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Chateau de Brumagne was built halfway the 18th century in classicist style. Characteristic for this style is the rather sober appearance on the outside, which is countered by the sophisticated finishings on the inside. A consuming fire in 2001 destroyed most of this finishing. The oak panelling in several rooms was burnt to a cinder and the wallpaintings by Piat Sauvage were washed away by the subsequent extinguishing waters. The beautiful, detailed stucco by the famous Moretti brothers, dating back to 1760, however is still visible under the fire damage. The castle that was owned by several big names in Belgium’s political history, was also a favourite refuge for the late King Albert I and his wife Queen Elisabeth. During the interbellum they stayed here on multiple occasions. The king, a passionate rock climber, fell to his death in 1934 in the vicinity of this castle.

Unbreakable (Part 4)

Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Reader
Warnings: Torture, Swearing, Abduction, Fire
A/N: Prompt. Part 1. Part 2. Part 3. I can’t believe how long this thing bloody took me! Sorry it’s been so long since I last updated it, but here is part 4 for ‘Unbreakable’!

Bucky’s POV

“Well, being there is a start.” Natasha said, her usually harsh-sounding voice taking on a softer tone.

“I’m not going anywhere.” Bucky replied, head tilted up to the night sky as him and Nat began to stroll back towards the tower.

“Good.” she smiled, green eyes glinting slightly as she glanced up at him, “Y/N deserves someone who’ll fight for her.”

“Well, I’m gonna damn well try.” Bucky said, eyebrows furrowing as a fire engine went speeding past, sirens blaring.

Mindlessly kicking at a stone on the pavement, Bucky let out a shaky breath as he shoved his hands deep in his pockets. Even now, your look of fear and betrayal was painted across his eyelids, flickering in his vision every time he blinked. If it was the last thing he did, he would make sure you never looked like that ever again.

“Hey Buck?” Natasha asked quietly, “Is that coming from the tower?” Nudging Bucky to point out the pillar of smoke that was starting to billow into the sky.

“Shit.” Bucky said, the pair immediately breaking into a sprint as a couple more fire engines zoomed past.

About a million thoughts went racing through Bucky’s head as him and Nat ran towards the spiral of black smoke. Bucky knew all about your pyrokinesis, yet he couldn’t help but worry. If the tower really was on fire, and you couldn’t control it, then something was seriously wrong. Feet pounding against the pavement, Bucky couldn’t stop the way his heart felt like it was beating out of his chest. As the two neared the tower, they spotted a huddled group of people, being able to pick out a few of their teammates in the gathering.

“Steve!” Bucky yelled, running up to his blond friend, black soot smudged across his cheeks and dusting his hair.

“Bucky, thank god!” Steve said, blue eyes filled with worry as he clutched at Bucky’s shoulder, “We’ve been looking all over for you… it’s Y/N…”

Without another word, Bucky sprinted into the building, ducking around anyone who tried to stand in his way. This is all my fault, he couldn’t help but think, jaw clenched and eyes wild. He didn’t know what he was going to do once he got to you, he just knew that he had to. As he weaved through the many corridors, often crashing into walls in his haste, Bucky didn’t even notice as the smoke became thicker around him. As he neared your door, he began to feel the heat licking at his skin, the flames crackling around him.

“Bucky!” Steve’s voice suddenly called out, the sound of his pounding feet coming up behind him.

“Steve?” Bucky said, covering his mouth as he let out a string of coughs, “What are you doing in here?”

“You think I’d let you come in here on your own, no chance.” Steve replied, clapping Bucky on the shoulder, “Besides, I have a plan…”

“Oh god.”


As the fire burned on around you, smoke filling your lungs, and flames licking against your bare skin, you couldn’t contain the sobs that continued to break past your lips. You never wanted this, this ‘gift’ as Steve kept referring to it. All it had ever done was cause you pain and suffering. Your father was right to give you up, you put everybody around you in danger. Digging your nails into the burning skin of your thighs, you barely registered the distant sounds of voices, instead only focusing on the sounds of the fire slowly destroying everything around you. So far it had burnt everything in your room, and the rooms either side of you, blackening your walls and creating a blockage in front of your door.

“Y/N?” Can you hear me?” Steve’s muffled shout could barely be heard over the fire, the sound of his voice only causing you to burrow further into yourself, “We’re going to get you out of here, okay?”

The sounds of debris shifting, and the fire spitting out accompanied two murmured voices. Suddenly, the sound of your door groaning filled the room, before it seemed to fall off its hinges, crashing to the ground.

“Doll?” Bucky’s hoarse voice coughed, his flesh arm thrown up to his face and his metal one laying limply at his side.

Grey eyes flickering around the room, they quickly locked onto your cowering figure, gaze filling with both relief and fear. That look on his face felt like a stab to the heart. It was such a familiar expression, the look of fear as someone realised what you were truly capable of.

“Y/N…” he said, inching around the fallen debris to get to you, “Doll, everything’s going to be okay, I’m gonna get you out of here.”

Pushing past a fallen beam, Bucky hissed as the smouldering metal contacted with his bare flesh. Screwing his eyes shut, he carried on towards you, barely flinching as a chunk of debris fell onto his metal shoulder.

“Doll, I’m here.” Bucky murmured, fingers brushing against yours as he crouched in front of you.

“Bucky…” you whispered, feeling the fire ebb at his touch.

“Come on.” Bucky said, carefully hosting you up with his flesh arm alone, “I’m so sorry Doll.”

Walking back through the destruction, Bucky hunched over your body as the building continued to crumble around the two of you.

“Buck, you got her?” Steve asked, shield propping up the largest piece of debris that had previously been blocking the door.

“Yeah. Yeah, I got her.” Bucky said, gripping you close to his body as the three of you navigated your way out of the burning building.

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A New Kind of Family

Prompt request: Prompt request: During a class trip to the tower, a group of hydra agents hold an entire level hostage including the group of teens. 1 agent decided to take a girl to another room to assault her. He got her against a table but she grabbed his face and sent electric shocks through him. Now that her power has been exposed she’s a target. Her house was burned down and parents killed. The avengers take her to the compound for her protection and they all treat her like a little sister.

Characters: Steve Rogers, Bucky Barnes, Tony Stark, Sam Wilson, Natasha Romanoff, Wanda Maximoff, Reader

Warnings: angstangstangstangst, cursing, death, attempted sexual assault (very brief description)

A/N: So I went super dark with this request. Tags and requests are open! As always, thanks for reading!

One Shot Masterlist

You stared at the fireball that was once your home and tried to process what you were seeing. Glass shattered as flames licked the air, and your jaw ached from screaming so much. Your parents were in there, but your feet were stuck to the ground. You were completely helpless. You finally had enough sense to try and run into your burning home to attempt a rescue, but a strong force held you back. Your feet kicked wildly in front of you as you were pulled farther and farther away from the havoc. A small prick in your neck caused your vision to blur and eyes to droop as the energy to fight left your body.

It was your fault your parents were dead. None of this would have happened if it weren’t for you…

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BTS scents
  • jin: cherry lip balm, flowery shampoo, sesame oil
  • yoongi: spearmint gum, leather, bonfire smoke
  • namjoon: fresh coffee, aged paper, rose perfume
  • hoseok: honeysuckle, caramel candy, fruit bodywash
  • jimin: subtle cologne, cinnamon buns, chamomile
  • taehyung: coconut lotion, strawberries, ocean air
  • jungkook: aftershave, fresh laundry, korean bbq
The Story of Us

PROLOGUE || 1 || 2 || 3 || 4 || 5 || 6 || 7 || 8 || 9 || 10 || 11 || 12 || 13 || 14 ||

✮ Epilogue ✮

Word Count: 2,348

✮ ✮ ✮ ✮ ✮ ✮ ✮

10 years later…

It had been ten years since Rhiannon and Jedediah remarried. A union that would sadly only get until Christmas that year but their love would last long after both of them passed. It was only a few short weeks later that the Matthews returned to New York with a few hearts broken in the process.

Although her inevitable return to the city happened it wasn’t the last time Riley would twirl her way through Hillford Creek. A few events over the years would draw the brunette back into town, mostly happy reasons but some brought on by sad circumstances. Despite the reason, good or bad, Riley found it harder each and every time it came for her to leave.

Now, nearly four years since her last visit Riley sits on on a near empty bus. Her gaze fixated out the window, a small smile resting on her face as she admires the scenic drive into town. Her nostalgia building with every mile behind her.

Riley trips on the last step off the bus in her true klutzy fashion. Quickly she steadies herself and has a quiet laugh at the same sorry excuse of a bus stop she first arrived at all those years ago. The brunette inhales deeply, with a smile on her face she walks towards the sign that reads;

‘Welcome to Hillford Creek
, Austin Texas’

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skelltales  asked:

Hey babe <3 <3 Can I get Hound and Cherry reacting to their S/O screaming because a cockroach is crawling on them please?

Of course, my dear. <3 Oh boy LOL


– Cherry thinks the worst when he hears you scream. He vaults over the back of the couch, forgetting his ability to use shortcuts in his panic. Has the human changed their mind and switched to a genocide run? No, they can’t, they -

– They’re nowhere to be seen in the room you occupy. Instead, he sees you trying to swipe at your clothes, eyes wide with terror. He moves in to grab your shoulders and urges you to look at him, to tell him what’s wrong. He gets his answer when he spots the problem, big and dark and creepy, crawling over your shoulder and on to his phalanges.

– Your screaming hasn’t ceased this entire time and now, Cherry’s voice adds to your volume. He screams, the lollipop falling out of his mouth as he flails his hand in an attempt to get rid of it. The cockroach just switches between settling on your person and his. Now both of you are screaming.

– Needless to say, when Sans comes home he’s going to be greeted by a confusing sight; you shaking in the corner with a broom in hand, the offending cockroach on the opposite wall, and Cherry passed out on the floor. It’s not a good time.


– You’re cuddling on Hound’s bed, surrounded by his skeletal limbs with your head pillowed by his arm. Everything’s peaceful, until Hound’s soul nearly breaks through his ribs when you let out a piercing shriek. Now he’s on high alert and his eye is glowing a burnt scarlet, scanning the room for the threat.

– At your call his eyes return to you, and he spots it; the cockroach has settled uncomfortably close to your face, making you scoot as far as you can back into his chest. Honestly, It makes him breathe a sigh of relief.

– There’s the ping of his magic and you both watch as the roach floats into the middle of the room, where a gaster blaster is resting. It perks up as Hound dangles it in front of him, eagerly chasing after it when it zooms out of the room. Hound hopes that you didn’t hear the crunch of its demise as he goes back to your cuddles.

– He strokes your hair and kisses your temple afterwards. Hound assures you that he’ll wash the sheets and check around the room if you’re still freaked out - just, after laying there for a few more hours.


Jason Todd x reader

A/N: I hope you all love it.  I just got so bored and needed to write something.  I’m really in a writing mood right now so please send requests!!!!!!

    It had been a long night and he was just coming home from patrol.  Jason climbed up the fire escape just thinking about how angry she’d probably be.  Bruce always gave him crap about his jobs and his wounds then lectured him.  He could see it now.

    “Jason this is why we don’t go out looking for fights.  We’re supposed to defend the people.”

    “Why don’t we stop the fights before they can happen.  And I don’t know if you’ve noticed, but I’ve taken care of about twenty seven drug lords in the past two weeks.”

    “By taken care of you mean kill.”

    “I don’t give a fuck about your no killing rules Bruce.  If they’re motivated they’ll come back.”

    “Not everyone gets resurrected in the Lazarus Pit, Jason.”

He just hoped you would understand.

Jason sneaks through the window and checks the area.  He doesn’t know why.  This is his apartment, but it’s a habit he made throughout the years from being under the radar.  The lights are on in the kitchen making the home itself look relaxing and calm.  He looks over at the living room.  The TV is on casting colors of light onto the wall like a rainbow.  He comes closer only to see her on the couch out cold.  He grinned when he saw her messy hair and how she was sprawled out on the couch in his t-shirt.  She probably tried to wait up for him again.  Jason scooped her up in his arms and took her to their room.


Jason woke up to light beams coming through his windows.  He reached out to pull her closer, but there was no one there.  He peeled his eyes open to look for any sign of her.  Then, he heard glass break in the kitchen and his heart stopped.  He grabbed his pocket knife that was sitting on the night stand and slowing made his way to the kitchen.

She was kneeling on the ground picking up glass from a shattered plate she had dropped.  The smell of burnt pancakes filled the room.  He sat the pocket knife on the kitchen counter and smirked down at her.


“Shut up,” she mumbled tossing the glass into the garbage can.  She flopped onto the couch covering her face with her hands. “I just wanted to make you breakfast.”

Jason walked over to the stove and turned off the burners eyeing the black pancakes.  He laughed,“I think you should leave the cooking to me.”

“You just think you’re a top chef because Alfred taught you how to cook.”  Jason bent down to her level and removed her hands from her face.  He grinned and kissed her nose.

“Babe I love you, but your cooking’s gonna put me in the hospital.”

“I’m not the one that’s gonna put you in the hospital,” she scolded and pulled up his shirt inspecting the new bruises littering his body.


“No,” she interrupted, “Shhh. Don’t speak just make me food. I’m starving.”

TF2 Merc's Bedrooms

This is my opinion on what the merc’s bedroom look like and all that so here what’s i got-

Scout - His bedroom is mainly baseball theamed with all his baseballs bats stacked on the wall, on his bed side table he has a pic of his family, his room is quite messy with clothes, bonk cans and food wrappers all over the floor, he has a bookshelf full of sports books and one of the sports books is really a diary and he has a trunk full of hats.

Soldier - He has army based stuff all over his room so his room is like a mini battlefield with a wired fence around his side of the room, he shares his room with Engineer and his room is messy but not as messy as scouts, even tho he has the wired fencing, he doesn’t use it at night since it’s just him and engie in the room and they are both asleep, his bookshelf is full of war book and he also has a trunk full of hats.

Pyro - Nobody doesn’t know what pyro’s room looks like since it’s shut all the time and they don’t really want to go in there but all they know is that on the door there are cute girly stickers on his name on the door, they think he has a bookshelf full of cookbooks and fire and the room smells burnt.

Demoman -His room has all types of alcohol bottles all over the room but he does have bookshelf full of alcohol books, a picture of his mum and his eyelander on the wall and like everyone else he has a trunk full of hats.

Heavy - His room is russian theamed, he got a fridge in there full of sandwiches and a lot of pictures all over the wall of his mum and 3 sisters, he has a bookshelf full of russia things and different kinds of sandwiches and he has a bed made for sasha right next to his bed and a trunk full of hats.

Engineer - He is sharing his room with soldier but he doesn’t mind, he has a lot of metal, scrapped projects and blueprints all around his room but in a tidy way, he has a desk near the wall so he can do his work, his bookshelf is full of engineering books and diy books, a trunk full of hats and a little sentry guard by the door.

Medic - He shares his room with Sniper and he loves his company, he has a cage with archimedes in it, a lot of medical things around the room, a bookshelf full of medical books, a violin case by the window, a trunk full of hats and under archimedes’ cage, there is his seeds, dustpan and brush and other bird caring needs.

Sniper - He shares his room with Medic and he loves his company and stays in his room because of it but he goes and sleeps in his camper van when he’s sad or it’s a really hot summer night, he has his rifle stacked on the wall behind his bed, his has sir hoots a lot in a cage by the window, a bookshelf full of australia, owls, and surviving in the wild, a trunk full of hats and a coffee machine for when he makes his coffee.

Spy - His room is all french theamed, bookshelf full of french things and other books, trunk full of hats, in his bedside table he has a draw full of cigarette, a pic of scouts mum on the bedside table and he also keeps a pic of scout behind the pic of scouts mum to remind himself that he is his father.

Other things - they all have wallpaper with their logos on it, they all have a wardrobe with their cosmetic in it, sniper and medic are the only ones to have a pet in their room and all their room on are on the same floor.

#Shadowhunters Timeline

I’ve been going over timeline stuff in my head the past couple weeks since SDCC, where Matt made a point of emphasizing that Magnus and Alec have only been together for about six weeks. I was curious to see how the show would actually break down if I tried to build a timeline based on what clues we have on hard and fast dates, and what cues we get regarding how many days pass during and between episodes.

We have only TWO hard and fast date indicators.

The first is for 1x01—Clary’s birthday—which if the show follows book canon occurs on August 23.

The second is in 2x16. Yom Kippur in 2016 took place starting the evening of October 11 and ending the evening of October 12. (I’m going with 2016 since that’s when the show started airing, and also Yom Kippur in 2015 and 2017 happen in September, which would dramatically compress the timeline even further.)

This means all the events between 1x01 and 2x16 occur in the space of SEVEN WEEKS. 

Which would indicate that Matt was being generous when he said Alec and Magnus have been together for six weeks. If you go from 1x12 to present it’s more like five weeks. If you start counting from their first date in 2x06, it’s less than a month.

Anyway. Someone else has probably done this better than I have, but I thought I would sit down and sort things out. You can find the timeline after the cut.

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anonymous asked:

What is the worst pickup line/flirt Lubbock has ever used on you?

I have a list.

1. “Snipers get more head. Wanna take a shot?”

This was back in the imperial army.

2. “Nice legs; what time do they open?”

I have nothing to say about this one.

3. “I’m going to have sex with you tonight, you might as well be there to enjoy it.”

After that I found this weird pictures of me in his room and burnt them. He said it has no use because he still has his imagination.

4. “I have a thing for amputees.“ 

This was the first thing he said to me after I lost my arm and my eye. After that he also went to hospital.

5. "My favourite position is The Serial Killer.”

It wasn’t that funny. He just killed five people and was covered in blood.

6. “Secret Service, ma'am.  I need to do a full body cavity search.  National security, you know.”

Right after he joined the imperial army. I thought about kicking him out at his first day.

7. “Sorry, I thought this was the men’s room.  Still, while we’re alone in here…”

The first time we ran at each other in the hot springs. It wasn’t an accident.

8. “I may not be the most handsome guy in here, but I’m the only one talking to you.”

I couldn’t be mad because he was right.

9. “Cold out isn’t it? (staring at breasts)”

Right after that he gave me his jacket.

10. “Roses are red, violets are blue, I suck at poems, nice tits”

Okay to be honest, this one made me laugh.

Just the top 10. The list is endless. We are still not done with each other.

Phantom thieves children (Daughter edition)

Here’s the daughters! Yay! God I love writing for these guys but I never know what to tag for these headcannons. Anyway please tell me what you guys think about the Phantom JR gang!))

Chiyo (Akira’s daughter)
•she looks like a female Akira. Same fluffy hair, wore glasses since elementary school
•Chiyo has taken gymnastics and judo since she was young, she may look sweet but she will kick anyone’s ass If they cross her or someone she cares about
•been best friends with Emiko since preschool
•she’s close with most of the Phantom JR gang but Emiko and Chiyo are almost always seen together
•she gets top marks in all of her class, and is usually first in exams
•only Emiko can beat her in exams
•honestly she doesn’t care, she super proud of her friend
•Chiyo blushed super easily, seriously if you compliment her she’ll turn bright red
•she shows a little bit more emotion then her father did, but she’s got his sarcasm
•is this girl being serious or sarcastic? NO ONE CAN TELL
•Emiko calls her Chi-Chi, she’s the only one who can call her by that name though.
•seriously when Yuuta and Yuuto called her that in middle school Chiyo flipped Yuuta over her shoulder and roundhouse kicks Yuuto
•no one has attempted to call her by that name since
•she’s super protective of all of her friends, will protect them at all costs
•she hates sour food, she can tell if there is even a drop of lemon in her water
•loves coffee though
•she will drink twenty cups a day if her father doesn’t cut her off at the sixth
•stays up late
•the earliest she’s gone to bed was 3:00am
•somehow she’s never tired though?
•probably its the coffee

Yoshima (Ryuji’s only daughter)
•Yoshima keeps her hair tied up in low pigtails most of the time
•same eyes as Ryuji’s, seriously when she gets pissed people actually become afraid of her (lucky that doesn’t happen very often)
•she is so energetic, always smiling and laughing
•she’s also the captain of her schools tennis team and frequently goes out running with her two older brothers
•she’s actually super close with her brothers? As in they all get along? And it’s oddly civil
•she’s never lost a game of tennis since she was eight
•she’s pretty average in school
•middle in all exams, she sucks at maths but pretty good with Japanese and history
•to be fair she studies two weeks before a test and that’s it
•She’s been best friends with Mishima’s son Satoru since they were practically babies
•he’s the one that started the nickname Yoshi, she use to hate it but now it’s like a badge of honour?
•they would always play together and would attended each others games
•apart from Mishima Yoshima is the loudest supporter
•She once hit Satoru in the head with a baseball when he tried to teach her how to play
•turns out she can hit the ball harder then either of them thought
•doesn’t understand why she feels upset when Satoru’s going out with other girls?
•seriously doesn’t know she’s in love with him
•she’s a little ditsy on that side
•has a huge sweet tooth
•she hides candy under her bed, that’s how bad it is
•it’s a seriously addiction that she can not stop
•she’s pretty popular in school, can make most people laugh or at lest crack a smile
•she wear her fathers old school blazer just casually.
•she likes it and thinks it looks cool,
•Yoshima loves heights
•if she’s stressed out or had a fight with someone she’ll climb up to the highest place she can find
•it just relaxes her

Nyoko (Ann’s daughter)
•hair perfect, skin flawless, outfit always cute
•I mean she is Ann’s daughter
•ever since she was younger she dreamed of becoming an idol
•she’s so everything she can to reach the dream
•she looks up to Risette a lot
•Nyoko is a great dancer and singer, she’s been taking lessons since she was six
•seriously she’s always singing or humming
•so popular at school, everyone likes her or wants to be with her
•but Nyoko hardly notices? She’s more concerned about her friends and becoming an idol
•her grades are… not great
•she tries! But nothing can stick in her mind
•Mayu tutors her every second day, she’s the only reason why Nyoko passes most of her exams
•thank you Mayu for dealing with her, she’s the kind of person who just slams their head on the table and tries to sleep when they study
•She’s pretty close with Futaba’s twin boys
•Yuuta keeps pranking her more then anyone else though
•seriously if he puts her dance shoes in jelly one more time she’s going to strangle him
•fights with her younger brother Syo all the time
•it’s just so much fun to tease him!
•unlike her mother Ann can’t stand sweet food. It gives her the worst headache
•Nyoko always had earbuds in her ears or around her neck
•if she’s staring off into space assume she’s listening to music
•she has a scar on her shoulder blade from where Syo hit her with a fake sword when she was ten
•she wears a lot of pastels, especially lilac and baby blue
•hates the colour green
•seriously she has a weird hatred for the colour green
•Nyoko is pretty short, so she’s nine times out of ten in heels

Hana (Makoto’s oldest daughter)
•the only thing Hana has in common with her mother is the same red eyes
•her hair is pretty long and she always leaves it out
•Hana hates having her hair ties back
•Her grades are… below average
•it’s mostly out of Hana not being bothered to actually study
•she’s more of a social person
•lot of friends in and out of school
•she’s more social then anything
•that being said Hana does work enough to pass the important exams so she doesn’t worry her mother too much
•she always wears makeup
•gets into trouble at school for it
•honestly she hasn’t left the house since she was 13 without some form of makeup on her face
•gets along with her sister pretty well
•she loves making over Mayu
•she loves doing peoples hair and makeup
•it’s kind of a passion for Hana
•Especially when Nyoko is over studying with Mayu
•Hana has become Nyoko’s personal stylist for whatever she needs
•Hana, Mayu and Nyoko are pretty close, their almost always together
•She plays a couple of sports
•her main ones are soccer and volleyball
•she goalie in her schools soccer team and team captain in volleyball
•she’s pretty damn good
•Loves spicy food, seriously she can eat chillies without batting an eye
•Complains that things aren’t spicy enough
• no idea how her mouth isn’t burnt
•Hana’s room is absolutely perfect
•everything his spotless
•she knows if anything has been moved or touched
•in her bag she always carries some type of snack
•she’s not sure why but you better believe there is either a bag of chips or some biscuits in the bottom of her bag

Mayu (Makoto’s youngest daughter)
•Makoto 2.0
•seriously, its like a mini makoto
•Mayu is constantly studying
•if you can’t find her she’ll be in the library or something
•perfect grades
•haven’t gotten under 98% since she was in elementary school
•super good at maths and science
•can do most equations in her head
•Hanna sometimes gives her random equations just to watch her figure them out
•Mayu doesn’t play any sports
•she can barely kick a ball to be honest
•even if she wanted to join there’s no way in hell she’d get in
•Mayu loves animals
•seriously, she feeds the neighbourhood strays almost daily
•she has also names all the strays
•her favourite is a ginger tabby
•As mentioned before Mayu is super close with her sister and Nyoko
•her and Nyoko have been in the same class for as long as she can remember
•Mayu hates, and I mean HATES, heights
•she can’t handle them
•nope nope, she refuses to even humour the thought of it
•just don’t even try and make her walk over a glass floor
•she’ll scream
•Mayu is surprisingly messy?
•it bugs her sister crazy
•but she’s just leave things everywhere,
•her room is cluttered with textbooks, study notes and papers
•sometimes this mess spreads out into the living room
•mostly when exams are near
•Mayu has an old teddy bear that stays on her bed
•she’s had it since she was a baby
•she doesn’t have the heart to get rid of it
•Mayu gets sick a lot
•she has ever since she was a little
•she spent most of middle school in and out of hospital
•even now she has some health issues
•addicted to Risette
•Nyoko got her into the idol
•has a secret poster of her
•has all of their songs and listens to them on repeat

Sora (Haru’s oldest daughter)
•Sora shares Haru’s hair colour but her hair is dead straight
•seriously if it wasn’t for the straight hair she’d be a mini Haru

•Sora is super cheerful
•she’s always smiling, seriously her smile is contagious
•she’s one of the oldest in the phantom thieves JR gang along side Hana, Ichiro and Tatsuo.
•she gets on with everyone really well.
•total mum friend
•her grades are above average but certainly not first place
•she’s super active in her schools drama club
•been in every school show since middle school
•always the lead or a main cast member
•when she’s on stage it’s magical, she completely commits to the character
•don’t talk to her while she’s practising her lines
•she’ll either completely ignore you or just glare
•Sora is scary when she glares, really really scary
•She’s always in skirts or dresses, seriously no one can remember the last time she wore pants
•she is so feminine
•lots of pinks and purples everywhere
•she teaches drama to kids at a small community centre during the weekends
•she loves it so much
•adores small children
•doesn’t realise half of the boys in her class have a crush on her
•she just thinks their being nice
•Ichiro and Tatsuo has had to protect her a few times due to her naivety
•trust others too easily at times
•loves to cook and bake
•literally will make everyone in the phantom thieves JR gang lunches if she has time
•she hates horror movies
•can’t stand them
•she’ll scream and hide
•Hana teases her about that quite often
•just the sight of blood makes her feel light headed
•once Ai fell out of a tree and broke her arm, the minute Sora sore the broken limp she fainted

Rina (Haru’s middle daughter)
•Rina probable looks the most like her mother out of the kids
•she’s a shy ad quiet girl
•seriously she rarely talks to strangers
•there was a time where only the Phantom thrives JR gang knew what her voice sounded like
•Rina loves music
•she started playing the violin at six and has never put it down
•quickly mastered the instrument
•it’s actually amazing how quickly she learnt the instrument
•in the schools orchestra
•plus goes to a private tutor
•has thought about becoming a tutor herself
•her grades are near perfect
•she helps a few of the other phantom kids with their grades
•she’s terrified of dogs
•she had a bad experience with one when she was little and has been terrified ever since
•Rina loves movies and video games
•she started loving them due to the background music but she soon found herself addicted
•has been known to play video games all night
•or watch movies all day
•this girl can learn music by ear as well
•so if she hears a song she likes in final fantasy you better believe she’ll be playing it on her violin the next day
•Rina helps her mother in the garden frequently
•has learnt all the meanings of different flowers
•will give her friends flowers instead of chocolate on Valentine’s Day
•has a few goldfish, she thinks fish are adorable
•named them after famous composers
•Her sisters and the phantom JR gang call her Rin
•she hates it when people touches her hair
•when she had her hair long as a child people would constantly touch it and play with it
•so she keeps it short now or ties it up

Ai (Haru’s youngest daughter)
•Ai is the youngest daughter of Haru’s
•she is and active and pretty happy girl, a little sarcastic but she means well
•Ai is also pretty tall, despite being the youngest daughter and second youngest child she is a fair bit taller then her siblings
•she’s a member of her schools swim team
•she loves swimming and wakes up early almost everyday to go for a quick swim before school starts
•water relaxes her
•she loves the beach, loves the lakes and even enjoys the rain
•she usually wears her swimsuit under her clothes
•unlike Sora, Ai hates skirts and dresses
•she usually wears shorts and a tank top,
•she even wears leggings under her skirt so she has more “freedom”
•while she loves the rain she hates the cold
•she’s super sensitive to it
•it’s probably because she still wears shorts in the middle of winter
•please just put on more clothes
•She’s best friends with Yoshima but they have almost a rivalry
•they compete to see who is more athletic
•it always ends in giggles or someone freaking out because someone got hurt
•the last competition they had they decided to see who was better at parkour
•this ended up with Yoshima getting a concussion
•these little accidents don’t stop the competitions
•Ai gets pretty decent grades
•she passes all of her classes and is actually pretty good in English and geography
•Spends a lot of time on the school roof with the rest of the Phantom Gang JR or in the courtyard
•She can’t cook at all
•she burns everything she touches
•Ai is officially banned from using the kitchen alone at home after the fire last year
•she tries
•Ai, while close to her sisters spends more time with her brother Katsu
•Ai secretly hates her name
•not that she’d tell her parents
•she thinks it doesn’t suit her at all
•Ai wears contacts and hardly anyone has seen her in glasses
•she thinks she looks weird with them on so she barely uses them
•only her siblings and Yoshima has seen her with glasses
•they were sworn to secrecy

Emiko (Akechi’s daughter)
•Emiko is just adorable
•she’s the shortest out out everyone in the Phantom Kids
•her grades are almost perfect
•as mentioned before it always her or Chiyo who is the top student
•mentioning Chiyo, Emiko adores her
•she couldn’t imagine life without her best friend
•she always links arms with her while walking
•Emiko is very clumsy
•she’s always tripping over, dropping something or breaking something
•she can barely walk in a straight line
•she’s seriously nothing like her father
•she’s not serious at all, always smiling and is very honest
•she seriously can’t lie to anyone
•Emiko is an active member in the student council and takes part in her schools cooking and sewing club
•such a girly girl
•will make clothes for other members of the Phantom gang JR
•seriously she’ll just show up with a new dress and give it to Hana or Sora
•Emiko can’t swim
•she’s afraid of water that goes past her waist
•she usually plays on the sand when everyone goes to the beach
•Emiko has a complicated relationship with her father
•she loves him dearly, and it’s clear he loves his daughter too
•but sometime Emiko feels like Akechi forgets she’s there
•this leads to some arguments
•especially since he doesn’t approve of her friendship with Chiyo
•it’s common for her to spend days at a time with friends when she fights with her dad
•they usually patch things up pretty easily
•Emiko would cook dinner for them and Akechi would even take the day off work
•the phantom thieves JR gang has only seen Emiko angry once
•that was at school when a group of girls were bullying Rina.
•she got furious, and started full out yelling
•if it wasn’t for Chiyo and Yoshima pulling her way she probably would have hit them
•who would have thought such a cute girl would have such a violent side
•maybe that came from her father

unswept dust in the corners
of the factory floor

mousetraps of mingled dead cheeses
mice turned green and cold

worker’s wages frozen, accounts
as cold as meteors

every shadow a despair
waiting to be born

this is moon dust
this is what it is

the taste of break room coffee
perpetually burnt before it touches your tongue

the old-car smell
everyone brings with them into work

the way no one talks
about their home lives here

everything we do
disassociating from rusted voices

even robots would not
do this job if asked

everything smells recycled
and our eyes are craters

Headcanon #6

Picture this: it’s a drizzly September night in the Gryffindor common room. The room is all but deserted. Harry, Ron and Hermione were gathered around the fading warmth of the fire. Harry is sitting in a cushy armchair, reading a book, Quidditch Disasters of the Humourous Kind. Sitting directly across from the fire on a high-backed leather sofa, are Hermione and Ron. The curly haired girl was showing her ginger freckled friend how to knit. Hermione was knitting small hats and socks for her organisation S.P.E.W. and Ron wanted to help her. The young wizard was beginning to get frustrated, his wool was getting tangled and everything was a mess. Hermione took over, untangling the wool and upon realising that Ron was struggling to follow the instructions, she decided to take his hands in hers, and guide them, moving the knitting needles to create a sock. Two broad smiles spread across their faces as Hermione had successfully taught Ron how to knit, and Ron finally understood what she was talking about. It wasn’t until nearly a minute of smiling that the twosome realised that their hands were still touching. Ron took his hand out from underneath Hermione’s, but before she could retract it, he grabbed her hand and gave it a gentle squeeze and an even gentler smile. The fire had burnt out but the room was warmer than ever.