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Genocide of Tutsi in Rwanda (1994)

I haven’t seen a post that really depicts the history of Rwanda yet. So here’s my little contribution. By the way, thanks for the posts you reblogged.

Before the colonization, Rwanda was made of three social classes : Tutsi (10-15%), Hutu (over 80%) and Twa (less than 1%). Tutsi (upper social class) were cattle breeders, Hutu were farmers and Twa (lower social class) were hunters. One could become Tutsi or Hutu by marriage for example. They all had the same language, same religion and same culture.

German settlers arrived in Rwanda in the end of 19th century. They thought that Tutsi were more intelligent and more beautiful (according to European beauty standards of course : tall, skinny, light-skinned, thin nose, thin lips etc.). They thought that Hutu were boor, stupid and ugly (again, according to European beauty standards : shorter, huge lips, large nose etc). Twa were very short and seen as a species between humans and monkeys. 
After losing WWI, Germany gave Rwanda (and Burundi, which is like the twin of Rwanda with same language, same social classes etc) to Belgium. Belgians thought the same as Germans and started to gather all Rwandans and measure their height, their nose, etc to see if they were from the superior race (aka Tutsi) or inferior race (aka Hutu (or Twa but Twa were a very small minority)). Because of that, some Hutu became Tutsi just because they “looked” Tutsi and vice versa. Belgians privileged Tutsi over Hutu. They said only Tutsi could rule the country because they were the only intelligent ones. Tutsi were privileged in administration, education etc. Eventually in the 50s, Tutsi Rwandans asked for independence and Belgians didn’t want to lose their colony so they started to talk to Hutu who’d been discriminated against for a few decades. They said : “Look how Tutsi despise you! They think only they can rule the country but this country is yours! They don’t even come from here, they stole your land (there’s a myth saying that Twa were the first inhabitants in Rwanda, Hutu came from West Africa and Tutsi were the last ones to arrive in Rwanda and forced Hutu to subject to them). You have to rebel against Tutsi supremacy!” So that’s what Hutu did in 1959. The Tutsi King fled. Hutu killed thousands of Tutsi with the support of Belgian settlers and Catholic church, and hundreds thousands of Tutsi had to flee to Uganda and Tanzania. Rwanda became a Republic in 1961 and Rwandans elected a Hutu president named Kayibanda. Finally Rwanda became independent in 1962.

The president Kayibanda was an extremist and under his leadership, thousands of Tutsi were killed in 1963 and in 1972, just for being Tutsi. Their homes were burnt, they were stolen and beaten up. They were fired from their jobs, fired from schools. And hundreds thousands of them fled outside the country. In 1973, a Hutu man staged a coup d'état and became president. His name’s Habyiarimana He seemed a little bit more accepting of Tutsi but he still didn’t want the Tutsi exiles to come back. Because of that, the Tutsi exiles with the help of Hutu political opponents who had also fled created an army called PRF (Patriotic Rwandan Front) to come back to Rwanda by force, in 1987. The PRF declared war against the Rwandan government in 1990 and the war went on until 1994. During those 4 years, innocent Tutsi were killed or imprisonned by the government every time PRF tried to attack the government army. There was a huge propaganda against Tutsi (through the Radio for example) and that propaganda made Hutu think that Tutsi wanted to take back the power like under the Belgian colonization. Therefore, every Tutsi was an enemy.

On April 6, 1994, the president’s plane was shot down. Hutu extremists might be responisble for that. The day after, moderate Hutu were killed by extremist Hutu and the genocide of Tutsi started, which made about 1 million victims in 3 months. Rwanda’s population was about 7 millions at that time. The genocide was planned and organised by the Hutu extremist government (as I said, the moderate members were killed) and executed by militia who recruited Hutu civilians and gave them machetes, grenades, and guns.

France had been an ally of Rwanda since its independence. France helped Rwanda fight back against the PRF during the war until end of 1993. France also trained Rwandan soliders (the army was made of 5,000 men in 1990 and 35,000 men in 1994 because of France). France gave arms and ammunition to Rwanda even after the genocide started. France never asked President Habyirimana to stop discrimination and killings of Tutsi. Actually the French President and Habyirimana were good friends. In June 1994, France decided to take action in Rwanda, officially to save Tutsi but its intention is very contested today and we think their main goal was to not let the PRF win the war, because if they did, Rwanda would become English-speaking (PRF was made of people who grew up in Uganda and Tanzania so they spoke English) instead of French-speaking and France still wanted Rwanda to be French-speaking so that they could have an influence on it. The thing is the PRF was actually liberating Tutsi by chasing the Hutu extremist killers so fighting against them meant letting more Tutsi being killed. France or French politicians have never been sentenced for that.

Belgium also was an ally of Rwanda until 1991 when they stopped supporting Rwanda because of the murders of Tutsi.

While the genocide was happening, even though everyone knew it was a genocide, the UN didn’t want to admit it was, because otherwise they would have had to take action and almost no country wanted to send their soldiers to Rwanda.

I really, really, wanted to emphasize some things:
1. Colonization played a big role in Rwanda self-destruction
2. Tutsi were discriminated against and killed for years before the genocide of 1994 happened
3. The genocide didn’t happen because the president’s plane was shot down. Extermination plans were already known by France and UN for months/years. It is important to remember that, because in the West, people like to think that Hutu turned crazy just because their president was killed and it doesn’t really surprise anyone because “Africans are savage and violent and uncivilised anyways”. 
4. The genocide could have been avoided or at least there could have been way less victims if the UN and the rest of the world had cared about the 1 million innocent people who were being slaughtered (mostly Tutsi but also Hutu who tried to protect Tutsi)

If anyone wants to ask questions I’ll be glad to answer.

Btw, I am Belgian and Rwandan.

When she joined a “swim-in” in St. Augustine, Florida on June 18, 1964, then 17-year-old Mamie Nell Ford had little idea that her picture would soon be seen around the world – and help spur the passage of the landmark Civil Rights Act of 1964. On that day, seven civil rights activists, including Ford, jumped into the segregated pool at the Monson Motor Lodge to protest its ‘whites-only’ policy. As journalists looked on, the motel owner’s James Brock responded by dumping acid into the pool in an effort to drive them out. Ford recalls that her immediate reaction was “I couldn’t breathe,” and a photo of her with an alarmed expression as Brock pours acid nearby appeared in newspapers around the world. When people learn about the incident today, Ford says, “I’m often asked, ‘How could you have so much courage?’ Courage for me is not ‘the absence of fear,’ but what you do in the face of fear.”

The campaign to challenge segregation in St. Augustine in 1963 and 1964, known as the St. Augustine Movement, is considered one of the bloodiest of the Civil Rights Movement. Students staging “wade-ins” to challenge segregation on the beaches were violently beaten and, after several black children were admitted into white schools due to the Supreme Court’s decision outlawing school segregation, several of the children’s homes were burnt to the ground by local segregationists. Martin Luther King, Jr. was even arrested on the steps of this same motel only a week prior to the pool “swim-in,” after being charged with trespassing when he attempted to dine at the “whites-only” Monson Restaurant.

Prior to the pool “swim-in”, Ford was already an experienced civil rights activist in her hometown of Albany, Georgia. When Martin Luther King, Jr.’s Southern Christian Leadership Conference came to Albany to recruit activists to support the movement in St. Augustine, she immediately signed up. “When they asked for volunteers to participate in the swim-in demonstration, I said, yes, because, despite segregation, I knew how to swim,” she says. While they knew it was likely they would be arrested, no one expected the owner to pour acid into the pool. “It is as fresh in my mind as the morning dew, because when the acid was poured in the pool, the water began to bubble up,” Ford recalls. Although the group was arrested shortly thereafter, their protest had the intended effect: as it made headlines worldwide, President Johnson said in a recorded phone conservation: “Our whole foreign policy will go to hell over this!” Within 24 hours, the civil rights bill that had been introduced a year before and had been stalled in the Senate won approval, leading directly to the passage of the historic Civil Rights Act of 1964.

After being released from serving jail time for the swim-in, Ford made a powerful statement urging the people of St. Augustine to keep fighting: “Don’t lose heart now because you’re the ones on whom this movement rests. People will come and go because they live somewhere else, but you live here and you make this thing happen.” She returned home and went on to join five other black girls to lead the desegregation of the formerly all-white Albany High School, where she graduated with honors in 1965. Ford, who later changed her name to Mimi Jones, then went to college in Boston where she spent her career working in the Department of Education.

Although less well known than school segregation, the long legacy of segregation in swimming pools still lives on today. After legal challenges and actions like this one in St. Augustine forced the end of segregated pools, in many towns, especially in the South, ‘white flight’ from public pools to private clubs often led to their closure. The impact of first segregation and later pool closures over generations has led to a major gap between white and black Americans in swimming ability, with whites being twice as likely to know how to swim as blacks. This difference is also reflected in the CDC finding that black children are three times more likely die from drowning than white children. For these reasons and the long legacy of racism at swimming pools, Simone Manuel’s victory at the last Olympic Games took on special meaning for many African Americans – a significance the young swimmer alluded to after she became the first African-American woman to ever win an individual Olympic gold in swimming: “The gold medal wasn’t just for me,“ she said. "It’s for a lot of people who came before me.”

Picture and text from "A Mighty Girl” on Facebook

If said thus before but Mob deserves so much better than what he’s had to go through. Like I don’t know the exact timeline but I think within maybe a year or two he’s nearly been suficated by some he now trusts, thought his home had burnt down, that his had parents died, got a beating from multiple grown adults, taken down an organization that wanted to rule the world, got sucked into a world for what he perseved as roughly 6 moinths if im not mistaken that tried to break his will by having multiple horrible things happen including harsh bullying and the assumed death of a cat he tried to befriend in said world, his trusted friend betraying him and trying to become god, and he just has stayed so good, I won’t say pure or innocent because he isn’t because of the things he has faced, but he has stayed so GOOD it hurts my heart that someone would ever have to go through so much and still stay so good and pure hearted.

Dialogue Prompts

1) “It’s okay, I’ll catch you!” 

2) “Did you ever find your mom?” “Yeah.” “That’s good then!” “I found her dead.” 

3) “Open the door!” 

4) “I found out why he left.” 

5) “This will always be your home. Do you understand me? Always.” 

6) “I love you.” “Oh …” “I’m sorry. I shouldn’t have said anything, I’m sorry.” “Wait! You didn’t give me a chance to answer.” 

7) “Why are you late?” “Got lost. Had to battle a dragon.” 

8) “Do think think they’ll come back for us?” 

9) “Tell me the truth. Did you ever really love me?” 

10) “I didn’t mean to hurt you.” “You’ve said that before. I don’t know if I can trust your word anymore.” 

11) “I just wanted to go home.” “So why didn’t you?” “My home burnt to the ground. Three days after I left. I didn’t know until yesterday.” 

12) “You promised …” 

13) “Don’t. This is my fault. I never should’ve trusted you.” 

14) “What’s your name?” “My mommy said I’m not supposed to tell my name to strangers.” “I’m not a stranger. I’m your brother.” 

15) “Did you see that?” 

16) “I was going to try to surprise you.” “Well … I mean it’s a surprise, alright.” 

17) “What happened to you?” “I’m so sorry. I was just trying to fix everything. I didn’t mean for this to happen …” 

18) “What’s that? Why is the sky like that?” “What? Have you never seen a sunset before?” 

19) “I don’t know what happened. One second I was tightening a screw the next it blew up and threw me across the room!” 

20) “Have you heard the news?” 

{Reaction} Monsta X Looking After your Younger Sibling

Could you do a reaction for Monsta x for when their s/o taking care of their siblings (s/o’s siblings, younger than them)? 

Disclaimer: I don’t own the gifs/images used.

Lee Minhyuk

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You’re not sure what Minhyuk and your younger sibling have been up to in your absence, but when you arrive back home, they’re burnt out on the sofa asleep next to each other. 

{y/n}: *smiling, watching the two of them sleeping* 

Yoo Kihyun

Originally posted by kihqun

Kihyun had decided to entertain your younger sibling by cooking with them. He’d decide on making dinner, and then baking some cakes that your sibling decorates messily. By the time you come back, there’s enough food on the table to last a week. 

{younger sibling}: “Keep Kihyun, {y/n}-ah, he’s better than all of your other stupid boyfriends.” 

{y/n}: *laughing* “I know, and I won’t.” 

Shin Hoseok/ Wonho

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Wonho played a lot of games with your sibling. This could be some video games, or something old fashioned like a game of hide and seek. He’d really love your younger sibling, as much as they love him. 

{y/n}: “Come back soon~!”

Wonho: “You can count on it.”

Son Hyunwoo/ Shownu

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Shownu would let your younger sibling see the gym equipment in his house and the two of them would spend the rest of the day messing around until you got home. When you got home, you found Shownu teaching your younger sibling how to ride a bike by practicing on his working out bike. 

Shownu: “{younger sibling} was too scared to go on a real bike, so I said they could practice on the exercise bike first to get a feel for it.”

Lim Changkyun/ I.M

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Changkyun would teach your younger sibling to rap simple tunes. By the time you got home, the two of them were rapping ‘twinkle twinkle little star.’ You couldn’t help but giggle as you watch Changkyun rap the nursery rhyme so passionately and your younger sibling struggling to get their lips around the fast words. 

{y/n}: “I guess I’ll leave you two to it then.” 

Chae Hyungwon

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You weren’t too sure what Hyungwon and your younger sibling got up to in your absence. But when you returned, they were both sat on the sofa, your younger sibling leaning against him, the two of them sleeping as a child’s TV show goes unwatched on the screen.

Lee Jooheon 

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Jooheon and your younger sibling played the day while you were out. You knew, because Jooheon was sending you mini videos to keep you updated. But by the time you got back, your younger sibling was in bed, listening to Jooehon as he told a story, using his gruff voices and aegyo voices to impersonate perfect characters.

{y/n}: “You’ll be a good father one day, you know.”

thehighwayphantom  asked:

Oh and I nearly forgot, my good friend Sam nearly burnt down the Home Ec building with her sweet and sour pork. Basically put oil on stove, got distracted by teacher and nek minnit VOOMPH whole thing has gone up in flames. Teacher grabs fire blanket and throws it on flames only for it to melt.... luckily the South African janitor was walking past and saved the day. I still have her recipe sheet to this day, splattered in oil and singed. I really should have it framed...

Treasure it like a trophy

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i'm asking this around bc i'm honestly no good at trying to see between the lines but what do you think it means when our ciel named sebastian the name of the dog he was afraid of?

Oh!! I definitely think the name is symbolic. Almost everyone brushed it off as a joke when they first read that part (myself included), but then we all started to realize that OC named Sebastian after his caretaker, his loveable dog that he always played with…..

But the truth is, we were all dead wrong.

OC hated the dog. It hurt him with its nose and frightened him with its barking. This…really shows insight as to how he feels about Sebastian.

OC was a frightened child, barely ten years old when Sebastian was summoned. He saw his parents’ corpses. His only home burnt to the ground. He saw his caretaker, Tanaka (who was probably closer to him than Vincent was), get stabbed right before his eyes. Then he was kidnapped along with his brother and went through a month in hell during the cult. As of right now, we have no idea what they went through besides practical starvation and being fed through a funnel- though many speculate the children were physically abused and possibly sexually abused as well. Then, on top of everything he had been through, OC’s twin brother was ripped away from him, placed on a stone altar, and OC had to hear his twin cry and scream for his life, until eventually all his pleas went silent…

OC had lost everything. And now, he was gaining something. Sebastian came to him and destroyed those who had defiled him, as per OC’s request. I think giving Sebastian the name of his dog was OC’s way of trying to restore a sliver of normalcy to his traumatic life. Any other name would have been odd to give to him. He was familiar with Sebastian the dog, and while naming his butler “Vincent” would have been too hard to bare and “Ciel” was his own name now, “Sebastian” would have been the easiest name to say. At least for OC.

But there’s also something very troubling about it. As stated before, the dog hurt and scared OC. You have to understand, no matter how “attractive” or “dorky” people perceive Sebastian, he is a demon. He will do anything to gain his meal and season it to perfection. OC knew Sebastian was a demon, and I bet it terrified him. Put all of his abuse in perspective: he went through everything in the cult, and the thing the horrible cultists were trying to summon, the thing his brother was KILLED FOR, is now “loyal” to him. The demon summoned by his brother’s blood was now in his possession. OC must have been terrified…and still probably is.

OC giving him the name definitely has so much significance. It speaks so much of both characters and their relationship.

I’m sorry this was long!! I hope my answer was okay.

Southern trees bear strange fruit
Blood on the leaves and blood at the root
Black bodies swinging in the southern breeze
Strange fruit hanging from the poplar trees

Pastoral scene of the gallant south
The bulging eyes and the twisted mouth
Scent of magnolias, sweet and fresh
Then the sudden smell of burning flesh

Here is fruit for the crows to pluck
For the rain to gather, for the wind to suck
For the sun to rot, for the trees to drop
Here is a strange and bitter crop

that is not just music. this is a song, more so an OUTCRY that is about my ancestors, my people, in MY country, the place i am proud to call my home being burnt alive and hung from trees, DEAD. nothing was done. people enjoyed going out and doing this. to reduce this down to “just music”, to reduce the work of any artists’ music down to just being music whether it’s taylor swif or billie holiday, is wrong on so many levels but i that is a different discussion. there is a racial divide because people REFUSE, act like it absolutely fucking pains them and impossible for them to be able to muster up any sort of respect for the culture of one another, this goes both ways. nobody is telling you not to hear it. in fact, i am glad you are hearing it and im glad the audience of SYTYCD, i think ALL americans should be able to hear it and acknowledge it for what it is and understand the context behind the song and what it means for me, my family, and the entire African American community.

what you are not going to do, why this is even a discussion is that you are using a piece, with context attached that is so heavy and sensitive and still relevant today as Travis Wall has recognized (i appreciate his sentiment, I genuinely do) and use it as an edgy contemporary song for you because everyone else has used Heart Cry and you’d like to stand out from the crowd. I don’t have a huge problem with Travis’ as I think it was a remake of his piece he choreographed for DM Atl which I appreciate and enjoy from the bottom of my heart, why I am not keen on the performance of last night is that it takes away from the historical significance of this song, when you have black people dancing in the sidelines or in the back and non-black people dancing in the front to song about burnt black bodies hanging from trees, it feels a little off, don’t you think?

Also, as someone who greatly appreciates music of any kind (not just this but just in general) - understand that music is not only made to sell commercially. It is an expression for the artist as well, if they decide to write off a rough spot in their lives, or to express the way they feel politically or even just to spread a general awareness about something, that is also a purpose for making music. Of course artist should be aware once their music is out there, they should also know anything could be done with them. But there is something called respect and awareness that I think we all ought to learn. No need to be politically correct in any sense - just try to maneuver through this world without being willfully ignorant.


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could you make a short list of evil things that Terumi has done?, it's for something I'm making

Oh this is going to be long regardless:

  • Murdered a nun and burnt down her home/church.
  • Made a child maim his brother (who was also a child)
  • Indirectly responsible for the Dark War
  • Killed Tomonori, and viciously kicked him while he was bleeding out (debatable whether this was Kazuma or Terumi but I’ll count it)
  • Put Nine and Hakumen in the Boundary
  • Nearly destroyed Hakumen’s soul
  • Murdered Lambda
  • Presumed to have searched for Kokonoe when she was a baby so he could’ve killed her
  • Broke Noel by making her think he killed Makoto (although not shown in the games, Alter Memory and the books say this happened, and to me, the books are more canon).
  • Ruined Ragna’s life just because The Origin likes him
  • Kidnapped Saya and let Hazama torture her relentlessly
  • Ransacked Clavis’ coffin
  • Wiped out some of Jin’s memories
  • Helped orchestrate the Ikaruga Civil War
  • Is a meanie

That’s all I can think of at the moment. I encourage others to reply to this with their favourite evil Terumi moments.

#76 - For anonymous

Filling the prompt “could you please do a schoolboy van wherein reader is bestfriends with him but reader is starting to fall for van but couldnt do anything bc van is dead inlove with a popular girl??”

Note: I recently did a fic with a school setting, so I’ve tried to add a lil’ something-something to make this a very different story. I hope you like it! Also, I am so profoundly hungover. Happy Sunday! 


You had tried to wear the least attention-grabbing outfit possible. Blending into the crowd was the goal for the night, and you felt like you were doing a really fucking good job too. You watched Catfish play from your place against a wall. Somehow, despite the low lights and screaming fans, Benji’s eyes clocked you. You stood up straight as you watched him recognise you and almost freeze. He signalled to someone off stage, and Larry quickly ran to him. Larry looked across the room at you with the same disbelief. Maybe if you had hidden in the crowd instead of the shadows they’d not have seen you. You turned and made your way to the exit as fast as you could.

You were almost a block away when you heard Larry’s voice. You knew it, but it was deeper and older than when you last heard it. He was calling your name. He ran to catch up and he stopped in front of you, holding out his hand in a beg. “Y/N. Please. Don’t go. Gimme a sec,” he said. You didn’t know what to do, but you gave him the few seconds to catch his breath. “Fuck. Hi!” he beamed then, and pulled you into a hug. It was familiar and you wanted to cry. You held onto him harder than you wanted to. He started to talk but didn’t let you go. “What happened? Where did you go? You can’t leave now. If Van finds out you were here… Come on, you have to come back.” He broke the hug and took your hand. You pulled your arm away from him.

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Request from @beauty-kids: hi! im really in love with your imagines! Can i have one where Draco leaves the manor druing the war to get away from his parents and death eaters for some air, then he meets a girl and her little brother who are homeless from the war and he sneaks her into the manor. He starts liking her and stuffs but then Voldy finds her and her brother making her work for him!

yeah sure! sorry this has been a long time in the works, i’ve still got 24 to work through 😬 I hope you enjoy, this was fun to write :) Thank you for making a request :* I’m sorry if it went a bit off the plot, I didn’t really know how to go about the whole Voldy thing lol I tried my best! But ugh, I’m so sorry for the ending, I had no idea how to end this 

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all the wonderful things that have happened to Carl Grimes
  • father in a coma
  • people dying all around him
  • leaving his father
  • thinking his father was dead
  • seeing zombies
  • friend is lost
  • is shot
  • has seizure
  • almost dies
  • dad goes missing
  • mum goes missing looking for dad
  • sees best friend as a zombie
  • sees dad shoot his best friend in the head
  • blames himself for death of a member of the group
  • sees friend gutted to death
  • finds his friend/father figure dead
  • shoots friend/father figure
  • new home over run by walkers
  • separated from mother and tries to go back to save her
  • finds out his dad killed his friend/father figure
  • dad starts going crazy
  • kills his own mother
  • dad goes crazy
  • is left to take charge with glenn
  • not treated like a memeber of the group
  • saves group of new people by himself
  • blames himself for mothers death
  • hates himself for the way he acted before Lori’s death and its all he thinks about
  • gets yelled at for saving new people
  • dad goes craZY
  • some fucked up guy comes and attacks his home
  • has to shoot morgan
  • not trusted or respected in the group
  • his home has burnt down
  • instead of killing said fucked up man, he get away with it
  • carl says to kill him and no one does, and later the fucked up man kills a lot of the group (SERIOUSLY JUST LISTEN TO CARL)
  • murders a child because that’s what he thinks is right
  •              lol nope hes dead
  • not treated as a respected member of the group (wow what a surprise)
  • home attacked by the guy he said to kill
  • friend murdered in front of him
  • thinks sister is dead
  • thinks whole group is dead
  • father injured
  • protects and saves father
  • has to fend for himself (almost dying three times in the process)
  • thinks father is dead
  • wants to die
  • “I’m scared”
  • is captured by murdering rapists
  • is sexually assualted
  • watches father bite out a mans throat
  • is held at knife point
  • watches father gut out a man
  • thinks hes a monster
  • is captured by cannibals
  • provides for his sister while starving and being without shelter
  • finds a nice little church to be safe!! (then the cannibals come back and try to kill him)
  • tries to survive as church is overrun
  • friend dies
  • another friend dies
  • hey he’s safe in a new place!! where he doesnt fit in and is paranoid
  • father attacks a guy and he is almost thrown out
  • new home overrun
  • has to kill a man
  • friend leaves him
  • his only other friend hates him now
  • home overrun by zombies
  • ron tries to kill him
  • the last thing he sees before getting shot in the head is a ten year old getting torn apart and his mother screaming as she is torn apart as well, then getting her hand chopped off because he thinks he is gonna die
  • almost dies
  • memory loss
  • aggressive and feels like no one understands him now
  • hates himself
  • thinks that is anyone were to see him, they would turn the group away
  • faces saviors
  • mom is kidnapped
  • captured by saviors
  • sees dad brake completely
  • sees one of his own murdered in front of him

I won’t talk about the welting. The way we soaked our palms in the crooks of the river and came away with thick blooms of blood. Our shoulders brushing at

the farmer’s market, snatching glimpses through the crowds and the smoke, through veils of grape vines and celery; what matches your eyes, that brutality

of green. What matches my tongue, bruised and bitten sour. Here, a small corner, where you dismantled my bones. And here, an eye for an eye. Before

somewhere else, the earth reclaims us, our lips wet with silt, with sugar, the earth heaving, hungry. A body for a body. Your hands, weaponry, forged to

shield the dissonant column of your ribcage, your bony, makeshift heart. Your dehydrated kingdom, with its wrecked fields & burnt homes, its tangled lights &

infected moors. I won’t talk about the decay, or the insomnia, nights I felt the ghost of wings at the back of my throat, fluttering mischievously, dizzying in my

mouth. Or the way your body spawns sad poetry about self-destruction and moons with lidded eyes. The seat only stretches so far, and we have miles to

go. The green spreads, and it locks itself around me, a python, an emerald, weighing a universe. We have flippant conversations about the  weather, about

the wolves that linger beneath our bedsheets like revenants from the fairytales we read as children. You put on a cloak of mothskin, I wear dirty eggshells on

my ears, we arrange a feast for the parched & the rabid, for polestars with no place to call home. What happens when the night ends, when we become

suicidal iterations of our parents, when the swimming pool floods and the birds come to roost in our chests? What happens when we become nothing but dead air on an old radio?

Lucky I’m In Love With My Best Friend

This is the ninth part in my Chris Evans x Reader series that I have named “Song Lyrics For The Win.” I’ve tried to get lyrics from songs that I can then use as the title. Preferably a lyric pair that can be split into 2 one shots.

Pairing: Chris x Reader
Words: 873
Parts Nine, Ten, And Eleven are from “Lucky” by Colbie Caillat and Jason Mraz; song suggestion given by @bradygabrielle-blog

A/N: If you want tagged, send me an ask.
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          You were tired. You had been filming all day for the sequel to the movie you and Chris had done. The two of you were working nonstop. Sure, you were together all the time, but it seemed like you were just tired all the time.

           “Hey, Baby,” Chris sat down next to you during a break between scenes, “You okay?” he asked.

           “Just tired,” you said, leaning your head on his shoulder.

           “You’ve been working hard,” he said.

           “So have you,” you said.

           “Yeah, but I’m used to filming for hours on in, doing fight scenes, and getting little sleep,” he said, “I’ve become accustomed to not sleeping and being Captain America all day,” he said.

           You sighed, “Wish I could bounce back like you.”

           Chris chuckled and kissed the top of your head, “I’m gonna help you relax and get some rest.”


           “You’ll see.”

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niallspringsteen  asked:

maybe things you said after the end for lilo, or things you said with miles between us for nouis? lOVE U

things you said with miles between us for nouis

The first text Louis gets from Niall in two months is a selfie of him looking sunburnt all to hell, with a generous helping of stubble on his face and the stiff hair he gets from saltwater. He looks at it for fifteen straight minutes, memorizing the blue of his eyes, the cut of his bare collarbones, the dark roots peeking out more than they’ve any right to.

Then he shoots off, looks great lad ! and throws his phone to the side.

He meant to sleep in this morning, snatch a few couple of precious hours of sleep before he goes over to Bria’s to get the little lad. But instead he’s up at 8 am, hating himself and thinking about Niall.

Not hating himself because he’s thinking about Niall. He thinks about Niall often. In a friendly sort of way, in that way where you think about your mates because they’re your mates and you like thinking about them.

He thinks.

It makes sense, in a way, Niall’s fucked off somewhere and not told anyone where he’s gone. Or at least he’s not told Louis. He said he’d do that, he’d lose himself out in some small corner of the world where no one’s going to take his picture.

I’ll come looking for you, Louis had promised. He hasn’t even made it out of LA yet.

He doesn’t need to follow Niall around anymore, really. He’s traveled the damn planet with Niall three times over, and he’s got to settle down now. He’s got to grow some roots for a while, tend to his family. Become a homebody for the first time in his life. Even if that does sound more exhausting than touring.

He doesn’t expect his phone to start ringing, but it does.

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Ocean Eyes (Rick Grimes x Reader)

A/N: This one is a request from my Wattpad account. I’m sorry if the way I write Reader inserts is not “conventional” and if I describe too much the reader. I’ll try to do better with the other ones I will post in the future. 

Imagine waking up from a coma after being hit by a car. The world has ended and the only person you have left is this man, who also woke up from a coma in the same hospital… Rick. 


Fandom: The Walking Dead

Pairing: Rick x Reader 

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Ocean Eyes 

You could feel the pressure of Rick’s knee against yours as you sat on a log before the fire, outside the prison. The familiarity of it made you blush, even in the darkness of the Georgian summer night. It was embarrassing, to openly care about this man like this. It felt weird, dangerous and also painfully, pitifully new.

That it was happening in the middle of such chaos only made it a little easier to pretend to ignore.

You had to swallow up your feelings for the married man, even if it felt impossible.

Months before, you had woken up in an hospital, not knowing what happened to you or where you were.

‘Disoriented.’ That’s how Rick had explained how he felt to the group during your first night at camp. For you it had been different.

“This is real life, (Y/N).” You had told yourself. And you were right. This was your life now.

You remembered rolling out of the hospital bed, wearing a simple scratchy light green robe. The room you were in was covered in dust and the flowers on your bedside had long withered. A small piece of paper had been placed next to the flowers, you had reach for it, you had read it over and over again, you had cry over it for hours before deciding to slip it into your pocket and leave the room to face the reality.

You were now living alone in the middle of the apocalypse.

I’ve been watching you for some time
Can’t stop staring at those ocean eyes
Burning cities and napalm skies
Fifteen flares inside those ocean eyes
Your ocean eyes

Although, you didn’t stay alone for a long time. As you made your way out of the bedroom, you couldn’t help but be scared. The dark hallways, the walls painted with dirt and blood, the smell of death, even the roads of the city you had once called home were burnt and desolated… Everything made you want to give up but that is when you saw him. A man in the same light green robe as you were in when you woke up. You had staid quiet, observing him. You watched him for quite some time until he turned around and your breath hitched. You couldn’t stop staring into his ocean eyes.

You had froze, he had walk towards you. No words had been said for a while until tears slowly started to run down your cheeks. 'I’m scared.’ You had said. 'I know. I am too.’ He had answered. And since that moment Rick had protected you. He became your hero and your only family.

You had been through so much together, in only a few days. You had found Morgan and his son, you had been on the road to find Rick’s family when you already knew yours was gone.

You didn’t want to let the soar feeling of jealousy grip your heart when he found his wife but it seemed impossible. You knew you had no right to break their family but you couldn’t help it. You cared for Rick. Even if he didn’t care as much for you as you did for him. Your heart was broken since the day you had found the group in Atlanta. When you reached the camp outside the city to see Rick and his wife reunited. You felt out of place. You felt alone again. It wasn’t fair. You couldn’t understand why you had fell so quickly for this man.

No fair
You really know how to make me cry
When you give me those ocean eyes
I’m scared
I’ve never fallen from quite this high
Falling into your ocean eyes
Those ocean eyes

Every time you would look into Rick’s ocean eyes, you would want to cry. Even if you were a strong woman, this man was your weakness. It was hard to love someone who will never be able to return your feelings. Anyway, nobody said that you couldn’t care for a friend or for his family so you started to support him and Carl. Lori was another story. She was wary of you, as if you would try to steal her husband. You were fuming in the inside because you could see the looks she received from Shane. You knew something was up between these two and knowing that she might have been cheating on Rick made you feel sick in the stomach.

This man deserved so much more.

You had supported Rick when he decided to go back into Atlanta to find Merle. You had his back, not wanting something bad to happen to him. You promised Carl that you would brought his dad back. And you did. After that, you had also supported Rick’s decision to go to the CDC. When you arrived there, you had drank yourself to sleep wanting to forget everything.

“You’re the only one who have faith in me, (Y/N).”

Rick had said while sharing a bottle of wine with you when everyone was already asleep.

“I will always have your back, Rick. Always, until I die and turn…”

“I won’t let this happen to you. Never. I’ll protect you with my life if I have to, (Y/N).”

You had shook your head at his words. He was definitely drunk.

“No Rick. You have your family. Focus on them, I don’t matter.”

“You do. You’re my family too now.”

He said and tilted his head to the side, an antic that was an habit of him when he wanted to be serious about something. You had chuckled and looked into his ocean eyes once again. A soft smile appeared on your lips and you nodded your head in agreement.

“You’re my family too.”

I’ve been walking through
A world gone blind
Can’t stop thinking of your diamond mind
Careful creature
Made friends with time
He left her lonely with a diamond mind
And those ocean eyes

The same night, you had walked into Shane and Lori having a fight. You had heard Shane’s desperate words. You had heard him say that he loved Rick’s wife. You had heard what he truly thought about his best friend. For him, Rick wasn’t made to be your leader, he couldn’t protect his family. Since then, you couldn’t look at Lori with respect. You knew what she was. She wasn’t able to trick you anymore but Rick was still blind. Even if deep down, you suspected him to know or at least to have some suspicions.

After the CDC went down, you had spent some times on the road. When Sophia went missing and Rick went after her alone, you had followed him into the woods. You ignored the screams of the others who tried to stop you. You couldn’t let him take this risk alone. Nobody else tried to help him.

Unfortunately, you lost Sophia again. Carol had blame Rick for leaving her daughter alone and as always you had been the only one to truly have the Sheriff’s back. You had spent hours that night trying to convince him that it wasn’t his fault if Sophia was missing. You had felt proud of yourself when he had finally crack a smile that night.

The day after, you had followed him, Shane and Carl when the others went back to the road. You didn’t trust Shane enough to leave Rick alone with him. Unfortunately, you series of drama continued when Carl was shot by accident by Otis. Rick was devastated as you reached Hershel’s farm, you couldn’t help but let the tears fall down your cheeks as the man you loved was crying over his unconscious and wounded son. The small boy had also became one of your priorities as Lori wasn’t really good at keeping an eye on him. When Rick couldn’t give more units of blood to his son without the threat of sinking into another coma, you had offered yours. Carl was like your son, you had to do something.

Rick had thanked you over and over for your selfless action. The man staid by your side and held your hand while watching over his son. You heart had skip a beat, the electrifying feeling of his warm skin over yours being soothing and perfect. Your small bubble of happiness had soon vanished when Lori arrived and saw her son. Rick had rushed towards her, keeping her in his arms. You looked away, feeling your heart break once again.

Was it even possible to pick up the pieces anymore?

After some time trying to find Sophia and staying at the farm, you started to get closer and closer with Carl. The child was always attached to your hip and you loved to take care of him. Lori had been reluctant at first but she had soon accepted your presence in Carl’s life. You knew Rick had to do something with her shift of behavior.

Your life was starting to get better and the hole in your chest started to fill with happiness again until you found out that Lori was pregnant, that she had tried to loose the baby with abortion pills and that she hadn’t tell Rick yet.

“You can’t tell him, (Y/N)!”

Lori had cried, gripping your arm.

“And why not?!”

You almost screamed, anger written on your face.

“It… It would break him and he doesn’t need that in addition to all the worries he has at the moment.”

“Why would it break him, Lori? It’s his baby too!”

The thin woman had staid quiet. She looked away, not wanting to cross your gaze.

“It’s his baby too, right?”

You had asked in a rather threatening voice, taking a few steps towards the woman.

“I don’t know…”

You heard her weak voice say over the warm Georgian wind. You ran the palm of your hands over your face in exasperation.

“Oh good Lord… You must be kidding me!”

You screamed and threw your hands in the air. Lori looked back up at you with fear in her eyes.

“Calm down, (Y/N). Please.”

“I won’t calm down! You’re saying that the baby you’re having isn’t Rick’s! So what? I should keep my mouth shut when you’re having little Shane?”

Lori had gasped and covered her mouth with her hands but you couldn’t care less. You turned around and ran back into your tent, your life was such a mess at this point that you didn’t know what to do. How could you look into Rick’s eyes and lie to him about his own wife and her pregnancy?

No fair
You really know how to make me cry
When you gimme those ocean eyes
I’m scared
I’ve never fallen from quite this high
Falling into your ocean eyes
Those ocean eyes

Once again, the farm had been overrun and you had to leave. Rick killed Shane, Sophia was dead and you had been able to leave with Rick, Hershel and Carl. Hopefully, almost the entire group had safely escaped the farm, minus Andrea, Jimi and Patricia. You were back on the road and Rick had only been talking to Daryl and you. That’s true that he had lied to the entire group about the infection. It had been a shock to hear the words falling from his lips that night after the farm. “We’re all infected. Whatever it is, we all carry it.” This couldn’t be true. Carl had gripped your hand that night and didn’t let go until he fell asleep.

The entire winter had been rough on the group and Lori being pregnant didn’t help. Rick started to be distant with his wife, not finding the strength to forgive her for cheating on him with his best friend. Carl was also pissed off at his mom and looked to you for almost everything.

At some point, you even felt bad for the woman so you started to help her. You spent some time with Hershel and Carol, learning how to deliver a baby or how to do a C-section. You couldn’t let anything happen to this baby.

At the end of the winter, Rick and Daryl found your new home. The prison. It was the perfect place, big walls, high fences and secured cell blocks. You only had to clear the area and deal with some inmates but the place was as perfect as it could be for a prison in the middle of the apocalypse. It would also be safe to deliver the baby. Unfortunately, you forgot that nothing happens like you thought it would in this new world. When everything started to get better, the prison got attacked by walkers and everyone got separated. Glenn, Rick and Daryl were outside the fences. Hershel and Beth were safe but you couldn’t see T-Dog and Carol as you ran back into the prison with Carl, Lori and Maggie. You hid with them, your heart beating hard against your chest. You were scared and what happened next is still haunting your nights.

“I can’t do it!”

Maggie cried as Lori was pleading her to save her baby and let her die. Carl was crying, Maggie was crying and so were you.

“You have to! Save my baby. You see my previous C-section scar? Do it there.”

Lori said, looking at Maggie with determination in her eyes. You shook your head while Carl was crying even more.

“Lori we should wait. I can go and clear the hallway, make a diversion so you can reach Hershel or…”

“No (Y/N)!”

Lori screamed, making you and Carl jump.

“We can’t, I will loose the baby.”

“But… Mommy…”

Carl tried but Lori was pleading Maggie once again. Your friend agreed reluctantly and you couldn’t help but sob as Lori said her goodbyes to her son.


She called your name, her voice shaking with sobs. You wiped the tears away from your cheeks and laid your hand on Lori’s shoulder softly.

“Y… Yes Lori, I’m here.”

“Take care of my boy for me, would you. He will need you. And… Rick too. I know you won’t let him down, you never did.”

You shook your head and bit your lips.

“Lori I’m so sorry…”

“Don’t be… I know you have feelings for him and I know you never acted on it for us. Thank you.”

You looked down into her brown eyes, your tears falling down directly on her shirt. You felt ashamed in a way because you didn’t hide your feelings enough but knowing that Lori forgave you was unexpected. You nodded your head and kissed her forehead.

“I will protect them with my life if I have to.”

You promised the dying woman. After that, everything happened too fast. Maggie had plunged the knife into Lori’s belly, her scream had been horrifying. The poor woman pasted out from the pain and when the baby was safely wrapped into Maggie’s arms, Carl decided to put his own mother down. You didn’t even have the time to protest.

Unfortunately, what haunted your nights even more was the sounds of despair and sadness that erupted from Rick’s throat as he saw Maggie with the new born child in her arms. You had tried to reach for him, you had tried to calm him down but nothing you did helped.

After that day, Rick had sunk into a shocked state, he spent hours alone in the tombs to kill every single Walker that crossed his path. You knew you had to leave him some space, it was even dangerous to be near him at the moment so you focused on Carl and the baby girl. She didn’t have a name yet, even if Daryl named her 'Little Asskicker’. You wanted Rick or Carl to name her, it should be them.

It has been a week since Lori’s death now and you were currently sat on Carl’s bed, singing the baby girl to sleep. Carl was also listening to you with a soft smile on his lips. The first one since his mother died.

No fair
You really know how to make me cry
When you gimme those ocean eyes
I’m scared
I’ve never fallen from quite this high
Falling into your ocean eyes
Those ocean eyes.

You finished the song softly before kissing the small baby’s forehead. You laid her carefully in the box you used as a bed, next to Carl’s bed. The young boy looked at you before talking.

“She doesn’t have a name yet.”

“I know sweetie.”

You answered him in a soft voice. Carl tapped his chin, deep in thoughts.

“You told me you have a second firstname right?”

He asked you suddenly. You chuckled and nodded your head.

“Yes I have one. Why are you asking me this?”

“What is it? You never told me.”

Carl said with a small smirk.

“You really wanna know huh?”

You teased the young boy who only answered you with a quick nod.

“Alright. It’s Judith.”

You told him, watching his reaction.

“I like it.”

He said before yawning. You chuckled again and bent down to kiss his cheek.

“You should sleep now, trooper.”

Carl smiled and turned to his side, hugging his pillow.

“Goodnight (Y/N). Goodnight dad.”

He said before closing his eyes.

“Goodnight son.”

You heard Rick southern voice say from behind you. You slowly turned around to meet his intense gaze. His deep blue eyes sparkling as he was looking at you. You got up and walked towards him. He said nothing at first but you couldn’t help it. You suddenly hugged him tight, hiding your face in the crook of his neck. It took him some time but he hugged you back eventually.

“Can we talk outside for a moment?”

He asked you and you nodded in agreement as you pulled away. Rick lead the way out of the prison and sat before the small fire the group has started just outside the cell block. You sat next to him, your knees touching. You were afraid to break the silence but Rick spoke first.

“The man you’re talking about in your song… Why did he make you cry?”

You looked at him, shocked that he would even ask about the song.

“It… It was just a song.”

“Hm… Didn’t seem like it.”

The silence settled back between the two of you. Until you broke it this time.

“It’s not the man’s fault. He’s a good man. The best I’ve ever known actually. It’s me the problem, I was in the way.”

Rick looked at you, an expression you couldn’t quite read on his features.

“I don’t think that you are the problem. Maybe the man was too blind to see what was before him, all this time.”

Your breath hitched. Was it possible? Was he really saying this right now? Was it all a dream?

“You have always been the one to have my back. You almost gave your life more than once to save me or my son. Even my wife.”

He bit his lips and looked away for a second before focusing his eyes on you once again.

“And even now, you’re taking care of Carl and the baby as if they were your own. I was blind (Y/N). I couldn’t see the true happiness when it was standing just before my eyes.”

You had to swallow up your tears as you listened to him. You tried so hard to stop loving him but it was impossible. Rick Grimes was your savior, your hope, your only family.

“I am so sorry if I’ve hurt you in any way (Y/N). It wasn’t my intention.”

“Rick stop.”

You said just above a whisper.

“You did nothing wrong. We weren’t… Meant to be. You’re a married man with a family. I couldn’t ask anything from you.”

“So you devoted your life to my family?”

“It was the only way I found to be close to you.”

You confessed as you looked into the flames before you. After a while, you felt a rough but gentle hand lace his fingers with yours. You looked down at your hand then up at Rick.

“I told you a long time ago (Y/N). You are my family now.”

You searched his eyes for a moment before breaking into tears. Rick brought you into a warm hug and kissed your head multiple time while trying to comfort you. You gripped his shirt not wanting this moment to end. You were so deeply in love with this man that it hurt. You knew he needed some time to start a relationship again, who could not understand that? But as you rested your cheek on his chest, he said those three words that you will never forget.

“I love you.”

Mirror, Mirror: Chapter 3

author: @sincerelystiles
pairing: stefan x reader 
word count: 1,530

authors note: it’s gonna get confusing, the next chapter has smut…so there’s a heads up! i know stefan isn’t in it much right now, but he will be after the next chapter!

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summary: delia has another nightmare and willow tries to comfort her, showing her something that will change both their lives forever. 

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edjjr0401  asked:

Maybe you could do a bullet point thing on going to the beach or on a road trip with Ethan?

Beach Trip With Ethan Would Include:

•Ethan wouldn’t wear sunscreen because he’s ‘too cool for that shit’
•he’d come home burnt as fuck
•I feel like eth would want to teach you how to surf
•so he’d buy you a kids surf inflatable
•you’d fail but eth would love the fact you was doing it to make him happy
•shirtless Ethan (need I say anymore?)
•Ethan trying to wrap you up in a towel whenever he catches a guy looking at you
•having to reassure him that you love only him
•asking Ethan to put sunscreen on your back
•but instead you get a full blown massage that kinda turns you on
•you’d basically be like Jelena were at the beach ok
•eth would be touching your peachy ass at all times
•he’d be picking you up in the water whilst you wrap yours legs around his waist
•but then Ethan being Ethan would ruin it by chucking you in the water
•"you’re such an asshole"
•he’d come running up the beach hugging you from behind with his head on your shoulder
•his mouth next to your ear
•"please forgive me baby"
•you’d forgive him bc honestly who could stay mad at such a sexy man.
•you’d have packed up some sandwiches and Ethan would be freaking out whoever a bee came near you or him.
•"fuck off you tiny little asshole"
•he’d probably end up screaming and running off once he pissed the bee off let’s be honest here.
•you’d just stay still because your momma didn’t raise a quitter
•watching the sunset with Ethan sat behind you and you in between his legs
•you’d be wearing Ethan’s hoodie all cuddled up
•Ethan saying a cheesy line like “yeah the views pretty but your even prettier”
•"Ethan I love you but that was so much cheese I nearly threw up"
•Ethan carrying you back to his car even though you were perfectly capable of walking your self
•"thank you my Prince Charming"
•Ethan Would Grin
•"Y/N I love you but that was so much cheese I nearly threw up"
•smug &a sassy Ethan had arrived.
Was this good? Idk 🤷‍♀️anyways requests are still open and I hope you enjoyed! also sorry for the spelling mistakes autocorrect hates me.