burrito flip

Deadpool's Guide to the Apocalypse.

“G'day, mates! Welcome to Deadpool’s guide to the Apocalypse!”

He held a camera at just arms length away from his face. Abandoned buildings lined the streets around him, some more smashed than others. A few were splattered with the old, rusty shade of old blood.

“ I’m your host, Wade Wilson, and today we’re scavenging for the same shit we’re always scavenging for! Frozen burritos and porn!”

He flipped the camera to show his surroundings. Cracked pavements, cars with missing tires or open gas tanks. Lots of damage from looting, or just plain zombie bum-rushes.

“Well, and maybe I’ll the occasional recreational drug or other supply I could trade someone for. Bullets would be nice, too. But this is the Apocalypse. Who know what we’re gonna find!”

Wade turned the camera off, flipping his company a smug look. “And that, my friend, is how you document the end of the world. Not too shabby, eh?”