burrito rant

Dan and Phil could literally come out and say something like, "we got married" and some people would be like, "well that doesn't mean they are in a relationship. They could just be doing in for finical reason"

The weird thing is. A small number of the people who say that, claim to be shippers themselves. They just emphatically deny the possibility that the ship could be “canon”. It’s in a way, homophobic to assume that everyone is straight and it’s equally (if not more) fucked up, to accuse any person who indicates they are anything but straight, of “queerbaiting”. The idea that to be a true LGBT+ person you have time formerly “come out” and say “I am [insert label here]” is wrong. It ignores circumstance and enforces the idea the queerness is “unnatural”. Making and formal coming out video is fine. But it’s also okay not to say “I am [insert label here]” By just talking in passing about attraction to the ‘same’ sex, it is normalized Okay I got off on real tangent here. Not gonna read through this as my break is almost over

I feel Like Marcilene The Vampire Queen in that scene where shes mad cuz her dad stole her fries.
cuz i woke up and all my tacos and burritos i saved in my drunken stupor last night were missing. along with ehhhhhh id say like 5 shots of the whiskey i bought.
ive been dwelling on this since like 6 am. im not mad, i just want a fucking taco lol.

Dear Guy Who Just Made My Burrito

My rendition of the famous burrito rant. this got pretty intense so it was super fun to do! The burrito rant should be a standard monologue for actors side by side with Shakespeare.

7 layers

whenever i go to taco bell (about three or four times a year?) i always want to get a 7 layer burrito and a spicy potato soft taco.  

then i think, “i always get that” and make myself try something new.  today i tried a chicken enchirito. why did i do that? it was not that great. it was not a 7 layer burrito. i was not satisfied. 

the moral of this story, fuck what you should do. buy the burrito you like!!!

A guy at Whole Foods made me a burrito, I was really excited UNTIL I noticed that they charge an extra dollar for a drop of guacamole, he put tons of cheese on there (oh hey I didn’t circle cheese because I can’t eat dairy), and they don’t give you chips. The total when he handed it over was 8 bucks. I said fuck that so I put it behind me and walked out.

BERKELEY BOWL gave me the same burrito, minus the cheese, WITH chips for 5 bucks 30 cents.

I will never disobey Berkeley Bowl again.