burrows island

Sunset over Burrows Island

Looking out over Burrows Island from the peak at Washington Park in Anacortes

Camera: Nikon D800e
Lens: Rokinon 14mm Ultra Wide-Angle f/2.8 IF ED UMC
Focal Length: 14mm
ISO Speed: 100
Aperture: f/8
Shutter: mixed
Tripod: Really Right Stuff TVC-33
Ball Head: Really Right Stuff BH-55 LR
Filter: none

Lightroom 5.3 [color balance, sharpening, etc]
CS6 [composite: 2 exposures blended, luminosity masking]

the-traveler-crew  asked:

"C'mon, hurry! We gotta find Arceaus." Trevor calls out to Trish as they both run across Aiegis' island right after having teleported into it, making their way towads The Den's entrance. Trevor has the Shift Blade seathed on his back, having the form of a sword almost as large as his body and as thick as his torso, while Trish is still in her Gijinka Form. He felt a strange surge of energy in the middle of his training, and in the light of recent events... all precaution might not be enough.

The entrance to The Den was subtle, a hidden door in an alcove in the center of the island which burrowed though the mulitverse and into the plane of Outer Heaven. The Den was a mishmash of species of all universes, each one preparing for the next mission or taking a break from the fighting but each was unique. It was a miracle that everyone could understand their own unique languages, though the implants which most Guardians received could easily translate what was being said into something understandable. The receptionist greeted them with a smile, a young woman dressed in a business suit with a majestic pair of white wings behind her. “Hello Guardian Trevor, Consult Trish. How may I be of assistance?” Her voice rang like a crystal bell. @the-traveler-crew