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Noctis headcannons??

Noctis headcanons, you say? :D I think I may have a few random and silly ones. Like…

— Imagine Noctis training himself to be ambidextrous because he thought it’d be cool to dual wield swords like the sentai warriors from the old Saturday morning cartoons he used to watch.

— Imagine Noctis only ever eating his vegetables because Regis would give him a stern gaze at the dinner table. Growing boys had to eat their veggies. But he unfortunately got his dislike of vegetables from Regis.

— Imagine Noctis getting really bad sunburn all the time, so Ignis makes damn sure that Noctis always has sunscreen on whenever they’re going out hunting or fishing all day. A burnt prince is an unhappy one.

— Imagine Noctis being the kind of guy who makes smiley faces with syrup on his pancakes – something that Prompto taught him to do in high school that he never quite grew out of afterwards.

— Imagine Noctis having bad dreams and nightmares during the night. To cope with them, he gets up and gazes up at the stars and the moon for a long time before he feels comfortable enough to sleep again.

— Imagine Noctis once asking his father if he could start a collection of crystals and gems, because he always thought they way they glowed was beautiful. Regis’s heart was broken to hear, so he never allowed Noctis to collect crystals.

— Imagine Noctis actually being really good at drawing and doodling. He doesn’t do it often, but when he’s bored in the car, he sometimes doodles in the back of one of Gladio’s books on the blank pages, much to Gladio’s dismay.

— Imagine Noctis one time catching a fish so big that it pulled him into the water when the others weren’t looking. Ignis flipped out, Gladio and Prompto dove back in, and the three chocobros promised never to let Noctis alone while fishing.

— Imagine Noctis asking Regis to tell him the story of the mural in the palace’s citadel, curious about the painting and what it really meant. Regis always occupied himself with work, telling Noctis that he’d tell him when he was older.

So here! Headcanons for you! :D


Gladiolus and Ignis discover a secret that Noctis is trying to keep.

(( Just a little something I wrote a couple of days ago. I figured I’d upload it to my blog as well as my Ao3 account. I was considering trimming the post but I think it’ll be fine. It’s not like it’s a huge length. Sorry. My Tumblr trimming and tagging etiquette still isn’t great. Anyway enjoy x ))

“Okay. I think we’ll call it a day.”

Noctis wiped his brow and put his sword down. He had to agree with Gladiolus that enough was enough and he was starting to feel a little burnt out. The prince squatted and allowed himself to fall back on the floor, wanting to just have a moment before he made the drive across town to his new apartment. He knew his advisor would be waiting for him outside already, knowing they never spent more than a few hours in the training room.

The larger handed him a towel and a bottle of water and he accepted them gratefully and began to pat himself down before taking a desperate swig of the drink.

“You’re getting really good.” Gladiolus complimented him as he wiped at his own face. Hell, he’d even broken a sweat himself today. The prince had just turned fifteen and in two years of training him, Gladiolus had seen such an improvement in his skills. It wouldn’t be too long before they would be able to fight as equals. Still, Gladiolus had the size advantage.

“Thanks.” Noctis gave him a little smile and inhaled deeply, trying to catch his breath. His chest heaved as he drew in through his nose and out through his mouth as he’d been taught. There was a silence in the room for a few moments as they both focused on recovering.

“So, how’s the new place? Prefer it over the palace?” The older asked curiously. Noctis had been gifted the independence for his birthday. It was close to his school and all of the facilities that he needed. The only conditions he’d had to agree to were that a guard or two was on standby in the area and Ignis came over every night to make sure he was okay.

“Yeah. It’s really great.” He sounded optimistic and a bigger smile spread across his face. He’d gotten to the point where he didn’t like the maids in the palace constantly waiting on him. He wasn’t the young child that they still pictured him as anymore. He was growing and the apartment was the best place for him to have privacy.

The man noted his smile and raised his eyebrow a little as it grew. “So… are you still hanging out with that blond kid?” He tried to play the question off as just continuing the conversation but he knew talking about this was dangerous territory. Noctis was sharp. He would suspect that he and Ignis had been talking. The atmosphere in the room changed instantly and the prince returned his look with a steely gaze and his smile twisted into a small frown.

“Ignis told you.” Gladiolus took in a deep breath at his statement. He could hardly lie to him, especially when the boy was looking at him with such determination.


“Well, I don’t need a lecture. Or advice. Or anything.” The prince did his best not to get angry, although he could feel his irritation growing a little and it was reflected in the tone of his voice. He looked down, clenching his jaw and glaring at the floor. “Who else knows?”

“Just us. We aren’t going to tell anyone, Noct.”

“Good.” He snapped and then regretted it. He let out a sigh and pulled himself to his feet, sick of feeling small because of how Gladio was stood towering over him. His question felt like an accusation. “Because what Ignis walked in on the other day was private.”

So he wasn’t even bothering to deny to him that something was going on. Noctis was still young and although Ignis had said what they’d been doing on the couch was innocent enough, it still was a bit of a worry for them. They’d discussed several things. Should they report what the advisor had seen? Encourage Noctis to stop seeing the other boy? Move him to a different school to try to break contact? They’d come to the conclusion that whatever action they took wouldn’t be received well by the prince at all. It would only push him away from them and cause him emotional turmoil.

“We’re just worried, Noct…” He forced a smile and moved over to him and placed a hand on his shoulder. “…That this guy isn’t going to be a great influence on you.” They didn’t know Prompto at all and were skeptical of how genuine their friendship and not to mention this new development was.

“It’s not up to you to decide that.”

Gladiolus nodded and swallowed the lump that was growing in his throat. He could empathize with him. Noctis must feel like he was being smothered by his destiny to be king. To marry for his kingdom. Maybe this was just his way of rebelling. Or maybe this was just him experimenting. Either way, it was far too soon to be calling him out on his sexuality or reminding him of his duty to the throne. Gladiolus didn’t even think he could. This discussion was for a later time.

“That’s why we’re not going to tell anyone.” He repeated his earlier words, trying to get the younger boy to trust him. “But… we’re both here for you if you need us, okay?” The sympathy was evident in his voice and he squeezed his shoulder before removing his hand.

“Yeah. Sure. Whatever.” Noctis batted at his hand, wanting this talk to be over. “It’s fine. We were just kissing. It’s not a big deal.” He tried to brush off the flush that was glowing on his pale cheeks. He sighed deeply and threw the towel over his shoulder and headed over to the door. He opened it and hesitated for a moment before looking back to him.

“Thanks, though. I know you guys mean well.” He was lucky to have their support and loyalty. Anyone else would have reported this. With that he left the room, leaving Gladiolus to come to terms with having to leave the matter be.

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ASOIAF and "Realistic" Violence

So the question came up on asoiafuniversity that the levels of violence, especially directed against civilian populations, are unrealistic and historically inaccurate to the medieval period.

I find this rather odd. Violence directed against civilian populations was a standard part of medieval warfare called the chevauchée - the point was to reduce the productivity of your enemy’s territory so he couldn’t raise as many soldiers, to demonstrate to his vassals that your enemy couldn’t protect his people so switch your allegiance to this more powerful lord now before he kills you, and/or to force your enemy to come out of his castle and fight while he’s still got something left to fight for. 

George R.R Martin likely pulled straight from accounts of the Hundred Year’s War for examples: The Black Prince burnt his way across northern France twice in as many years, and the tactic worked because it pulled the French army out of their castles and onto the battlefields of Crecy and Poitiers where they got shot to pieces. Agincourt was a replay of the same phenomenon. 

The Catholic Church invented and propagated the idea of the Just War and the Peace of God to deal with a very real problem of knights making war on civilian populations and property (although they were specifically interested in Churchmen and church property).

And yes, this kind of thing could give rise to peasant uprisings - that’s one reason why western Europe got a whole bunch of them in the 14th century. And lo and behold, after a really nasty drawn-out War of Five Kings, we get the Sparrows taking over the Faith of the Seven, and the re-arming of the Poor Fellows and the Warrior’s Sons. Action, reaction.

Look, words are like the air: they belong to everybody. Words are not the problem; it’s the tone, the context, where those words are aimed, and in whose company they are uttered. Of course murderers and victims use the same words, but I never read the words utopia, or beauty, or tenderness in police descriptions. Do you know that the Argentinean dictatorship burnt The Little Prince ? And I think they were right to do so, not because I do not love The Little Prince , but because the book is so full of tenderness that it would harm any dictatorship.

Juan Gelman

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what do sandor and sansa do in their spare time. what kind of clothes do they wear. what music do they listen to?

i wanted to make sansa a fine art student or maybe a design student so im thinking shed spend a lot of spare time drawing. but also shopping. and looking at boys ;)0)0)))

sandor is just. nothing. probably lying in bed watching tv with a beer or something. hanging out with dipshit joff when he asks. watching sports on tv or live (with joff). doing sports also b/c boxing scolarship im thinking for sandor!!!!

they wear Really Bad Clothes that was considered fashionable in the 90s. esp sansa. she is x-tremely fashionable and just so many geometric patterns with funky colours wth???? sandor mostly owns funky coloured shirts that hes owned for too long because the colours are washed out and theyve lost their shape. jeans also, and converse shoes. sansa is so tired of his clothes she takes him shopping lmao. sandor just Doesnt Care At All he lets her pick his clothes. 

sansa loves boys bands.BOYS BANDS!!!!!! and ofc popular music like nirvana and oasis, esp sandor. i think hed be p average in his music listening tastes like nothing too hardcore or too soft rly, hed buy his cassettes and can b v picky