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Character: Percival Graves

Prompt: Specific Request

A/n: This gave me so much trouble, you have no idea. Graves is just kinda hard for me to write romantic ish before he seems like the kind of person who prioritizes his work above everything else. But I hope you enjoy it regardless.

If there was a record for the amount of scoldings given to by Percival Graves, you’re fairly certain you’d have a good chance of being the top contender.

You were one of Graves’ aurors, often working out on the feild with your small group to patrol the city streets and keeping a close eye on NSPS.

One of what Graves would considered to be your faults, was your lack of impulse control. You often went with instinct before taking a step back and assessing a plan.

“How many more times do you think you can just run into a situation without getting yourself killed?” Graves asked as the two of you stood in his office.

“About as many times as you continue to pester me about it, Mr. Graves.” You argued as you folded yor arms. “I caught my target without any complications.”

“That is not what this conversation is about Miss (L/n). You need to use your head a little bit more if you’re going to work out on the feild.”

You exhailed sharply through your nose, trying to control your patience that was slowly wearing thin, but you weren’t eager to argue with your superior.

“If that is all, I’d like to get back to work now.” You told him.

Graves sighed, rubbing his forehead as he waved you out. “Yes, you are dismissed.”

You nodded, quickly turning out of his office and sighing as you walked back to your desk.

Although you resented the criticism Graves had given, for the upcoming weeks you tried to tone it down a little. Taking a breath before accepting missions and trying to work out coherent plans to them.

However one evening, you were on call and had a little too close of a run in with dangerous wizard that had heen on MACUSA’s list to detain.

There was a minor chase and you ended up with a minor side injury and several bruises.

At first you thought you could get away with it and act as if nothing happened.

But when another auror reported the incident, and Graves took one look at the bruises on your arms and summoned you into his office.

“I thought I made myself very clear the last time you were standing in my office. You are not to persue dangerous targets without some form of back-up.” He said sternly.

“It wasn’t like I intentionally got myself hurt.” You said, shoving your hands into your pocket, knowing for once you were in the wrong.

“Yes, and now you have and it could have been much worse.” Graves said, leaning against his desk as he folded his arms.

“Why are you so concerned about my safety anyways, I am positive I am not the only auror to get themselves hurt on a mission.” You asked him.

“I am the head auror of this department, my reasonings are entirely my own. Now if you don’t start being more careful I will have no choice but to place you on desk duty.” He warned.

You looked at him, trying very hard to fight the urge to yell at him. But knowing better than to try and argue with him, you silently nodded. “Yes, sir.”

You didn’t wait for him to dismiss you, only walking out and closing the door behind you before heading down to see the healer.

Graves slowly stood up scratched his chin, while he didn’t like threatening you, if it meant you would look more out for your safety, he was willing to hold to that promise.

Percival was very good at hiding his personal intentions behind the decisions he made, so it was never even an option to you that he might have had his own reasons for caring about your well being.

Over the years you had worked for him, and as he watched your work ethic. Graves had developed a bit of a fondness for you.

Of course, he didn’t have any plans of telling you this information.

Instead opting to care about your well being from afar and burrying his emotions so it didn’t interfere with either of your work. However, as you continued to be reckless it was becoming harder to be subtle.

But there wasn’t a question about it for Graves, for him you were completely indispensable.

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I have decided to try and burry my emotions into writing a fic. Any suggestions on what to do when I'm done and feel an overwhelming want to crying again? Or a hug? Or death? Any option is fine. I now kinda feel bad for the negativity but I also feel like I need to ask someone. You can just ignore this if you'd like. -🥀

Come get hugs from me or the boys!! No death or overwhelming emotions! But i want to read this fic when it’s done. I demand it

The human heart has its own ways. Bad habits, like missing people you are not supposed to miss, loving people you are not supposed to love. It provides all kinds of forbidden emotions. Emotions that shatter you. And your mind just sits there, numbly accepting them all. Sometimes your heart bleeds so much that your brain gets stained and is therefore dysfunctional. But there is not enough blood to drown some thoughts. Unwanted thoughts, nostalgic whims of your brain. No matter how hard you try, it is almost impossible to control your emotions. Or to stop loving someone. There will always be songs, places and all sorts of things that will awaken the things you are so vainly trying to burry. So accept your emotions, do not suppress them. Let them flow through your body. Let the pain consume you. Pain turns to numbness. And soon enough a new circle begins. Because that’s life. A circle of contradictions. Love, hate, nostalgia, avoidance, heartache,desire. It sometimes gets tiring and sometimes I want to stop feeling. But that is highly impossible. For as long as I have a beating heart it is gonna love and it is gonna bleed and it is gonna make room for feelings, even those I don’t wanna feel. And it will never ever stop caring for beautiful souls.
—  Late night thoughts

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How can I tell if I'm entj or entp

ENTJ vs. ENTP: What’s the Difference?

Though ENTJs and ENTP share ¾ of the same letters, they share NONE of the same functions. 

ENTJ: Te-Ni-Se-Fi

ENTP: Ne-Ti-Fe-Si


ENTJs prefer to decide according to objective criteria (Te) and then perceive by synthesizing ideas (Ni).

ENTPs prefer to perceive by exploring ideas (Ne), and then decide using personal logic (Ti).


Te dominant: The ENTJs extroversion manifests through a direct, no nonsense, and efficient approach to the world around them. They prefer to use objective logical criteria to make decisions. Their speech is often bold, blunt, and to the point. They’re all about action and they are relatively decisive. If they see a problem, they itch to actually DO something about it. They excel at creating efficiency and see choices as relatively black and white.

Ni auxiliary: The ENTJ supports their Te through a synthesis of ideas that leads to a vision, hunch, or understanding about what “should be done”. They often “just know” the answer, the solution, or the purpose of ideas and events. They look to problem solve by understanding “the bottom line”. They may come to a conclusion quicker than they can point to the specific evidence. They tend to have a sort of tunnel vision when it comes to achieving their goals.

Se tertiary: Though the ENTJ is generally focused on their “intuitive vision”, they are surprisingly adaptable and can think quickly on their feet. They take a break from their “get shit done” attitude by indulging in sensory pleasures, such as great food, movies, and sexual activity. ENTJs with highly developed Se can be incredible competitive athletes, with Se complementing their goal oriented and decisive Te and long-term focus and vision of Ni.

Fi inferior: ENTJs are generally very private about their deepest emotions and values, preferring to burry their emotions instead of letting them affect their performance. But less access to these emotions means less practice dealing with them, so ENTJs are especially susceptible to aggressive outbursts of negative emotion. The ENTJ’s values are personal, and they can appear awkward or uncomfortable when trying to explain them to others.


Ne dominant: While the intuition of an ENTJ is focused on creating a singular understanding, vision, or truth, the ENTP’s approach to intuition is exploratory. The ENTPs extroversion manifests through an open minded, divergent approach to ideas, theories, and concepts. They’re idea people, often preferring the start-up phase of a project to its actual implementation. They’re more interested in the big picture than the details. Novelty excites them. They excel at theoretical reasoning and are quick to make connections between people, ideas, and events. They’re great at seeing problems and concepts from alternate points of view.

Ti auxiliary: The ENTP supports their Ne through their own personalized logical framework. Things have to make sense to them. However, unlike Te users, the attempt to understand something is more about the journey than the end result. They enjoy the process of making sense of things and tend to have a healthy amount of skepticism. Many enjoy arguing for the sake of mental stimulation, as opposed to arguing to prove some specific point. For this reason, they may often find themselves playing devils advocate. They tend to be curious about how systems, concepts, or theories work.

Fe tertiary: Unlike the very personal, buried feeling function of the ENTJ, an ENTP’s feeling function is oriented toward the external world. ENTPs are perceptive of the motivations and emotions of the people around them. But it’s up to the ENTP to decide what to do with this information. Some ENTPs might use it to understand how to relate to people and therefore put them at ease. Others might use it to mess with people, or to manipulate people get what they want. However, since Ti comes before Fe in their function stacking, they will usually apply more emphasis to their internal logical framework rather than Fe-style contentiousness when making decisions.

Si inferior: Attention to detail, sensation, and awareness of their own bodies tends to be a weak spot for ENTPs. They spend so much time exploring ideas through Ne that they are somewhat uncomfortable informing themselves based on what’s known, tried and true. They may have a lack of respect for tradition or a disdain for routine. They need to constantly remind themselves to check back in with the facts to in order to make sure that their ideas are grounded in some layer of truth or practicality.

Quick Comparisons:

ENTJs decide based on what’s objectively logical or efficient (Te), while ENTPs decide based on what makes sense to them (Ti).

ENTJs use their intuition to create singular vision or understanding (Ni), while ENTPs use their intuition to explore possibilities (Ne).

ENTJs understand others by understanding themselves (Fi), while ENTPs understand others by “feeling” other’s emotions (Fe).

ENTJs use reality to explore (Se), while ENTPs use it to ground themselves in what’s known (Si).

Also, here’s a previous post I wrote (my first post ever!) on the difference between ENTP and ENTJ in relation to How I Met Your Mother’s Barney Stinson if you’re looking for further info! 

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A Sherlolly Promt: Sherlock thinking he does not like Molly then discovering after some time that he can't be without her?

So its a bit long for a prompt fill…actually I think I will always fill prompts this way…can’t help it. Anyways, here you go:D : 

Sherlock had just received a text from Lestrade begging him to come down to the morgue to examine a new body.

“JOHN! MARY! SPAWN!” Sherlock shouted as he dashed about in John and Mary’s kitchen.

“You have to stop calling her spawn!” Mary yelled at him from her seat on the couch.

“What is it?” John chocked down a chuckle, getting up to see what Sherlock was on about this time.

“Lestrade has something for us at the morgue!” Sherlock’s eyes were big with excitement.

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