Jefferson: Is it weird that for you if you saw two of your friends holding hands right in front of you?

Burr: No, not really.

Jefferson: Okay great! *holds Madison’s hand*

Burr: But it makes me feel like I’m the third wheel though.

Some things from Hamilton

• Foreshadowing of Hamilton being shot in Stay Alive, a soldier fires a bullet that narrowly misses Hamilton while Eliza is singing the very beginning of the song

• Burr taps his right foot

• In what comes next when the King says “im so blue” he stomps and the spotlight on him changes from red to blue

• Hamilton flirts very briefly with a bartender in Aaron Burr, Sir

• At the end of his verse in Cabinet Battle #1, Jefferson does a mic drop into Madison’s hand

• In I Know Him, King George does air quotes when he says the word country (there’s nobody else in your “country” who looms quite as large)

• At the end of Stay Alive (reprise), Eliza lets out a wail and if you listen closely, you can hear the sound of every audience member’s heart breaking.

• Eliza gasps at the very end of the show, which I took as her taking her last breath before joining Alexander in the afterlife.

• During the Reynolds Pamphlet, Jefferson had a pile of papers and was makin’ it rain

Eliza: i knew you’d fight until the war was won

Hamilton: war’s not done

Eliza: but you deserve a chance to meet your son

Hamilton: *points at eliza’s belly*


the difference between aaron burr and alexander hamilton
  • Burr: *internal screaming*
  • Hamilton: *external screaming*

Angelica: so, what’s is it like being married to Eliza?

Alex: once, I asked her for a glass of water while she was pissed at me, and she brought me a glass full of ice and said wait