Big Planet Comics: Blue

by Saman Bemel-Benrud, Box Brown, Mark Burrier, Jensine Eckwall, Robin Ha, Angelica Hatke, Andy K, Nick Liappis, Jared Morgan, Ben Sears, SUPERWAXX

Published by Big Planet Comics

An anthology featuring work by artists from the Washington, DC area, plus a few other favorites of Big Planet Comics! Plus a classic page by Matt Baker, and including some great Big Planet ads by Brooke A. Allen, Kevin Panetta, and Kendall Goode

48 pages, color, 6.625 inches x 10.19 inches (16.8 cm x 25.8 cm)


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Debuting at SPX The Small Press Expo 19 September 2015

Distributed by:

Birdcage Bottom Books

This is Jimmy Giegerich’s cover to Mutant #5. Available for free at Atomic Books on Free Comic Book Day.

Contributors: Pat Aulisio, Pat Barrett, Josh Bayer, Haleigh Buck, Josh Burggraf, Mark Burrier, Ben Claassen, Max Clotfelter, JT Dockery, Alex Fine, Kelly Froh, Monica Gallagher, Everett Gee, Jimmy Giegerich, Kate Haberer, Katrin Hagen, Jordan Jeffries, Dina Kelberman, Victor Kerlow, James Kochalka, Hawk Krall, Will Laren, Ed Luce, Dana Maier, Melody Often, Cody Pickrodt, David Plunkert, Ansis Purins, Noah Van Sciver, Sam Spina, Otto Splotch, Jamie Vayda, Shannon Wheeler, John Dermot Woods, and J.T. Yost.


  1. The Sea Nymphs – Christ Alive
  2. Tokyo Hands – Valleys
  3. Halpo – Wot shud I do?
  4. Benedek – Ease Out
  5. Pender Street Steppers – Bubble World
  6. LA$GEAR – Ashland’s Sister
  7. Obey City – Cloud Lust
  8. Jensen Sportag – Almost Cover Me / Time and Space
  9. A.G. Cook – My Miss 2.0
  10. Jensen Sportag – Included View
  11. Emerald Soul – Stare
  12. Alexander O’neil – Sunshine
  13. Danny L Harle – Construction 2
  14. Jensen Sportag – Under the Rose (demo version)
  15. Maxi Mill – Speed Balance Weight
  16. Jensen Sportag – Be, True, Time, Love
  17. Giganta – Force
  18. 400 Blows – Movin (drums)
  19. ??? – Be, True, Time, Love
  20. Suzanna Kraft – ESL
  21. Jensen Sportag – M.A.I/ I’m Going/ Deck Down
  22. Jensen Sportag – Simpulsys
  23. Masayoshi Takanaka – Rising Arch
  24. Master B – Pol Burrier
  25. Atom Egoyan – Family Viewing
  26. stay young forever
  27. Jensen Sportag – Triple FM / Licia DRMZ
  28. Benedek – 99Ranch (feat. Groundislava)
  29. Decked Out – Erase