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So in spite of all the disgusting things Seguin has said, and knowing that he is a misogynistic prick, you're still willing to support him?

my dude. im a fan of professional sports. they’re ALL misogynists. every single one of them. if i wasnt able to believe most of them are probably good people deep in their hearts, i wouldnt be able to enjoy myself here. they’re rich, mostly white, male professional athletes. just by EXISTING theyre misogynistic by default and i just cant pick and choose who i draw the line with. they all say stupid messed up shit. i just. man. i cant pick and choose. i still like geno even though he just said he agreed with russia’s foreign policy? (edit: i understand that russia’s government is structured different from ours so i understand this seems like an unbalanced comparison to make. i still wish he couldve said “no comment” or something though) i still like burnzie even tho hes a bleeding heart republican? like in what world can i comfortably draw the line with certain rich white male professional athletes over others?

when you’re a fan of professional sports you’re already entering into an insidious male-dominated environment, misogynistic at its core, homophobic at its core, and particularly with the NHL, racist at its core. you have to draw your own personal boundaries. i get why certain people cross the line, but my standards are different, what i expect from the typical rich white male athlete is different.

i can look at seguin and say hes definitely sexist and hes definitely ignorant but i also recognize that hes a dime a dozen in the NHL, just not everyone is given his publicity. so i dont really know why i would personally draw the line at him but not any of the others who we know are just like him.

so thats where i stand on this.

My best friend Elizabeth has never seen a hockey game, but she just watched the skills competition with me. Here are some of her thoughts: Burnzies kid is adorable, Aaron Ekblad is gorgeous, Johnny Gadreau is a child, and Patrick K*ne is/looks disgusting


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#SJSharks defenseman Brent Burns with the Chewbacca mask in the Honda Breakaway Challenge during the Honda NHL All-Star Skill Competition at Bridgestone Arena on Jan. 30, 2016… Photo via Getty Images. #BleedTeal #GoSharks #SharksTerritory #SJSharksHistory #hockey #BrentBurns #Chewbacca #Wookie #StarWars #Burnzie

Watched the skills competition with my dad

He likes PK Subban

Thought Johnny Hockey was adorable


Approved of Burnzies beard