a entirely new species. Describe the name of them and what they look like.
I still want Mutants running around saving the world, heaps cliche and lazy answer but that’s all i want. Everytime i watch XMEN i’m like man, can’t we get some of these people? 

22:You get to redesign the whitehouse. Describe how your fabulous revisions would make it look?
I’d make it all pink and the walls would be fluffy, there’s bunnies running around everywhere and the workers have to wear pink lingerie. heh.

26:Every mosquito drops dead and they are never found again or every wasp?
i’m definitely going with mozzies, because i can’t go outside after a certain time without legit being eaten alive by them. i hardly even see wasps but mozzies are everywhere and they’re bastards that don’t need to exist. 

38:One thing you’d love to wake up to?
A man who loves me unconditionally.

thank you :) x