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More on the suits idea from that last card. Continuing the light/dark contrast and exploring what concepts those things can get across, not as good/bad but as different flavors of the same thing. For example, the warm steadiness of Anila and Shira, and the frightening intensity of Venassan and Lady vs the hazy comfort of Athene and Sian. It’s pretty fun! I have like, one more of these to go and I’m more or less done with the series.


Those post-ap feel Knights of Ren concepts made me want to draw some jedi killer sith ladies with equally dubious choices of weaponery so have a few sketches

  • Me, who has never read Ava's Demon: why do these people have storage rooms in their torsos
Hiatus mash-up

So, I wanted to write something in which combined the current things that have occurred during this hiatus. If I have missed anything,  let me know and I’ll probably end doing something about it.  Also, I have no idea where this is going so I’m sorry if it’s bad.

When Julian Blackthorn had been twelve, he had been forced to grow up very quickly. He had murdered his Father in order to save his younger brother, and had spent the next five years raising his four younger siblings (they had been put in the care of their Uncle, but he was in no fit state to raise five children. They did have two older siblings, but one had been abandoned to the Wild Hunt and the other exiled to Wrangle Island) and stop his best friend and Parabtai Emma from doing something stupid. As a result, he had been robbed of a significant part of his childhood. With all things considered, it is of no surprise that he would a moment of immaturity to compensate for lost years.

Because Julian’s main priority had been to protect his siblings, he had created a group chat, so everyone could have the same information as everyone else. It was particularly useful when they had to split up for missions and they needed to prove they were all OK. Every so often, it was used to communicate when someone did not want to walk to someones room and ask them a question. For the past half an hour, Julian had been receiving a number of messages from the chat with his siblings asking what he was going to be feeding them that night. Feeling particularly mischievous, he had sent in a zoomed in picture of some food. So zoomed in in fact that it was quite hard to tell what exactly it was. It was sent with the caption “dinner is ready”.

In no time at all, there was a rush of Shadowhunters, all wanting to be fed. Julian could hear them before he saw them. “You Americans never get Mexican food right. I have eaten a number of Burrito’s in my time, I know a good one when I have it” Cristina was saying. “It wasn’t a Burrito, it was a pancake, and Jules always makes a good pancake” Ty responded, making Jules smile to himself. “You’re both wrong. It was obviously a panini, which is a brave choice as Jules knows we all like different fillings” came Emma. Tavvy had simply taken to chanting “baguette” repetitively.

They were all so engrossed in their argument that they hadn’t noticed that none of these items were on the table in front of them, that the photo Jules had sent them had nothing to do with the food they were eating. It also meant that it took them about ten minutes to realise that neither Mark nor Kieran had joined them for food. Julian had taken it upon himself to investigate (the others had stopped arguing long enough to realise the absence, only to resume arguing again). Whatever he had been expecting to find was not what met his eyes.

A couple of weeks previously, Mark had posted a picture of a lamp on his Instagram account. Prior to this posting, no body had actually seen this lamp, it seemed to have just appeared. As time went in, Mark had become more and more emotionally attached to this lamp. Walking into Mark’s room, Julian took a moment to take in what he was seeing. The lamp was standing on Marks desk. Mark was on the floor, doing anything he could to prevent his leaving (and subsequent parting from the lamp) and Kieran had Mark by the ankle and was attempting to pull him out of the room. Kieran took one look at Julian and simply said “help”.

Somehow, between them, Julian and Kieran managed to get Mark out of the room and away from the lamp. One entering the kitchen, the argument had stopped, but the tension in the air told Julian that it had not been settled. Even when asked, he refused to reveal the actual contents of the photo. Mark was still upset about being parted from the lamp, no matter what Kieran, Cristina or the rest of the Blackthorns (featuring Emma) tried to do. Needless to say, you could call the lives of those living at the L.A Institute a number of things, but ‘boring’ was never one of them.

it was always october there. 
the only light you could ever see was soft, and a little orange. 
it was perpetually 7 pm and dark outside, street lamps glowing while lawyers and janitors and zoo keepers drove home listening to christmas music through their car stereos in secret, inspired by the newly insistent chill in the air - 
all of them awaiting the moment when they’d walk anxiously through their front doors to greet their husbands and wives with a tired smile and kiss on the cheek.
it was always october there. 
the world stopped for a little while, and it smelt like espresso beans and cinnamon candles.
it felt like reading fitzgerald in front of a crackling fireplace, and wearing woolen mittens in the bitter cold. 
it was memorable in the way that old novels often are - 
warm, and unmovable. 
it was a distant memory -
still sharp, as if it had happened only minutes ago.
but fleeting -
it was always october there.
—  a poem for a coffee house in north seattle 

Harry Potter characters as things my friends and I have said.

Harry: holy shit that was too deep for midnight

Hermione: You’re a tool, a low quality stapler.

Ron: God is calling me to take a crap right now…and that is all that matters… Crap.

Draco: Your soul is a letter opener

Luna: I hope the burrito lady who gave me a blanket is having a positively lovely night.

Fred: if I’m not supposed to smoke crack… Why did he give me $100?

George: #hashbrowndiscourse

Ginny: I would take you to the satanic altar but I’m not wearing the right shoes

Voldemort: You guys were mean when you killed meeeeee.

I have never felt more pansexual in my entire life than i felt whilst watching the new thor movie