+New faces




Quite some pretty faces, blondie is not one for denying such a truth. But what is really distressing her is seeing such a crowd- as little as it can be, hopping around her workplace, because she knows it’s not the safest place in town, all aliens and weird technologic stuff. She doesn’t understand how someone can be attracted to those kind of things; and again Rose is not a fanatic of them, but she can enjoy her job from time to time all until it becomes stressful. But it seems that lost in her thoughts she has forgotten to greet the beauty standing few feet from her.

“Ello there” There’s a warm smile, leaving vague concern aside. “S’ not usual to see people around this place, bit creepy if you ask me: the place, not you. Sorry” She brings a hand to her lips and chews on her cheek, realizing she might have sound a little bit rude. And she doesn’t want to get a bad first impression. “My name’s Rose Tyler, at your service. Can I help you?”


No Place Like Home When You Got No Place to Go || Burnwithmeintime

The Doctor got a warning alarm in the TARDIS console as he landed in an alley way in town. He looked at it and couldn’t believe what he read before he stepped out of the TARDIS and closed and locked the doors of his ship behind him. He took a deep breath as a brokenness and shock appeared on his face. It couldn’t be…he thought to himself as he took another breath. It’s impossible. But the Doctor could smell something faintly nearby. It was of something he never thought he’d take in again.

It was a sense of home…and with that in mind, the Doctor began to run to find the source.