burnt room


Jason Todd x reader

A/N: I hope you all love it.  I just got so bored and needed to write something.  I’m really in a writing mood right now so please send requests!!!!!!

    It had been a long night and he was just coming home from patrol.  Jason climbed up the fire escape just thinking about how angry she’d probably be.  Bruce always gave him crap about his jobs and his wounds then lectured him.  He could see it now.

    “Jason this is why we don’t go out looking for fights.  We’re supposed to defend the people.”

    “Why don’t we stop the fights before they can happen.  And I don’t know if you’ve noticed, but I’ve taken care of about twenty seven drug lords in the past two weeks.”

    “By taken care of you mean kill.”

    “I don’t give a fuck about your no killing rules Bruce.  If they’re motivated they’ll come back.”

    “Not everyone gets resurrected in the Lazarus Pit, Jason.”

He just hoped you would understand.

Jason sneaks through the window and checks the area.  He doesn’t know why.  This is his apartment, but it’s a habit he made throughout the years from being under the radar.  The lights are on in the kitchen making the home itself look relaxing and calm.  He looks over at the living room.  The TV is on casting colors of light onto the wall like a rainbow.  He comes closer only to see her on the couch out cold.  He grinned when he saw her messy hair and how she was sprawled out on the couch in his t-shirt.  She probably tried to wait up for him again.  Jason scooped her up in his arms and took her to their room.


Jason woke up to light beams coming through his windows.  He reached out to pull her closer, but there was no one there.  He peeled his eyes open to look for any sign of her.  Then, he heard glass break in the kitchen and his heart stopped.  He grabbed his pocket knife that was sitting on the night stand and slowing made his way to the kitchen.

She was kneeling on the ground picking up glass from a shattered plate she had dropped.  The smell of burnt pancakes filled the room.  He sat the pocket knife on the kitchen counter and smirked down at her.


“Shut up,” she mumbled tossing the glass into the garbage can.  She flopped onto the couch covering her face with her hands. “I just wanted to make you breakfast.”

Jason walked over to the stove and turned off the burners eyeing the black pancakes.  He laughed,“I think you should leave the cooking to me.”

“You just think you’re a top chef because Alfred taught you how to cook.”  Jason bent down to her level and removed her hands from her face.  He grinned and kissed her nose.

“Babe I love you, but your cooking’s gonna put me in the hospital.”

“I’m not the one that’s gonna put you in the hospital,” she scolded and pulled up his shirt inspecting the new bruises littering his body.


“No,” she interrupted, “Shhh. Don’t speak just make me food. I’m starving.”

unswept dust in the corners
of the factory floor

mousetraps of mingled dead cheeses
mice turned green and cold

worker’s wages frozen, accounts
as cold as meteors

every shadow a despair
waiting to be born

this is moon dust
this is what it is

the taste of break room coffee
perpetually burnt before it touches your tongue

the old-car smell
everyone brings with them into work

the way no one talks
about their home lives here

everything we do
disassociating from rusted voices

even robots would not
do this job if asked

everything smells recycled
and our eyes are craters

TF2 Merc's Bedrooms

This is my opinion on what the merc’s bedroom look like and all that so here what’s i got-

Scout - His bedroom is mainly baseball theamed with all his baseballs bats stacked on the wall, on his bed side table he has a pic of his family, his room is quite messy with clothes, bonk cans and food wrappers all over the floor, he has a bookshelf full of sports books and one of the sports books is really a diary and he has a trunk full of hats.

Soldier - He has army based stuff all over his room so his room is like a mini battlefield with a wired fence around his side of the room, he shares his room with Engineer and his room is messy but not as messy as scouts, even tho he has the wired fencing, he doesn’t use it at night since it’s just him and engie in the room and they are both asleep, his bookshelf is full of war book and he also has a trunk full of hats.

Pyro - Nobody doesn’t know what pyro’s room looks like since it’s shut all the time and they don’t really want to go in there but all they know is that on the door there are cute girly stickers on his name on the door, they think he has a bookshelf full of cookbooks and fire and the room smells burnt.

Demoman -His room has all types of alcohol bottles all over the room but he does have bookshelf full of alcohol books, a picture of his mum and his eyelander on the wall and like everyone else he has a trunk full of hats.

Heavy - His room is russian theamed, he got a fridge in there full of sandwiches and a lot of pictures all over the wall of his mum and 3 sisters, he has a bookshelf full of russia things and different kinds of sandwiches and he has a bed made for sasha right next to his bed and a trunk full of hats.

Engineer - He is sharing his room with soldier but he doesn’t mind, he has a lot of metal, scrapped projects and blueprints all around his room but in a tidy way, he has a desk near the wall so he can do his work, his bookshelf is full of engineering books and diy books, a trunk full of hats and a little sentry guard by the door.

Medic - He shares his room with Sniper and he loves his company, he has a cage with archimedes in it, a lot of medical things around the room, a bookshelf full of medical books, a violin case by the window, a trunk full of hats and under archimedes’ cage, there is his seeds, dustpan and brush and other bird caring needs.

Sniper - He shares his room with Medic and he loves his company and stays in his room because of it but he goes and sleeps in his camper van when he’s sad or it’s a really hot summer night, he has his rifle stacked on the wall behind his bed, his has sir hoots a lot in a cage by the window, a bookshelf full of australia, owls, and surviving in the wild, a trunk full of hats and a coffee machine for when he makes his coffee.

Spy - His room is all french theamed, bookshelf full of french things and other books, trunk full of hats, in his bedside table he has a draw full of cigarette, a pic of scouts mum on the bedside table and he also keeps a pic of scout behind the pic of scouts mum to remind himself that he is his father.

Other things - they all have wallpaper with their logos on it, they all have a wardrobe with their cosmetic in it, sniper and medic are the only ones to have a pet in their room and all their room on are on the same floor.

BTS scents
  • jin: cherry lip balm, flowery shampoo, sesame oil
  • yoongi: spearmint gum, leather, bonfire smoke
  • namjoon: fresh coffee, aged paper, rose perfume
  • hoseok: honeysuckle, caramel candy, fruit bodywash
  • jimin: subtle cologne, cinnamon buns, chamomile
  • taehyung: coconut lotion, strawberries, ocean air
  • jungkook: aftershave, fresh laundry, korean bbq
My Weakness

Reader Request: can I request something? Something similar to “not just a one night fling"but instead of a fight, the reader gets badly shaken up by a hunt and really scared. Maybe a ghost or wendigo and dean has to calm her down and eventually admit feelings for her? (Requested by @freyawildflowersandlight )

Pairing: Dean x Reader

Word Count: 2,934

Warnings: None really. Just a little bit of weakness :)

Author’s Note: God, I hope you all like this one. I wanted to go off by an experience I had but changed it at the last minute because it would result in a longer fic, which I might do if…yeah lol please enjoy and let me know what you think.


“Y/N, you sure you up for this?”

I sighed and looked up at Dean from the rearview mirror. “Of course I am. Who wouldn’t I be up for an easy salt and burn case?”

“But it’s not just a salt and burn, Y/N,” said Sam from the passenger seat. He turned his head to look at me. “The history you have with-”

“I’ll be fine,” I said loudly, cutting him off.

Dean said nothing but stared hard at me for a few seconds before turning his eyes back on the road.

A half hour of awkwardness in the Impala, and then Dean parked it outside of the two-story house.

My eyes slowly looked out my window and like if on cue, lightning flashed across the sky, followed by the low rumble of thunder. I suppressed a shudder and turned my attention to the brothers, who were staring up at the house, their eyes scanning the property.

I cleared my throat. “So we doin’ this or what?”

Dean looked back at me. “Y/N, you know you don’t have to do this. Listen, why don’t you go back-”

“Let’s go,” I said, pushing the backseat door open and climbing out. Sam and Dean followed soon after.

The house looked the same as it did nearly thirteen years ago. The pasty blue paint that my mom had picked still clung to the wood with dear life, save for a few peels here and there. The windows still held that dark ominous look and I fought the urge to run back into the car.

“Not gonna lie,” muttered Dean once he and Sam got their weapons from the trunk before joining me on the pathway. “House looks pretty damn creepy.”

I swallowed. “Wait until you see the inside,” I mumbled before walking up the path toward the front door.

We opened the front door with the spare key under the welcome mat and stepped inside.

The hallway was dark, as was the living room to our left and study room to our left. The stairs leading upstairs cast a dark shadow down the hall, making it almost impossible to see the path leading to the kitchen.

“Alright,” came Dean’s gruff voice through the dark. “Sam, you check the kitchen, Y/N, you check the living room and I’ll check upstairs.”

I swallowed hard. “There’s a basement,” I said rather quickly. I cleared my throat. “Maybe I should check-”

“No, I’ll go,” interrupted Dean, eyeing me carefully. “Why don’t you go check upstairs for any hidden saves on the walls- Sam, you do the same in the kitchen and these two rooms. I’ll handle the basement.”

I gave a slight nod before turning my attention to the stairs leading to the second floor. Sam and Dean took down the hall, their low mutters faint as they disappeared toward their destinations.

Taking a deep breath, I climbed the steps, my heart racing inside my chest.

Too many memories in this godforsaken place. Fractured ankle on these very stairs- and all due to the very hellish spirit that we were hunting tonight, sleepless nights where I would lay in bed, the halls echoing with heavy footsteps, each time getting closer and closer to my bedroom door, waking up in the mornings with strange fingerprints on my arms and thighs, like someone was holding me down.

I reached the landing and my stomach tightened as my eyes zeroed in on my old bedroom door. That bedroom was the heart of the house. I knew it and it I knew it.

With my hand pressed over my heart to stop it from beating so fast, I walked over to the door and turned the knob.

The room was ice cold.

I held my breath as I stepped over the doorframe, finally entering the bedroom after thirteen years.

That was the first mistake I made.

The door slammed shut behind me. I quickly backed up against the wall.

Second mistake made.

I looked across the room and my heart dropped. There, standing near the bed was the very thing that had been haunting my dreams since the night I left this place.

He had a very daunting look about him. Almost like he was challenging me. He stood very tall, almost as tall as Sam, with his hoodie over his head, covering half his face.

I could never see his face.

I suppressed a shiver as the lamp near the bed flickered on and off like some sort of horror movie. Except this wasn’t a horror movie.

The spirit- or whatever the hell he was- twitched like some bad channel on the television before vanishing into thin air…only to appear in front of me, hoodie no longer hiding his face.

Kyle. His name was Kyle. He had first appeared to me when I was seven. Always promising to be my best friend forever. But as I got older, he grew angry. And he would hurt my parents and anyone who came near the house.

His eyes were sunken in, dark circles underneath. His mouth was stained with blood, and right on his forehead…a bullet wound.

“You came back,” he said, his voice an echo whisper.

Then, he flung me across the room, my back hitting the wall with a sickening crunch. He was on me then, pinning me to the wall, his eyes zeroing in on my heart.

“Now we can be together forever,” he whispered before plunging his hand into my chest, gripping my heart.

The bloodcurdling scream that escaped my lips vibrated the walls of the house. It ripped through my chest and strained against my veins, pushing its way out.

He squeezed tighter, his vice grip freezing my heart with every passing second. My whole body was going numb and my screams were slowly draining from my body.

It was then that the bedroom door burst open and Dean shot the ghost, dispersing him for a moment.

I gasped and fell to my knees, my hand over my heart. Darkness threatened to cloud over me but I fought against it as I looked up at Dean.

He rushed over to me and had his hands on my face instantly. “You okay?” he asked. “Y/N, we have to move. We need-”

The rest of his words were cut off as he was flung carelessly across the room. The ghost had appeared again and he was glaring at me.

“Why are you trying to get rid of me?” he asked angrily. “We’re supposed to be best friends. You’re supposed to die so we can be together!”

I shook my head, tears threatening to fall. “I’m not your friend, Kyle,” I nearly sobbed. “I never was. Now please, leave these people alone.”

Dean watched my interaction, body tensed and full on alert. He had reached for his gun and was now pointing it at Kyle, his lips pursed and ready to pull the trigger.

“Come with me,” said Kyle, making me drift my eyes to him again.

I shook my head. “No, Kyle.”

If there was one thing I remembered about Kyle, it was that he had always had a bad temper. He never liked when I said no. That was how I had fractured my ankle when I was young. He had pushed me down the stairs when I refused to play with him.

Kyle lunged at me then, his transparent being fell into mine and I felt my whole body freeze up.


I couldn’t see. Everything was black. The loud static noise in my ear was deafening and i opened my mouth to scream but I felt like someone had their hands around my neck, blocking any air flow.

“Fuck!” I heard Dean yell as he fell to his knees next to me. “Shit, Y/N, can you hear me? Can you- SAM GET UP HERE RIGHT NOW!”

I heard hurried footsteps scurry into the room and Sam was beside me then.

“Give me the salt, dammit!” yelled Dean frustratedly.

Next thing I knew, the coldness had evaporated into nothing and I was staring up at Kyle, who was a few feet away, his angry yells filling the room.

“My necklace,” I managed to choke out, reaching for the thread around my neck. “It was his. Burn the fucking thing.”

Dean ripped the necklace from my throat in a heartbeat and quickly lit it up, setting Kyle on fire as well. He screamed as his spirit disintegrated into nothing, leaving only behind the smell of burnt ash.

The room fell silent.

My bottom lip trembled as I stared at the spot where Kyle had been. I had been so close. So fucking close to joining him. I could feel him inside me, trying to rip my life away. I could feel his cold hands around my throat and squeezing.

Had it not been for Dean to shove salt down my throat, I don’t think I would be alive right now.

“Y/N, you good? Are you hurt?” he asked, worry dripping from every word.

I couldn’t move. I couldn’t talk. The loud thrumming in my ears made me close my eyes and let a few tears roll down my face.

“Dean, let’s take her back to the motel,” said Sam as he kneeled down next to me. “She’s probably in shock.”

I blinked and focus my attention on the boys instead. “I-I’m okay. Guys, I-I’m okay.”

But in truth, I wasn’t. I was trying so hard not to break down right then and there. What would Sam and Dean say? I didn’t want them thinking that I was some weak link that they needed to get rid of. It would hurt like hell if that ever came to happen. Especially if it was Dean that said it.

I mean, I knew I wasn’t a great hunter like they were. I would never get to their level. Wouldn’t even dream of it, actually. I had only become a hunter two years ago…and it was all thanks to Sam and Dean. Had it not been for that rogue vampire that killed my best friend two years ago, this whole hunting life would have never existed to me.

But it did. And I wanted to hunt those monsters.

Dean had been hesitant at first. He didn’t want someone like me, who didn’t know the life, to be holding them back. But Sam had been kind enough to vouch for me, saying that I was just doing what they were doing and that if they had said no, I’d just hunt the vampire down myself. Dean caved in after that, saying he’d rather have me within eyesight than find me dead in an alleyway due to my carelessness. So for two years I tagged along with the Winchesters, hunting vampires, ghosts, even demons. I was still fairly new.

And then this case happened.


The ride back to the motel was silent.

Every now and then Dean would glance at his rearview mirror to look at me and I would stare back, never blinking.

Since my stay with the Winchesters, I had grown close to them. I loved Sam like a brother. He was always looking out for me and usually took my side with arguments with his older brother, Dean. But with Dean? Now he was one for the history books. Well…my history book. I had developed a huge crush on the green eyed man. Sure he was off limits, he had said so himself when some random girl tried to get with him at the bar, but that didn’t stop me from fantasizing about a possible relationship with the older Winchester.

Not that it would ever happen.

Especially after tonight. He probably thought I was such a girl. A stupid, naïve ‘little’ girl who couldn’t handle a damn ghost without almost passing out in fear.

Dean pulled into the parking lot of the motel and parked the car in front of our room. We climbed out of the car without a word and walked toward our room.

I felt my body start to tremble again and my vision blurred with unshed tears.

Weak. You’re fucking weak, Y/N. It was a stupid ghost. Nothing special. He was NOT special to you.

Sam opened the door and just as I was about to follow him, Dean stepped in front of me, blocking my path.

I closed my eyes and turned around instead, walking back out to the parking lot. I couldn’t face Dean and his questions. I knew he wanted to know about Kyle. Why he wanted me dead. Why I fucking cried my eyes out after Dean burned him into oblivion.

“Y/N, wait up!”

I walked faster.

“Fuck. Y/N- what the hell?”

He caught my arm and pulled me around to face him. His green eyes searched my Y/E/C and he shook his head lightly.

“What’s wrong?”

I scoffed. “What’s wrong? Dean, my whole fucking life is a screwed up mess!” I shook my head and wiped away the angry tears that were now falling down my face.

Dean stared at me, his expression that of confusion. “What are you talking about?”

I closed my eyes, willing my tears away. “How fucked up can I be that I cried over some stupid ghost who wanted to kill me so that I can be with him for all eternity?”

Dean said nothing.

I opened my eyes. “I have never been so scared in my life. But tonight- with Kyle- I thought I was done for. I swear I thought I was done for and I was so scared that I was never going to get a chance to tell-”

I stopped myself and swallowed hard. Fuck. I was about to admit my feeling for Dean. I couldn’t have that. Not right now. Not ever. He would never want to be with a girl like me.

“I get it,” he said, his voice deep and low. “I, uh, I mean, I-I never thought I’d be so scared of anything in my life either but…”

He trailed off and I crossed my arms over my chest, my heart fluttering at how close we were.

Dean stared at me for what felt like the longest time before he stepped closer to me, our toes touching. He raised his hands and gently cupped my face.

“But nothing happened to you, Y/N,” he mumbled, his eyes flicking down to my lips for a flash of a second before locking eyes with me. “You’re right here. With Sam. With me.”

I hated myself for letting the tears fall freely. “I-I’m a weak person, Dean. I practically let Kyle inside and almost let him kill-”

“But you didn’t,” said Dean, cutting me off. “If you were weak, you wouldn’t have screamed. You would have let that son of a bitch freeze your heart and…” he shook his head, “what would I have done?”

His hands were still on my face and I felt myself leaning my head in slightly, closer to him.

“Now, this may not have been an easy hunt, but Y/N,” he licked his lips, “you are not weak. And so fucking what if you got scared? Kyle was a part of your life…for the longest time. So you froze up. So fucking what? You’re human, that’s what you do. That doesn’t make you weak.”

I sniffed.

Dean smiled sadly at me. “Weakness is keeping quiet.” He inched closer to me. “Weakness is letting the days, hours, minutes…seconds go by without saying those meaningful words that keep getting sucked back inside your throat. Weakness,” he closed the distance and pressed his forehead against mine, “is never letting myself have this moment.”

My eyes fluttered shut at the contact, shivers running up and down my spine as I felt his hand rest on my low back, pushing me closer to him.

Dean sighed. “Kyle may have had your childhood, Y/N, but he’s gone now. You don’t have to be afraid anymore.” His nose nudged mine playfully. “I’ll take care of you.”

My heart skipped a beat. Was this actually happening? I had to be dreaming. Either I had passed out in the Impala or Dean Winchester had just admitted his feelings for me.

“In case you haven’t noticed,” he mumbled, “I just sort of, kind of, poured my heart out to you.”

Despite my current emotional state, I let out a breathless laugh. “Well, in case you haven’t noticed, I’ve been sort of, kinda of, crushing on you over the past two years.”

Dean pulled back at that. “What? Two years?” he asked looking down at me. I nodded. He sighed, an amused smile on his face. “If I had known you felt the same back then, I would have done this a long time ago.”

He wrapped a hand around my neck and pulled me to him, his mouth capturing mine in a tender kiss.

“Dean?” I asked when we pulled away.

“Mm?” he asked, leaning his forehead against mine once again.

“Thank you.”

He pulled back, a small smile on his lips. “For what?”

I stared at his green eyes for a moment before pulling his mouth to mine. “For giving me this moment,” I muttered, kissing him again, only this time, I nipped at his lower lip.

He opened his mouth, allowing my tongue in and in an instant, had me pinned against the Impala, his hands gripping my waist tight.

“I’ve waited so long for this,” he breathed against my neck.

I grinned into his shoulder. “So have I.” Dean’s mouth was on mine again. “So have I,” I breathed.

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Coffee shop AU (125) & Bucky Barnes! Pleaaase make it fluffy

125. Coffee Shop AU

In where you are having a pretty strange week, and you just happen to run into Bucky every single day at the same coffee shop. He could be stalking you, or it could be fate. You aren’t totally sure.

Word Count: 2,652 (someone got carried away)

Originally posted by fairyhd


The Joffery Lannister of days.

It didn’t help that you were hungover; head pounding and screaming at you to go back to sleep. But your phone continuously reminded you that you needed to get up. Right now. Beep. Beep. Beep. Beep.

Because you had about eight minutes before you needed to leave your apartment in order to make it to work on time.

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the lamp in my room burnt out 4 or 5 days ago. every night I tell myself ‘I’ll change it tomorrow’ and every time I wake up and I just….pretend it’s not something I have to do..-__-

That Piece of Information Didn't Come up in Conversation - Elijah Mikaelson

You slipped the last book into its place in the bookshelf and rearranged the magazines on the coffee table. Your brother was coming from out of town and you wanted everything to be perfect for his arrival. You took the jug of peach ice tea out of the fridge and put it in two tall glasses with a wedge of lemon and two ice cubes each. You put some pop tarts in the toaster, once they were done you slid them onto a plate and went into the garden and waited for his arrival.

 A few moments later you saw the familiar rainbow flash and there was your brother. 

 “Thor! I told you that you had to land towards the pool, now I have to live with this pattern in the wrong place until your next visit.” You shouted from the decking

 “It is nice to see you too Y/N. Mother gave me the ingredients for fathers elixir and some extra for you to replenish your store” Thor said while walking over to you. 

You hugged him.

“I’ve missed you Thor” 

“We have all missed you in Asgard. Are those pop tarts I see?” 

“Yes they are, and peach ice tea” 

Thor took a pop tart and ate it in two bites before chugging his ice tea. 

“We need this on Asgard” 

You laughed. 

“Let’s go inside so I can make fathers elixir and you can leave before Elijah comes home” 

“You still haven’t told him?” Thor asked surprised

“No Thor, I can’t exactly say ‘Hey Elijah, I know we’ve been dating forever and all but I just thought I should tell you I’m a Norse goddess.’ He’d run for the mountains” 

“But Lady Jane-” 

“Please, don’t bring her up. You know how much I despise her” 

“It was an accident” 

“Accident or not, she should know how to treat a goddess, especially if she wants me to make father agree to your betrothal” 

“Y/N you-” 

“Thor please shut up before I throw this knife at you” 

Thor stopped speaking and walked into the living room. 

“Once you are done with the elixir, call me” his voice boomed out. 

You added your ingredients into a cauldron you had from Asgard (or as Elijah was told ’ a Norwegian soup pot’) stirring after the 3rd, 5th and 7th addition before chanting a spell over the now boiling contents. The elixir turned from a blue colour to green, then clear and finally settled on a sparkly gold. You poured it into the little-stoppered bottles and then encased them in an intricate box. There were some remaining ingredients in the sack Thor had bought you so you popped a floorboard and took out your chest of potion ingredients, it was a gift from Loki. Each ingredient had its own space so you put them in the correct place before placing the box in the sack and returning to Thor. 

“There should be enough for, until your next visit, mjölnir off my coffee table please” 

Thor took mjölnir off and put it on the floor. 

“You should visit you know, Loki has been asking for you” 

“How long has it been?” 

“What do you mean?” 

“How long has he been in there?” 

“Y/N, you know we can’t release him early. He needs his punishment. He has his own cell with luxuries from the castle. Mother brings him books every so often” 

“I just wish that he didn’t do it. I wish he was the Loki who I grew up with” 

Thor laughed. 

“Do you remember that time you, Loki and I were playing on the grounds and you turned him into a pig.” Thor began laughing uncontrollably. 

“And. The. Cook”

“Yes, yes. The cook thought Loki was one of the pigs for the banquet so he began chasing him with a cleaver until I managed to turn him back” 

Thor was now crying with laughter, soon you began to laugh too until both of you were on the floor laughing for no apparent reason. A minute or two later you were still laughing until the door banged open and a worried Elijah burst through. 

“Y/N something’s happen-” Elijah said bursting into the living room.

All three of you looked at each other. 

“Elijah, meet my brother Thor. Thor, meet Elijah” 

Thor waved. 

“Well, I must be going now. Heimdall, the Bifrost please” he said running out of the back door, mjölnir and elixir in tow. 

“Uhm, I guess I have some explaining to do” 

“So you are the goddess of light. Daughter of Frigga and Odin, Thor and Loki are you, brothers. You are the same Goddess my father would pray to when we were children when he needed darkness for hunting” 

“Erm, yeah. I guess” Elijah closed his eyes and slumped into the sofa. 

“Please don’t be mad. I came to midg- earth to get away from-” 

“I’m not mad! This is amazing” Elijah said smiling at you. 

“You saw me growing up, you can remind me of my childhood.” 

“I saw a lot more that your childhood. I saw you when you were a vampire throughout the ages. Every now and then when your father was a threat, I’d call in favours and give you and your siblings time to get away” 

“I always wondered how we got so lucky. So why did you come here of all places? Mother told us stories of Asgard, home of the Gods” 

“Well, I needed a change of scenery and I wanted a certain brown haired Original vampire. Oh, Odin! I sound like such a stalker. It was just that-”

Elijah chuckled. 

“It’s sweet, in a stalker-ish way. Can you show me?”


“Your magic” 

You smiled. 

“It’s could get in trouble for this.”

You took Elijah’s hand and led him outside. You took a deep breath and closed your eyes and began chanting, you felt the magic run through your veins and into the tips of your fingers. Your chanting got faster and faster until you let it go, the sky changed from its beautiful blue with a shining sun, to pitch black with the moon and millions of stars. 

“Wow, this is almost as beautiful as you” 

You giggled and changed it back. 

“So what happened? You burst into the living room all frantic” 

“Ah, yes. You know my Aunt Dahlia? Well, she is back. And she wants Klaus’ daughter.” 

“I told mother that giving mortals some of out power was a silly idea, she just didn’t listen” 

“Since I didn’t know about your power I was here to keep you safe, but I guess now you are an advantage” 

You and Elijah spent the rest of the day trying to find ways to vanquish Dahlia. The both of you had joint forces with Rebekah. The three of you searched through books to find out how they could kill her. 

“I’m so stupid!” You yelled. 

“I’m should’ve remembered. Every witch has a weakness! Dahlia’s weakness is made up of three things. The soil from her homeland, the body of her oppressors and the blood of the thing that she loves the most.” 

“So we need Viking soil, Viking ashes and my blood,” Freya said. 

“Yes. Someone should collect those things. Without them she is indestructible. Elijah, I need to speak to you”

You both left the room. 

“We need the ashes of your father and the blood of your mother. Freya is not the things she loves the most” 

“Nikalus will be able to get my father’s ashes as well as the soil. But my mother is a different thing. She is dead and we don’t have any vials of her blood.” 

“Leave that to me. Meet me at the cemetery at midnight and I’ll be ready. You must make sure that hope is safe.”

Elijah nodded. 

“Be safe” 

“I will,“  you said pecking him on his lips

He recaptured your lips for a slow deep kiss. 

“I love you” He whispered gazing into your eyes.

“I love you too” you whispered back.

Elijah whooshed off and you made your way to the cemetery.

There was an altar in the centre of the mausoleum, you placed a wooden coffin on top and laid out your tools. You quartered the coffin. In one-quarter you placed mud, in one-quarter a bowl of water, in the third a lit oil lamp and in the last, wind captured from the windiest day in all of your existence. You removed the lid from Esther’s ashes and began to mutter the spell. You called on the four elements to give you power as the ashes from rose from the pot and into the coffin. The candles in the room burnt bright, the wind picked up fiercely. It was working. Rain began pattering on the roof of the mausoleum. Louder and louder until you could hear nothing. It all stopped with a gasp. The gasp of Esther’s first breath of air. 

“Don’t be scared. I am Y/N of Asgard. I am here to save your children.” 

Esther got up out of the coffin and took the dress you held in your hands. Her eyes widened after what you said registered in her mind.

She bowed to you out of respect.

“I am here to vanquish your sister. To do this, I need-” 

“The blood of the thing she loves the most.”

“Yes, so you’ll know that this may mean that you will have to die again.”

“If it means that I can be reunited with my sister, I will do anything”

Everyone was gathered at the compound. You had linked the soil and Mikael’s ashes to a dagger. 

“The dagger must go through Esther first then Dahlia or it won’t work” 

“We all need to go to the abandoned train track depot, that’s where she’ll be waiting. I will turn that into an area where no magical being can leave. Once your mother is in the right place, I will send the dagger from the roof, where the magic doesn’t apply.”

Everyone murmured in agreement and left. 

Dahlia had fallen into the trap. She, alongside Klaus, Rebekah and Elijah was in the circle, Esther was standing there also you couldn’t hear anything from where you were, but you looked on waiting. You could see something wooden with silver lines on it, it was the White Oak Stake. Seconds later it exploded into dust which was being forced into their lungs. Elijah was writhing in pain. You felt helpless. You wanted to help so bad, but you knew that if you did your cover would be blown and the plan would fail. 

Esther and Dahlia were locked in an embrace. You took your chance and directed the dagger towards Esther. Dahlia could see it coming and tried to move away from her, but she kept her grip. The dagger went smoothly through Esther and into Dahlia. They both dropped.

You used your magic to get off the roof and onto the floor. You ran to the circle and broke it before pulling all of the white oak dust out of the air until it formed a mountain in your hands, you threw it up into the air calling on the wind to drive it further away from where you were. 

Once you got to Elijah, you helped him sit up and offered your arm for him to drink from, but he declined.

“You saved my family Y/N. For that I will be forever in your debt” Klaus said. 

You smiled. 

“I would do anything for Elijah" 

"Enough of this mushy stuff. I just can’t believe you’re a goddess we used to pray to as children.” Rebekah said, shocked

“Yes, I too was surprised at that piece of information, did you know Thor, the lightning god was in our home. He is Y/N’s brother.”

“Elijah, you’re embarrassing me!”

Elijah got up and wrapped an arm around your waist. The three of you began to walk home.

“She used to stalk us” He informed her matter of factly.

You rolled your eyes and smiled. The Mikaelsons were your family away from family. You felt a lot better now that Elijah knew your secret, in fact, it brought you closer together.


Color of the Week: Home Decorators Collection Campfire Blaze

It doesn’t quite feel like fall without sitting around a crackling fire pit or fireplace. That burnt orange that’s carried throughout warming embers is one of our inspirations for this week’s color, Home Decorators Collection Campfire Blaze from our Autumn Sidewalk palette. The orange hue is wonderfully accented with greys, beiges and other neutrals, or it can be used as a pop of color throughout the home, as seen in the inspiration photos above.