• straight people: *see a same sex couple in the background of a film* umm??? ew???
  • straight people: *watch the scene in the hunger games where peeta throws sum crusty burnt bread into a muddy puddle for katniss to eat* love has never been so beautiful
Dating Sehun would include

- you are apparently, the most patient woman in the world according to everyone for dealing with sehun

- sometimes, he’d sneak into the kitchen before you got home, and attempt to cook you dinner, but once you got home, all you’d find was 6 different dirty pots and a piece of burnt bread

- “you’ll get the dishes right, babe? I made you dinner!”

- instead of you visiting the dorms, the dorms would visit you, you’d leave the house and come back to Chanyeol and baekhyun on the couch, xiumin on the table, Chen chasing your cat, when did they all get here, why

- sehun throwing them all out when nightfall came, your eyes rolling as you giggled, he actually thought he would get some that night

- “now that we’re all alone-” “I can get some sleep, goodnight sehun.”

- WANDERING HANDS DURING SLEEP, God, after you’ve expressed to him you were too tired, you’d have to spend the entire night batting away his hands as they smoothed down your behind and tugged at your sleeping tee

- despite that, he would wake you up with chest kisses that sent chills down to your spine, causing you to moan out in your sleep

- sehun recording videos of you moaning in your sleep

- sehun recording videos of you in general, you’d turn to him and head but his phone because he’s “documenting this for the kids”

- irritated sex. A lot of it. You’d get mad and yell at him for leaving the toilet seat up and then all of a sudden you’re pressed up against the shower door while he’s fucking you from behind and you’re just like ??

- while you were at work you’d see you got like 7 messages from him and you’re suddenly worried thinking something went wrong but it’s just 7 selfies at a slightly different angle and he’s asking you which one makes him look better than usual because “I always look amazing, I want to look b e t t e r”

- suho would always be giving you this face that says “I’m sorry” whenever he dropped him off and you’d always give him the same face whenever you left him at the dorms

- pinky holding when you’re walking, mostly to keep sehun from squeezing your ass in Walmart

- this would such an exhilarating relationship like he would have you feeling so many different things at different times but no matter what you’d both know that you loved each other to no end, and sehun, even if he is a little shit, would always make sure to remind you everyday that “you know you’re beautiful right? You know I love you?” and when you said yeah he’d scoff and sort of wait for you to say the same thing back because this brat likes hearing he’s beautiful.


- Somehow after you started dating all your bras would be missing, like all of them are gone ??
- And you than find him sitting in the living room with like ten bras on his head
- “….. Chanyeol what the fuck ?”
- “It’s called fashion bitch look”
- Going to Ikea is a monthly trip because his dumb ass decided to run into the coffee table and it broke.. once again
- Trying to slowly wake up when there’s a faint burnt smell stinging your nose and you know exactly what that means
- Chanyeol sitting in the middle of the kitchen, burnt bread surrounding him
- “I tried”
- “I can see that you dingleberry”
- Long limbs swallowing your body so basically you can’t breathe whenever he hugs you, and he ain’t letting go for shit
- You letting his friends come over every weekend but they also somehow showed up every single day like ?? where did ya come from where did ya go
- Having to pet his head or else he isn’t going to bed alright you HAVE to pet that dipshit’s head or he’ll let all hell lose
- “I’m gonna call Kyungsoo if yo–”
- “OKAY FINE i’ll pet your fucking head”
- Small kisses whenever he’s working and he isn’t paying attention so you’re distracting his cute ass and he just swiftly kisses you to make you go away
- Quick but rough sex because he’s gotta go be at the annual bingo night at Yixing’s house in fifteen minutes
- Don’t forget that Baekhyun will be at your house every. single. day around 10 bc he’s gotta play COD with Chanyeol
- Baekhyun basically lives there
- Getting random calls in the middle of the night when he’s out with his boys while he’s slightly intoxicated
- “Have i told you–”
- “Pork Chanboob i swear to god get your ass home before i go over there and tear off all your limbs”
- “………. I’ll be there in ten”
- Basically you’ll never he bored with his cracker ass around but you just gotta love him to bits and you might have signed your death contract by dating him but that’s okay he still cute

(Thank you anon numbah two! Muggy, Toaster, and most of the characters in the Sink are my fave robot babies)

Arcade- He’s fascinated by the complexity of their AI, in particular Muggy. Their level of self awareness wasn’t something often found in artificial intelligence, but he finds it odd, even a little sad, that they gave the little Securitron a hellish neurosis. He’s perhaps the most understanding of Muggy’s mindset, and makes sure to kneel and pat them on the back whenever they have one of their “lowkey want to die” moments.

He has far less sympathy for Toaster, and blissfully turns a blind eye whenever he sees someone trying to dismantle, shoot, or sell them off. There was always the possibility of their personality making it into the body of a bigger robot, and the psychotic little idiot wouldn’t be so funny then. Not only that, but Arcade kept confusing them with the actual toaster and ending up with burnt hunks of bread near every morning.

Boone- He avoids the kitchen area entirely after the introduction of the new roommates. Muggy often begs him to take his rifle and blow their tiny robotic brains out. (“You don’t even have to do it! Just leave me in the room with it for a little bit! For the love of mugs, why won’t anybody let me die?!” )

Cass- She discovers a new sport in finding creative ways to torment them. She pretends to suddenly be a devout follower of Toaster, and when they instruct her to go out and do their bidding, she leaves them outside on the Strip with a sign that says “Free Toaster, Mint Condition”. They get returned after a day by a less than pleased buyer.

She teases Muggy by never leaving a dirty dish around the Lucky 38, thus stealing the joy they take in cleaning them, and also takes the ones Muggy has already collected and leaving them in a trail to the elevator. Once they’re inside, she uses the hotel maintenance terminal to keep it going perpetually up and down, and traps them inside for the better part of the day. She uses the time they’re stuck to hide his dishes all over again. She only stops after Muggy rats on her to Six.

Raul- He joins in on Cass’ plan, his more notable devious acts being the time he fiddled with Toaster’s voice module so they speak with a high pitched, girlish voice, and the other time it was considerably sped up, chipmunk voice, and at one point he even triggers their Spanish mode. He and Cass nearly bust stitches when he gets more than one mode going at once, and Toaster is lobbing pitched shifted Spanish curses at them.

He actually feels somewhat bad for neurotic one, so he leaves Muggy to their own devices. He also makes sure to leave any of his dirty mugs on the floor so he doesn’t walk in on Muggy hysterically sobbing, trying to reach a cup on a shelf. Again.

Veronica- At first, she can’t stop laughing, breaking into giggles at almost every word either of them says. The novelty of both of them wears thin for her after a day or two. Breakfast becomes a chore; between finding where Muggy is hoarding all of the mugs in the Lucky 38, and Toaster’s tendency to burn toast to a blackened crisp, they both make life substantially more difficult. She begs Boone more than once to assassinate at least one of them, she doesn’t care which.

Lily- She carries Toaster around like a baby after Six introduces them and Muggy (against both of their wills) as “the great-grandchildren”, and simply rocks them like a fussy infant when they go on one of their tangents. It doesn’t help much but the others certainly get a laugh out of Lily hushing, rocking, and even burping a small, pissed off toaster.

Muggy is far more susceptible to the coddling, and Lily is the only one that will hold them while they cry and have their never ending mug centric existential crisis.

Rex- While at first leery of the two, Toaster somehow talks Rex into putting them on his back, and proclaims the robotic dog to be their hellhound, their trusty steed that will carry them into battle to slaughter their enemies and raze what’s left of the world, that their reign will make the bombs seem like pale terrors compared to them. Rex takes one step towards world domination and the toaster falls off almost immediately. Rex leaves without them. Toaster screams their rage well into the night.

Muggy teaches Rex to fetch coffee cups. Their friendship is far more beneficial than Toaster’s.

ED-E- Toaster tries to preach about how ED-E has the freedom to take over the world if he would only get someone with arms to mount a death laser on his eyebot body, and Muggy won’t stop asking him for lifts to reach the top shelves. He’s never been more ashamed of his own kind.

I just think Marvel are really missing the boat with Hawkeye. They’ve been doing such a good job of sticking to the classic superhero format but with their own twist. Guardians of the Galaxy was the ultimate risk and it paid off big time.

So why not make a small, independent-level movie with Clint Barton. Get a cool young director, give it a modest budget, just have Clint somehow coming to be the owner of an apartment building in Brooklyn. And Barton, who in the MCU is used to being a spy and fighting in war zones, suddenly has to defend a whole building of ordinary people from a gang of tracksuit wearing douches.

And amongst the building’s tenants is Kate Bishop, an Avengers fan girl who is so excited to meet Clint. Except then she does meet him and she’s not that impressed. But she still hangs out in his apartment everyday for some reason? Probably because the dude who helped save New York from aliens also tries to put knives in a toaster to fish out burnt bread.

(“God, Clint! You can’t put a knife in a futzing toaster! You’re gonna blow the whole building up before those tracksuit yahoos get a chance to.”

“Why are you ALWAYS in my home, Kate?!”)

I don’t know, I just think the next step in Marvel’s “We’re going to do everything the other studios are afraid to do and get rich doing it” plan would be to make a movie that is intentionally NOT a blockbuster. Make a really cult action flick with the least well known Avenger and let word of mouth spread so fast that casual fans have to see this Hawkeye movie that people won’t shut up about.

anonymous asked:

So, Hunger Games is on right now. Am I the only one who can't see how burning a loaf of bread and throwing it in the mud serves as a declaration of love?

TBH the movies were kind of a mess, haha.

But yeah, the whole “Oh, you’re starving, well here’s this burnt loaf of bread that’s nearly or in large part inedible and completely lacking nutrients, i’m gonna toss it in the mud for you since I’m a good person, I clearly love you” thing was…confusing. I get the situation was less than ideal, but…I dunno, maybe my memory’s off on how that went down, but it didn’t seem great from what I recall. Writer could have come up with a more plausible and decent scenario for sure.