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nice things from today

  • oranges! noot peeled and fed me a whole orange and it turns out i keep buying them and forgetting and now i’m rich in my fav fruit
  • storm! it wasn’t spectacular but there was a fair bit of romantic rumbling
  • naps <3 making up for the ~4h of sleep last night
  • i’m managing to not devour the max allowed dosage of pain pills? yay! hopefully tomorrow will also be good
  • lots of stardew valley. i am sick of the winter but i upgraded many tools and bought goats and have all the fruit trees ready for the new year. will start planting the next row soon. out of my two biggg farming areas one is already covered in the medium sprinklers so yay! am constantly low on iron. i want more bee houses.
  • the sick cat has overtaken my crochet project and it’s the cutest thing, her wrapping herself up like a little cat burrito
  • exchanging cute gifs and stickers with the noot on telegram XD cuuuuteeeee! also i only ever chatted once in a fangroup there, don’t have many personal contacts. if we chat here or anywhere and you’d like to have me on telegram let me know? maybe i’ll grow to use it better

(other than that the day was a pain-y blur so. let’s leave it at that).

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