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it is the post where you proclaim you won't unite with white feminists. A) that is racist B) they are correct. The disappearing rights of women in islamic countries is terrifying. Burqas are MAN MADE to oppress women. They are brain washing them into 2 thinking they must wear them to be taken seriously. Hijabs are also offensive because they force women to cover their necks when MEN only have to cover their hair with a turban. From, your angry islamic follower who actually lived in islamic state

I won’t unite with white feminist for many reason, not just the issue of them continually painting minority men as the only/worst sexists.

And while you said you’re an american Muslims in your earlier ask I have no solid proof. So I’m going to go with the women I know that wear hijabs and burqas (here on Tumblr and in real life). None of them have ever complained about wearing them.

So while I am sorry you were offended by me reblogging that post, I maintain my stance. 


Pretty funny, and agreeable. It’s old though.

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"safety risks of not being able to identify people" is just an excuse for islamophobia. I'm so sick of so called feminists not caring about Islamic women - and trying to stop them from doing things they want to do is not caring.

I think that you are referring to a post I made summarizing the “burquas in public” debate going on in Europe

I want to be clear that I DO NOT support what those people are saying. I was just summarizing what the argument was. 

I do NOT believe that so called “safety risks” are a good reason for banning any type of clothing in public. It’s not even about just the rights of Muslim women… it’s about human rights in general. You should have the right to wear whatever the hell you please in public or private. And if that is a full facial covering, because you feel comfortable that way, then that is entirely your right. And you shouldn’t have to explain yourself just because someone else is uncomfortable.

My own opinion on burquas (not to be confused with what I think should be done from a public policy perspective, which is nothing) is that they are sexist. And yes they make me quite uncomfortable. That doesn’t give me the right to ban them, or to tell other women what to do or wear. I don’t agree with organized religion period, I think it perpetuates patriarchy and harms society greatly. But it is not my place to tell other women what to do or what to wear. 


a bandari woman wearing a traditional mask called the burqa, Hormozgan, Minab, Iran by Eric Lafforgue


bride in the decorated room for traditional wedding, Hormozgan, Bandar-e Kong, Iran by Eric Lafforgue