burnt wings


“Stop Staring.” Warren grumbled lazily.

You jumped out of your dream like state and blinked twice. “I-I’m not.” You lied, cheeks flushing.

“You are. I can feel you staring.” Warren nearly growled out.

“Why don’t you ever want me staring at them?” You said a feeling of anger washing over you. “I’m sure other girls got to stare at them, why can’t I!”

“Don’t start, Y/N. Please.”

“Why not warren? Why can’t I admire how beautiful you are?”

“Because they’re not beautiful!” Warren screamed, turning to face you. “I’m not beautiful.” he said softly.

“Oh but Warren. Warren, baby you are. Every time I wake up next to you I’m breathless and I just can’t help but stare. Is this because you got burned? Warren I don’t give a damn about your burnt wing. I think your wings are beautiful ether way. I think you’re beautiful ether way.”

Warren looked down at you, all traces of anger gone. “Really?”


I know others have discussed the state of Castiel’s wings and how broken they are.  Originally I attributed it to the angels’ falling (despite knowing that he did not fall in the same way), but then I compared his wings to Gadreel’s burnt wings we saw in season 9: 

Castiel’s wings weren’t burnt from falling like Gadreel’s.  Or at least, it definitely doesn’t look that way.  What is left of Gadreel’s wings looks to be in somewhat decent shape, and not many feathers seem to fall off when he spread them.  Castiel’s, however, look severely damaged; they shed so many feathers once he spreads them, the bones look frail and thin, and the feathers themselves look practically dead. 

The state of Castiel’s wings are from something much worse than the expulsion of the angels from heaven.  Being killed several times, being human, stealing other angels’ graces, and ultimately, I think, falling in love with humanity and more specifically the Winchesters (in my opinion - platonic/familial love for Sam, romantic love for Dean).  Helping them so much has cost him everything he knew and was, and I wish that they could see the result and realize exactly how much this one angel has done and sacrificed for them.

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Matt Bellamy’s Manson guitar Bomber was used for three years from 2003 to 2006, notably during the 2004 Absolution Tour, and made its last debut at Werchter in 2006. Bomber is also featured in music videos of Hysteria (US version) and Starlight.

Bomber is decorated with airplane rivets (from a scrap yard, presumably from the Second World War) to cover some faults in the chrome plate as the guitar needed to be done incredibly quickly, in only a few weeks time, to use it during touring. Hugh Manson commented on the guitar; “I was trying to make it look like a sort of burnt wing of a B52 bomber, I suppose. Luckily it turned out amazingly and it sounds awesome. It’s funny how something that starts out being a good project, goes through this potential disaster stage and comes round to being a massive success.”

but if icarus were to have fallen in love with the moon
if the story had been altered in hopes that his wings and heart would be saved,
would he not still fall?

for the moon, despite how she wished to love him, could not return his affections,
as she was committed to the sun.

and the sea.
the sea loves the boy with the burnt wings to the point where the fates set the ending in stone, no matter the change.

because the moon and the sun are meant to love one another.
and icarus is meant to heal in the arms of the sea.

—  the sea is meant to suffocate in his own love. || { inspo - arach }
And the Lord said, let their be light, so I watched in awe of your glory as you filled this smoky bar with gold beams shining from your holy head. You, Patron Saint of broken boys, your eyeliner smeared like war paint across your narrow cheeks, lips tinted with another mans blood. And in that moment you looked at me as if I was a mirror, so I whispered to you the finest of prayers. Twin angel, after falling from grace, after the sun burnt off our wings, and cast us toward the ground we landed here, to name this bar cathedral, to rest our legs and be forgiven by whatever drink comes to our lips.
Dear Phoebe, if you tell me I am beautiful, I will set this bar ablaze with all the fire in my throat. I will lead you out into the street and let our sanctuary burn behind us. I will carve out our names into the melting asphalt, so that even when the smoke clears, they won’t be able to deny we were ever here.
—  Ode to The Only Other Trans Girl At The Gay Bar, or A Poem Beginning With Scripture and Ending With A Bar On Fire

@aoisakai​ asked: Could you please do a soulmate ver Tony Stark and Darcy Lewis with angst when they love each other so much , like star-crossed lovers ? 

So, I sort of followed the prompt? *meep* I didn’t get to the star-crossed lovers part, but have some angst?

At eighteen, Darcy was known primarily for being the shy, introverted girl from Oregon, totally unsuited to her pre-law major at Culver University. She celebrated her nineteenth birthday with little fanfare, a few well wishes, and went to bed late like any other normal day.

At twenty, Darcy had earned a reputation for bold and reckless behavior that had everyone scratching their heads in confusion. In the span of just a year, she had turned into a whirlwind of brashness and mischief that made itself felt most keenly in her Chemistry 2100 class, when she experimented with a chemical reaction that nearly burnt down an entire wing of the building.

Miraculously, Darcy was let off with little more than a fail grade in the class and a slap on the wrist. She was actually rather disappointed, in fact – Darcy was hoping for something more than just near academic suspension and a lifetime ban from the Culver lab buildings: her soulmate words.

What the hell do you think you’re doing?

On Darcy’s twentieth birthday, the mess of dark lines on her wrist had condensed into eight words, small and cramped and seared into the delicate skin above her pulse. Twenty years of waiting – and she had no desire to wait any longer, not if she had anything to say about it.

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But GUYS THE KISS WAS ON THE BEACH. The very beach where Lucifer washed up from Hell, where he burnt his wings, and now where his relationship with Chloe starts. The beach is such a special place because it symbolizes change in Lucifer. Every instance he’s been to this beach, his life has been altered. New life in LA: check. Getting away from his Father: check. Finally proving himself to the woman he loves? Check. This beach is so important for Lucifer’s mentality. He admitted to Chloe that she deserves someone who can love her with the same passion that she’ll love them with. His mentality is changing from being narcissistic and so damn SURE that he’s all she needs to realizing…that he might not be. And Lucifer is such a different man when he finally says it out loud.

Chloe can even see this shift in him and that’s why she finally kisses him. Before he was still a faceless partner looking for a one night stand. Maybe Chloe never saw him in that harsh of a light but emotionally she’s always felt that way about Lucifer.

Before the interaction on the beach Lucifer has never tried to be that bare to Chloe. Not when she saw his scars, not at the end of 2x10, not ever. But his confession on the beach shows her just how emotionally invested Lucifer really is in her.Lucifer has never torn down his ego and his walls for anyone. And it’s something Chloe definitely has never seen in him before.

That was why she didn’t kiss him right away on the balcony. There was a little part of her that still feared that she would end up like all of his other conquests. But now with Lucifer admitting that he is not deserving of her love changes everything.

Chloe is willing to take the risk (as she is the one who initiates the kiss) and fall for Lucifer and Lucifer is finally willing to let someone in. The beach changes not only Lucifer, but now it changes Chloe as well.

Warren Worthington III x Reader - Together

Your Mutation: Dragon Wings, Red tail, Control Fire
Requested By: anon
Word Count: 1867
Rating: T
Warnings: language, alcohol, mentions of sex
(I put in a keep reading b/c it’s very long!)

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Flying is in a bird’s nature of course, but what can it do if its wings are burnt? You were born free, accepted. You had a home, accepted too. But what did you do to earn them? Nothing… Now you have an opportunity. An opportunity that very few people would be granted. You may burn, then rise from your ashes as a phoenix. You may remake your home.

I was trying to learn temperance, I was trying
to be patient. To be a good girl, a woman
of my word, epitome of virtue.

But I blink and it’s your dark mouth
reflected in my eyes, your gleaming teeth and
the fruit, the fruit, always the fruit.

So instead of being wise, instead of taking
my time, I hunt my halo down. I tell my demons:
Take over. I know my days of being holy, they’re over.

Now I am re-learning how to be selfish. I am rising
from a bed of burnt feathers and the wings on my back
are black, but I think they suit me better this way.

Oh, I will not have them think you corrupted
me, no, not when it was I
who reached out and seized my bloodright.

You’re just part of the package, intrinsic
to this sin. The road to heaven is paved with
the bones of disbelievers and I am merely forgoing it.

The world will shake from this–so let it. The smoke
that rises from the cracks is cleansing. Among it all,
we’ll hold each other in the new universe we’re creating
and even the hot wind will chant our name.

Even the ashes,
even the flames.

—  Sacrilege, Amrita C.
You’re like a flame; beautiful but destructive.
You glow and give off hues of reds, oranges, and sometimes the blues.
Like a moth everything is drawn to you.
You burnt my wings, and I’m stuck searching through the ashes and debris, for any cinders that have fallen from you that could give me the satisfaction of your touch.
How enticing that is; the excruciating pain you feel when engulfed in flames is somehow bearable, because it’s the only thing that makes you feel alive.
just-liza \\ burnt wings

on more than one occasion bucky found himself driving from one end of the country to the other. not that he minded the long journey. he just didn’t like the cheap sleazy motel rooms he had to stay in or the greasy bad diner food that he had to endure. but he figured he didn’t get into hunting for the good times. he did it because he was good.

steve had caught word of a wendigo in kansas a few hours ago. campers going missing every twenty years when it raised its ugly cannibalistic head. as with wendigos, the tale went of a man from a tribe who was banished and forced to live in the woods for whatever reason. he would then result to cannibalism to survive and the resulting process would leave him deformed and disfigured and living centuries after he started snacking on the local congregation. however, this one had migrated. had moved around a bit and was growing smart. smarter. 

knife by his side, bucky was known in the trade as ‘silver armed barnes’. whilst many hunters liked using guns and such the like, bucky had a personal preference for his blade. he knew of bands of people who fought supernatural beings, but they were few and far between and nothing like most haunted or things like that. pulling into a turn-off, bucky found a small part of the road where he could turn the engine off and catch a few hours sleep before heading off again. pulling his jacket around his shoulders and closing his eyes he waited a few seconds before realizing that wasn’t going to work.

leaning forward, he turned on some music and leaned back, listening to someone sing something quite catchy. closing his eyes again, he folded his arms and was if he was honest quite at peace before he felt his car rock from side to side as if it had been jolted. darting up, he looked around wildly and saw a trail of… something in the woods outside. taking a deep breath, he found his flashlight in the glove compartment and stepped out, muttering to himself not to get scared or panic. he had fought bigger things before. hell, he was the bigger thing most of the time. 

stepping out into the darkness, he held his blade in his hand before calling out. “who’s there?!” more aptly he should have asked what was there. but he felt that could be rude. “hello?!” 

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When death falls (closed starter)

Luna carried her 6 year old brother to the edge of Heaven, God had just ordered his execution, he had got bored of torturing her twin, the tortures he had done to Leigh were so bad that they had even stunted his aging.
She kissed her twins forehead before throwing him out of Heaven, he was unconscious.
He crashed to earth, landing in the middle of a road, his wings badly burnt, only a few feathers remaining on the 8 of them.
He looked around wearily.
He called.


Okay so here’s a little theory I was just talking with my sister about.

So when Dean banished the angels form the first episode they didn’t have wings right? Well how come Ezekiel had wings? Is he special? OR is he someone who we all know and love.

We’ve never seen Lucifer’s wings so we can’t know what they look like to compare, but what if since Lucifer and Michael were in the pit and they didn’t fall like the other angels did.

What if Zeke is really Lucifer pretending to be another angel to get on Dean’s good side?

It’s just a thought.

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Sinestro strides to where the new fallen angel pants on his hands and knees, obviously injured from his recent disgrace. He studies with cold gold eyes the angel he once called his lover, once had faith in. The younger’s wings are burnt black as the depths around them, and twisted radiance halos Hal. It’s lovely, and completely dissatisfying. 

“And so the faithful fall,” Sinestro says coolly, lifting Hal’s chin up in an almost gentle manner. “Finally fed up of following?”