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JDT: jumping on the heads of the Spymaster and High Overseer before Jessamine’s death scene so you can express your hatred before you even have weapons.


The dance in Deathly Hallows. Some say it doesn’t matter. Some say it does. I’m gonna walk you through my mind. What and how I think HHr is amazing and right and perfect and. And. And how that simply is is the reason I love this ship to death.

Let’s start with the narrative. Three best friends, two boys, a girl. Boy leaves the two of his best friends because he thinks the two of them are doing things behind his back.

Now that the shitty narrative is over, let’s dive in deeper. Now we talk about Ron. That nice little piece of shit who offered Harry a home — the Burrow. He’s an amazing dude, but let’s be real, how could he like, much less love Hermione? The girl he claimed to be a nightmare. Yes, they were eleven year-olds, but that’s the message he kept on sending her until HBP. He treated her like she was this insufferable, walking encyclopedia who they only kept around for information. He didn’t — doesn’t — respect her like Harry does. Her reading, her relationships, and her feelings. He didn’t care about how much he hurt her during GoF, the Yule Ball and the entire deal with Krum.

So that dance — the dance — is how Harry did the exact opposite. He didn’t upset Hermione like Ron always does — he wanted to see Hermione smile because you can read from his expression things like how he wants her to look at him again, how he wants her to wipe that frown off her face. He doesn’t blame her for being sad. But he’s trying to make her feel better, which is everything yet nothing at the same time. Nothing because he thinks it’s just because he’s her best friend and maybe it is, but that’s why it’s so simple to understand why they’ll be amazing together. They’ll always put their friendship first. But it’s also everything, because it means he also hurts when she’s hurt. And that’s precious. He feels for her.

I know this is a low blow, but tell me one time Ron did that for Hermione.

It could’ve happened, but this dance shows us why it should’ve happened.

Home - Fred Weasley Imagine

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  • Anonymous said: Are you planning to do a part two to the A Right To Be Wrong? Maybe something where Fred tells Molly the whole story and she basically takes the reader in as one of her own children? I think that would be awesome! 
  • Anonymous said: Ok, I know requests are closed, but can you have this ask till they are open again? Please your writings are the best ones I’ve ever read, can you do something like the one you’ve write (Draco’s Girl) but with Fred? But a little bit different, idk, my heart, soul and body needs this, you can change what you want, but pleeeeease I need this

so, I tried my best and here it is! kind of a sequel to Right to Be Wrong but can also stand on its own :D a quick thanks to @rachel-lizzie-dare and @gold-moonlight for their help! you guys are amazing! :D 

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“But what if they hate me?”

“Love, trust me, they wouldn’t hate you” Fred said bringing his girlfriend closer to him and kissing her forehead.

“I’m a Malfoy, Fred” she said worriedly. It had been almost two months since the Malfoy family had disowned (Y/N) for dating Fred Weasley and standing up for herself. She was going to spend the Christmas break at Hogwarts but of course, there was not a chance that her boyfriend was going to let her spend Christmas alone. So she was going to spend it at the famous Burrow. “And even my own family hates me.”

“First of all, you’re nothing like the rest of your family and that’s why they don’t like you” George assured her. “And besides, Ron, Ginny and I already think you’re great so basically you have half of the family covered” he said shrugging his shoulders.

“That’s not true! There are five left” she pointed out. “And Percy already doesn’t like me!”

“Percy doesn’t count” the twins said at the same time. “He’s not even coming home for Christmas. And I’ve already told Bill and Charlie everything about you. I’m sure they’re going to love you” Fred added.

“Yeah, and dad likes pretty much everyone” George assured her. “So that only leaves mum” he said with a smile making the girl even more nervous.

“Great” she said trying to smile.

She knew all about Molly Weasley and she had always wanted to meet her. She sounded like the perfect mother and she knew how much all of her children, and Harry and Hermione, loved her. So it was only natural that she would be terrified to meet the woman.

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Harry Potter-Weasley

What I would have loved to have happen in the books, 

is if one time Harry went to the Burrow, noticed something different, looked up at the Weasley Family Clock that told the condition or location of the members on it, and saw his own hand up there with the rest of them. And at that moment it would show him as being ‘Home’ with Ron and the rest of the family. 

I feel absent,
I know I don’t exist in these spaces anymore,
I know my home is
somewhere I haven’t been-
it’s not going to be found
in dreamless and empty offices.

I am not myself anymore.
I don’t know who has
burrowed a home in my body
but my heart is not recognizable-
I am not within myself.

Maybe I forgot myself in the ocean,
sank like an anchor, stayed transfixed
while monsters became the new resident evil.

—  Amanda Marie Carrier / @strangewavesandtides
MONSTA X Wonho ‘Something to Believe In’ Pt 4

A/N: I put my heart and soul in this guys, I hope I didn’t disappoint. THANK YOU to everyone who’s read and enjoyed this story.

PART 1    PART 2    PART 3

That night seemed to last forever. In your experience the bad ones usually did. Feeling carved out and hollow you knew you couldn’t handle any more, couldn’t talk to Wonho again. It was immature but you wanted to hide. You avoided going home, unwilling to stare at the four walls and worried he’d sneak out to find you there. Turning your cell phone off you stuck it in your pocket. And walked. For hours you walked the streets. Your legs began to ache but you couldn’t stop.

Had Wonho been lying? It had never felt like it, but you were so infatuated with him would you have seen it if he was? The thought took you back to the first few weeks of your relationship. Why was he with you anyway? It’s not like you didn’t have anything to offer, but he was surrounded by other ‘perfect’ people all the time. Why not be with one of them?

Unless it was true about the camera time. It wasn’t like you did the editing but if he was in frame most of the time there was little the editor could do about that. Maybe…and this idea was almost worse. What if it was just about convenience? You were together all the time for work. It’d be easy to have you at the ready while he was too busy to get with someone else. Just a body to keep him warm. Could you really think that of him?

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Difference - Sirius Black

Request: If asked, would you possibly do a request that features an age gap that is significant to the plot? Like, a Sirius Black x Reader one during the Golden Trio era while Reader is a student in her last year?

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It was your last year when your world came crumbling down. You had just turned 18 and were about to graduate Hogwarts. This was an awful year for you already. One of your classmates, Cedric Diggory, had just been killed by Voldemort. It crushed the entire school but it effected your year substantially. Everyone felt the toll and you were emotionally drained.

You couldn’t go home. Your Dad couldn’t support you emotionally. He never could talk to you. It had always been Mom who you trusted in, but she was gone now. She was recruited by the Death Eaters only two years ago. It destroyed your family and your Dad became even more closed off. So, this year you were going to live with the Weasleys for the summer. You were good acquaintances with Percy and were close to the twins.

You closed the latches of your case and took one final look around your dorm room. Your heart sank with the realization that you would never call this room home again. Inhaling deeply, you stepped out of your dorm. The common room bustled with activity. From hugging and kissing to frantically searching for lost possessions, the (your house name) common room had never been so lively. You left before you burst into tears or even worse. You were afraid if you let yourself be sad, you would never leave.

So, you headed towards the train.

As soon as you stepped onto the platform, Mrs. Weasley wrapped you in a hug. “I’m so sorry, dear,” she whispered, holding you tightly.
“It’s okay, Mrs. Weasley. Thank you for taking me in.”
“Please, call me Molly.”

You joined the Weasley family and apparated home. The Burrow was always a happy place, but it felt particularly so this summer. It was hot outside and the house was the perfect temperature on the inside. The smell was intoxicating; it smelled sweet and fresh like your own house used to. You went up to your room and immediately fell asleep with the weight of the world lifted off your shoulders.

You woke up early the next morning. Mrs. Weasley had informed you that you would be going to the Grimmauld Place for a meeting. You never liked getting up early during the summer, but you were in no position to complain. You were traveling by Floo Powder today and everyone had already gone besides you and Molly.
“I’ve never done this before,” you said quietly.
“Oh, dear, it’s simple. Just say where you’re going and it’ll take you there.”

So, you did. You felt yourself being transported and your body didn’t like the sensation. You were completely disoriented and your vision was crossed and blurry. You landed with a crash. Into another person. When your vision cleared you saw a man holding onto you. He was older than you and his hair was black and curly. He was smiling down at you and you looked away.
“Be careful next time, sweetheart.” He let go of you and you immediately retreated to another room. Something about this man clung to you and you felt an immediate need to stay away from him.

You were joined in the living room by Hermione and Ron, who sat down on a couch together, arguing. “Hermione?” you ask.
“Yes?” she asks.
“Who was that man in there? I’ve never seen him before.” You tried to come off as subtle.
“That’s Sirius Black; he’s Harry’s godfather.”

After the meeting, Molly insisted on cooking dinner. The last thing you wanted was to stay for dinner with a man you would like to stay away from. But, again, you were in no place to protest. So, begrudgingly, you sat down at the long dark table. Dinner was almost ready and the table was full of people you recognized, and some you didn’t. Professor Lupin was there, sitting beside a girl who seemed to be a few years older than you. Her hair was bright purple and you were intrigued with her immediately. Professor Moody was seated at the far end of the table. All the Weasleys were there, as well as some people you didn’t recognize.

The familiar face of Sirius Black entered the room and he sat across from you. You looked away, distracting yourself with a bowl of potatoes. Molly sat and everyone began eating. The table ate in comfortable silence before Sirius spoke.
“I don’t believe I’ve ever met you before. My name is Sirius Black.”
“I’m (Y/N),” you spoke quietly.
“She’s staying with us this summer. Maybe longer, we haven’t really worked it out. She just graduated.”
“What are you planning on doing?” Remus asked. Professor Lupin was your favorite last year and you could easily talk to him.
“I’d like to become a Professor at Hogwarts, but I’m afraid they wouldn’t take me fresh out of school, so I’ll probably bide my time working for the Ministry.”
The woman sitting by Remus nodded in approval. “With the things going on at that school it’s probably for the best to wait.” She paused. “I’m Tonks, by the way.” She smiled and you immediately trusted the woman.

Soon after dinner, you returned to Burrow. You tried to push Sirius out of your head, and for the most part you could. Until you had another Order meeting, that is. As soon as you arrived, you were met by Sirius Black. You stared into his sharp green eyes, looking away when a blush crept onto your face. You stepped past the man and quickly made your way up the stairs where the others were hiding out. There was only a chair open, so that’s where you went. You swung your legs over the side and turned away from everyone else. Their conversations halted, then resumed.

You must have fallen asleep, because you woke up to someone shaking you. You looked up and found Sirius Black hovering over you. You quickly repositioned yourself and sat up politely.
“Why are you so nervous around me?” Sirius asks.
“No reason, really,” you say quickly.
Sirius bit his lip and thought and you turned away. “Now, it’s been a while since I’ve been a teenager, but it seems like you have a crush on me.”
“That is absolutely incorrect!” you spit out.
“Is it now?” Sirius asks with a smirk.
Your heart patters, but you hold your ground. “Fully.”
“Then I guess you won’t mind if I do this.” He cups your face in his hand. Slowly, Sirius leans in and empties the space between the two of you. Your hands gravitate towards his hair, twirling the curly locks in your fingers.

You push your body against his and he places his other hand at the small of your back. Your body tingles with electricity, but you find yourself pulling away from him.
“This is wrong,” you whisper.
Sirius doesn’t respond, choosing to sit beside you on the bed, instead. “I’m sorry, (Y/N).”
“It’s not your fault.” Tears flood your eyes. “I’m just not ready, and you’re so much older than me.”
“17 years,” Sirius murmurs. A tear runs down your cheek and you quickly wipe it away. A long pause lingers, filling the room up like smoke. 
“I came here to tell you it’s time for dinner,” Sirius says calmly.

You curtly nod and stand, turning from Sirius. The only thing you can do is walk away. You knew that he was a bad idea from the moment you saw him. You let him in, and now you hate yourself. With a deep breath and a small shake of your head you walk away, leaving Sirius behind you.